Does ABB still do the % Off Discount and email people who had viewed your listing?

We have the “Super Strict- No Cancellation” policy, but we make an exception for a death in the family. So that happened for next weekend to our large listing (that can host 20+ Guests.)

Large listings aren’t easy to book last minute, so I thought I’d try a discount instead of letting the listing stay empty for an entire weekend.

We haven’t had an unbooked weekend in forever, so I don’t even know if ABB still does it, but I thought I’d just ask and see if anyone else has done it lately.

So Just wondering if ABB still does the thing where you can set a discount for certain days and then they send out an email to guests who had viewed that listing before to let them know that the home they were interested in is available and now with a discount of 15% (or whatever %) ???

I’m not referring to the “Last Minute Discount” option you can set.
I know how to do that.

Thanks all!

I was wondering about that the other day, too. I haven’t seen it in months.

Yes, it’s still offered, if you discount more than a certain percentage. Go to your calendar w/ your rates. On the right hand side you should see “Promotions”, click on “Custom Promotions”. Add your date range, then you can slide the discount rate and see what promotions they will send out. I think you need a discount of 20% to get all 4 (4th being the email.) Good luck!

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It’s geo specific, not everyone can do it.



I’m looking at one of my calendars on the Airbnb website. I don’t see anything called “Promotions” on the right.

I’m in “edit” mode on my rate calendar, it’s in a bar on the right, next to the calendar.

Well, I don’t see an “edit” mode for the calendar. Hmm. Confused.

As I said, it’s geo specific, we don’t have the option, and with the quiet months coming up it’d be good if we did.


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I’ve tried a screen grab to see if this will help:

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@KarenWV, apparently not available in my area, as @JohnF said, since I don’t see that. Bummer.

Thanks for trying.

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I’ve never seen that either!

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I’ve never heard of this either.

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Thanks all. I used that feature in the first years I started renting when I was building up reviews.
But as I stated, I haven’t had a cancellation since I received the “Super Strict” option, so I hadn’t used it in a long time and forgot where to find it/what it looked like.
Thanks for posting that screenshot @KarenWV , I’ll look for that “price tag” promotion icon

@HostInTheGreatNW Yes they do but I believe it is only by invitation and usually for under performing listings. I would be shocked if they offered it to you.

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Will have to check this out. I have never heard of it!

@Militaryhorsegal As I mentioned, it was years ago when I first started. “Under Performing” is not really objective or based in any sort of reality on ABB… IE, they compare my performance with my largest listings (with 7 bedrooms) to my small 3 Bedroom listings. That’s like comparing apples to cell phones.
But there are “unique” aspects of ABB. Like how some listings are allowed to have the “Super Strict Cancellation” option. My large listings (6+ Bedrooms) have it, but it’s not offered for my smaller listings.
But you could be right how the “underperforming” aspect. Maybe it is only offering to “underperforming” or “new” listings?
Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen it in years.

I guess the next question would be:
Is anyone on here doing great, but still has that “discount” promotion available to them?

It’s not only new as I still get them once in a while. I usually get them when I raises prices between bookings. Sometimes I figure out how much more I’d need to raise them to get what I listed and then raise it to that and accept the offer to discount. Lol

I have only once gotten a booking with the discount offer. It was before I started raising the price in order to accept the discount offer. The guest was ok except couldn’t manage to get in because he didn’t follow instructions and so I had to open it remotely and then he had to wait for me to come help him learn how to do it himself. He gave me a 4 for check-in l, value and overall… :frowning: Thats when I started raising to counter the discount price. Really all it was was free advertising…but haven’t had any takers on it yet. This one was last fall.