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Do you provide toothbrush kits for your guests?



This reminds me how relaxed I’ve been while my son has a friend staying in the Airbnb room. He’s only paying half what I could make but in 3 weeks, I have not seen or heard him once, he has not left one scrap of rubbish, used one dish or even seemingly used one cup to even drink a glass of water and 0 complaints. In fact, I’m sure he’s real except his direct deposit to my bank account each Monday.

My stress about what will happen while the guests from Korea are staying for 7 days while I’m away with my son in charge is at an all time high.


@mille100piedi -
There are a wide range of hosting styles and accommodations. We have a large house in a remote area of a place many people only go to once in their lives, and our price is high, so we pamper our guests. I wouldn’t expect a free toothbrush in a inexpensive, basic accommodation.


I watched a clip about capsule hotels in Japan, PJ’s , razors and toothbrushes are given to all guests.


Well not really… I stayed in one. They have them separated into men and women’s floors. I received:

Two keys… one to my locker and one to the elevator
A robe
SHEISHIEDO hair and body products!!! (wow)
And of course clean linens and towels.
Small TV and radio in my capsule
Free wi fi
Lounge area

Loved the capsule… only trouble is, you have to check out by 10am everyday so they can clean all the capsules. So they are best for one night stays. My capsule cost 3600 yen (about $35 at the time.)

Most of the other users were young Japanese girls apparently job hunting in the city.

It was like a convent in my capsule area. Talking is a NO NO. Cell phones are OFF. Even the sound of my camera taking shots seemed too loud.


It’s so easy to bring your own toothbrush! We do provide shampoo, shower gel and hand cleaner, in normal family size containers which are renewed when they’re close to empty. Reducing plastic waste is important to us, so what’s wrong with that? We’ve never been asked for toothbrushes and toothpaste.


I have had positive comments from guests who appreciate that there are not wasteful individual size shampoos and soaps at my place.


I always have some spare ones available but very rarely someone uses it. Some people forget toothpaste and use ours.


I went through the travel sized items when we first started (Nov ‘16 so not that long) and bought a few things I thought guests might appreciate. I bought a couple of full sized toothbrushes on sale, a big hand lotion and some sunscreen. Fast forward to now. In the entire hosting time only 1 person used a toothbrush. Guests have left tubes of toothpaste so haven’t had to replace that. The other items have had minimal use and I’ve yet to replace. But the one thing that’s gotten used repeatedly: disposable razors. So weird. I never would have thought that to be the most popular item. But I buy the two-packs and have had to replace two or three times already. We get lots of mentions of our amenities in reviews and that we “thought of everything”, so to me it’s worth offering since the usage is so little. I’m a numbers freak so if it starts not penciling out I’ll quit providing.


The closest store to me is 20 mins away and that’s provided you are familiar with the area so I provide a basket of incidentals in each bathroom. It easily takes over an hour to drive to the store, park, do your shopping and return - not a quick trip.

The basket contains a toothbrush/paste, disposable razor/shave cream, tampons, overnight feminine napkins and shampoo/cond. Everything is travel size but the toothbrushes. It’s not enough to supply everyone in the house but I figure the chances of all 6 people forgetting their tooth brush (provided I have a full house) is slim. I fieel those are the sorts of things that if a person forgot they would really need until they could drive to town and buy what they need.

I also provide a small blow dryer and there is a full sized hand lotion in the kitchen next to the hand soap. I do not have hand lotions in the bathrooms because IMO it is too much clutter on the vanities.


Funny - it’s been the opposite for me. Go through tooth brushes like crazy but not razors. I do buy full sized toothbrushes that are relatively nice. Maybe people are trading up? LOL!


Maybe because of airport security issues? At least it could be the case with international travellers. I just checked and at Gatwick airport:

“Razor blades (razors that have the blade set into a plastic moulding are allowed in hand baggage, but other types are not)”

Right. My face cream is a serious potential danger but that itsy bitsy bit of plastic moulding on a razor is just fine because terrorists would never dream of breaking a nail to get it off.


I know this is an old thread, but I love the subject regarding what to provide for guests. Firstly, we have only one listing and it’s a stand alone casita that is in our front courtyard. So we do all the cleaning etc. Secondly, I love it when guests feel as if they are totally comfortable and need nothing.

That being said, yes, we try to make sure all is provided; toothpaste, toothbrush, luxury soaps, shampoos, razors, sunscreen, ibuprofin, Q-tips, cotton balls, magnifying mirror, tissues and the list goes on.

I usually get the toothpaste and brushes and basics at the dollar store. Most of the time guests bring their own. Our place is small, only two guests, so I don’t have to worry about multiple supplies. I buy the more luxurious items at Home Goods.

Anyway, it’s all so individual with airbnb’s. Just thought I would share what we do with our little space.


Even if guests don’t use them opening drawer and seeing it there sends a signal to the guest and I think it translates into better reviews. Also little things like a little bit softer sheet and fluffier towel help.


I’ve never been asked prior to arrival, as I think toiletries are assumed to be a guest responsibility. However I, myself, have been in hotels only to notice I forgot something, and a concierge or front desk has come to my rescue. So in my guest house I have a drawer in the vanity where I provide some extras, in case the guest has forgotten something. Included are a toothbrush & toothpaste, mouthwash, razor, shave cream, contact solution, and some alternatives to the shower dispenser soap, shampoo, conditioner, for those who have an aversion to dispensers (I’ve learned about that within this forum). I pick up the travel size items at Target (somewhere between $.99 and $1.50 each) I don’t see them used all that much, but when they are, I feel a little satisfaction that I’ve addressed a guest’s problem without any interaction.


You’ve pointed out some things I will now look to add. Thank you.


I added feminine products. I’m located rurally, there is no such thing as a quick drive to the stop & go. If the need arises I want both the guest and my sheets protected so I include a small box of tampons and a couple overnight pads.


I provide these both in the all bathrooms.


That’s a good idea. Any good bulk package to buy?


I go to the dollar store and leave cheap toothbrushes and toothpaste along with full size shampoos, conditioner, body wash and some first aid stuff. The 8 pack of brushes seem to last about 6 months. I really just try to give them stuff to hold them over until they can get to a store.


I buy the small 10 count box of Tampax brand tampons and place one in each bathroom. The overnight pads are those ultra thin ones. For that I buy a pack and put two individually wrapped pads in each bathroom basket. They are discreet and slide right in the basket next to the tampons. As someone else said I give them just enough to get them through the night/next morning. After that they can stop at a store when they are in town and get brands to their liking.

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