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Do you provide toothbrush kits for your guests?



I buy the small 10 count box of Tampax brand tampons and place one in each bathroom. The overnight pads are those ultra thin ones. For that I buy a pack and put two individually wrapped pads in each bathroom basket. They are discreet and slide right in the basket next to the tampons. As someone else said I give them just enough to get them through the night/next morning. After that they can stop at a store when they are in town and get brands to their liking.


I don’t provide as our price points doesn’t justify the extra costs, given we are in a competitive area. I also try not to provide anything consumable as I’m scared of liability issues associated with food contamination. I hate to provide shampoo and soap even, for fear of guests with sensitive skin , but I surmise most guests will minimally expect shampoo and soap, so I have no choice but to provide them anyway. I hv STR personal liability insurance.


We suggest that you offer a one-time use toothbrush and toothpaste for each of your guests. Your guests will appreciate it - ultimately it is all about the detail. Even if your guests do not use it, the fact that you went to the effort will leave a positive impression on guests.


I found brand name toothbrushes at a dollar store. Take a look around while you are there and you’ll find all kinds of nice amenities like make up remover wipes, sleep eye masks, etc. Grocery Outlet has been good for shower supplies.


I would think it’s on them to know if they have sensitive skin. Of course anyone can have a reaction to anything but we provide dollar store brand shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I think most of the homes I’ve stayed in have been the same way.


Yep, the dollar store is great for single-guest items.

One of my favorites is 8 shower caps for $1US.


I have a GF who is sensitive to bleached linens so she brings her own pillow. You’ve got to count on people being able to care for themselves. Food is one thing - you can’t know what all is in a home-baked cookie or muffin but you can read the label on bottle of soap or shampoo.


amen. we throw away too much stuff. we’ve become a disposable society.


I’M with you on the plastic waste. one company makes makes eco-friendly toothbrushes…decompose. too expensive. when will companies get with it and charge less?


and no bottled water in my home. that’s the one thing that kills me


You gotta be careful putting out medicine. I take blood pressure medicine and can’t ever remember what pain medications I can take. I ask my wife. I would not put out medicines because someone like me might take the wrong one, get sick, and complain.


Thank you for voicing a concern.

For clarity-I don’t put out medicines.

The tablets are In a basket in the linen closet & are dollar store blister packs containing very few pills. The pills are individually packaged and labeled. The guest must make the effort to select what they need, open it and take it.

Antacids and anti-diarrheal medicines in small doses (only 4-12 pills in a package so can’t take a large dose) have few side effects unlike cold medicines that can trigger an increase in blood pressure.


Perhaps my use of the word medicine was a little strong. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate term, drugs would sound worse, etc. As far as the heart-burn pills, my wife would appreciate them. I rarely use pain pills, but my wife says I am THE PAIN that gives her the heartburn.


I stopped with the extras when a 3 night guest cleaned me out - at $19 a night. My extras are edible, and a lot less likely to be taken for granted.

If I were in the Egyptian sheets/mimosas for breakfast crowd @ $600 a night I might consider. But that set are usually experienced travellers.

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