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Do you provide toothbrush kits for your guests?



we never had guests asking for it, toothbrushes don’t take so much space in the luggage I wouldn’t see the reason not to carry them. I can understand providing an hairdryer


@mille100piedi -
Toothbrushes may not take up much room in luggage, but people sometimes forget to pack them or the airlines lose their luggage (Delta lost our carry on luggage the last time when they took it from us and gate-checked it and did not get it on the same plane!). That’s why we have toothbrushes and toothpaste available, but don’t leave them out.


Funny I just posted on this thread and last night’s guest took the toothbrush and the small bar of soap. He had a toothbrush, a very nice one I found in the trash. The one he took was actually a child’s toothbrush. I think he’s going to be disappointed when he unwraps it.


we have a pharmacy just a few steps away from our home, our guests can buy toothbrushes there if they need one


I loathe the idea of providing toothbrushes. I understand the idea of having them, I just can’t shake the thought of how much extra plastic waste it creates. I might consider bamboo brushes with natural bristles, but that ends up being almost $5 per brush, and for a $75 per night listing, that doesn’t seem efficient for me personally. Maybe in the future when my listing price goes up after I get reviews and if customers request it regularly.


Out of my 125 groups of guests, I have only needed to give out three toothbrushes. Considering the waste that I see in their rooms after they leave, this is simply a drop in the bucket. I understand your sentiment, but in real life, three toothbrushes is almost nothing.


To me it counts. I avoid single use plastics as often as possible, and that doesn’t change in this case. The waste they create on their own is on them.


Also, you don’t need to say “in real life” as if I don’t live in reality.


Who said single use? The toothbrushes that I keep in the closet are absolutely reusable and come with a travel size of toothpaste. I have used these brushes for over two weeks when traveling myself.


We don’t provide toothpaste or toothbrushes.

We are off site and rent our whole house out to guests. We provide a small bar of soap per person and and big bottle of handwash in the bathroom. No other supplies, and so far no one has complained. My listing clearly states that is all that we provide in terms of bathroom amenities.


Single use in the case that they are used once and then tossed out. Not everyone follows the same exact method as you do. For example my partners brother buys a new toothbrush every time he comes to visit, and just throws it away before he leaves, which is sometimes after one night. It’s a thing people do. Maybe that’s not single use by your standards, but it qualifies by mine. It’s my personal thing to avoid plastics, I’m not knocking anyone.


In Los Angeles, CA tap water is drinkable. Also, we have a whole house filter so the tap water won’t smell like chlorine. We explain this to all of the guests. Still, many of them buy bottled water.


I think you are missing the point: Not having a toothbrush is an accident, not a deliberate packing decision, and a major inconvenience after a long journey. A small cost for a host to have a spare


When guests were coming in through my front door and going down the hall to their room, that’s all I provided. I also offered for them to refill any water bottles they had before they left. Most of my guests are road tripping in their car and had water bottles of one sort or another. One couple brought in their ice chest with what must have been a whole case of empty plastic bottles and they refilled them all. :dizzy_face:

Now in their separate room I have a small fridge, a microwave, kettle, instant coffee and a couple of tea bags. In the fridge I put a small glass bottle of half and half creamer that I refill so as not to buy the individual servings. I put one bottle per person of the water that I buy for my cooler. I changed the wording in my guest guide to explicitly say don’t take the water bottles or the coffee cups.

Edit to add: I had one guy message me and ask for more water because it was so tasty. OTOH, I’m gratified they like it, OTOH that’s why I have a separate room so I don’t have to wait on them hand and foot.


Definitely not in any hotels I stayed in Ireland or Europe, I am the type the uses the free stuff. Am off this Friday to meet Santa in a hotel with the family, going to check to see if they have a stash at the desk ( in many hotels now in Ireland, you are charged for parking your car which I really dislike, )

But then maybe you have to ask, my husband is a list man so everything is ticked off before the family head anywhere.


I also try to avoid plastics. I used to get complaints from guests that there were no bin liners. Now I explain that the bins have a hard liner in them already. A few still line the bins with plastic bags but it is now a lot less, and I don’t get complaints about it.
I hate seeing all the water bottles which get left behind. I leave a jug of water in the fridge.


Me too. It drives me crazy, Our tap water is good and there’s plenty of it. I have recycling guidelines high up in my house rules and I’ve been trying to think of a good way to indicate my particular abhorrence of bottled water. But “NO bottled water is allowed in my house” is draconian, particularly as I don’t list as full-on Green place. The other option of " If you think that bottled water is ok on any level whatsoever I will view you with utter contempt" is not so great either.


I understand but if you host in a city with plenty of shops where the guests can buy a toothbrush in case they forget theirs you really don’t need buy toothbrushes


I disagree. When you’ve just gotten to your lodging you’re tired and want a long, hot shower. If you’ve forgotten your toothbrush or it’s gotten lost it would make you feel pampered to have one at your Airbnb so you don’t have to buy one right away.


I offer a basic accommodation and guests that are booking my place want a basic accommodation at the right price. If they want to be pampered surely they wouldn’t book my place

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