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Does anyone have Guinea Hens? Problem for guests?

We are looking at getting Guinea hens. They have some great benefits for our property. Wondering if anyone has experience with the impact on guests. Thanks in advance for any input.

Had them when I was growing up. Have you actually listened to the racket they make?

They are watch birds and they can start early!
Why do you want them?
They are not chickens, have a mind of their own, can fly properly, will want to roost in trees amd travel around like a school of fish…they can be feral!


I lived on a farm for 6 years and our neighbors had Guineas. I wouldn’t recommend them for an Airbnb unless you keep them far away from where guests sleep.

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I recently watched a Homestead Rescue where the owner and his livestock were constantly threatened by the predators around them. The solution was guinea hens to make a racket when the predators ventured near so the owner could go out and shoot to kill or scare the animals away. I think people tolerate noise that they know you can’t control a lot better than noise that they feel you have created or made possible. I wouldn’t do it.

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I have chickens and am active on a livestock forum and from what I understand is they are LOUD.

I worry about my neighbors rooster a few hundred feet away bothering guests, I would not get guinea fowl it is just asking for complaints.



My next door neighbor has chickens. They are loud, free range (1/4 acre properties, so close!), they fly, and roost in trees. He has a coop and they go in it at night, but they make a racket when laying.

Guineas are LOUD. I wouldn’t do it and now realize I have to amend my listing to say neighbor has chooks. >sigh<

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What are the benefits for your property?

My reason for wanting them is that they greatly reduce ticks and other insects, but more importantly keep snakes away.


@pdc ’
What is the bigger benefit, the Guinea’s or happy paying guests?
Likely you cannot have both.



I love watching Guinea hens. They are funny birds. When they get into their daily walk routine you can almost tell the time by where they are.

Dad borrowed some when the tick population exploded. They became Fat happy NOISY birds. Good little de-tickers. Dad gave the birds back….did I mention loud & noisy.

I think valid concern happy guests BUT how bad is the snake / tick problem?

Poisonous snakes or tick population explosion it may be worth it. Ticks carry all sorts of awful diseases

But advertise them as funny loud birds helping to protect guests from ticks & snakes

Can you borrow them for a while so not a year round racket?

We have possums/opossums here and I love that they’ve found sanctuary on my little canal and eat all the baddies. They’re also friendly with the black and corn snakes, other friends to man and beast alike as they keep away the mice, rats, and rattlesnakes and other venomous snakes. One comes into my screened in pool and suns itself with the cat. Photo for cat tax later (I’m not sure where it is…)

Anyway, if you advertise them as helpful little noisy friends, it might be fine…

I once stayed in a place in Mexico where the barn animals (chooks, goat, donkey) were out in the parking area at 0600 and the goat head butted our door for snacks…

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Yes those varmints can be beneficial. Quiet too! unless cornered & hiss. I’m fascinated with possums because marsupials with prehensile tails.


They are only poisonous if you eat one that is poisonous, then it poisons you.

Now if a Venomous snake bites you…

I was recently corrected on this by my all knowing teenager so I am just paying it forwaRD!




Good to know. :yum:……….

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