Do you offer robes?

Iam thinking of offering my guests batbrobes like towels. But i wonder if guests appreciate them and if you do offfer them what kind do you have available for your guests and where did you get them

We do…really nice terry robes like they have at the St Francis. I had them embroidered with our property name and they’re very nice. I bought them on line from (I think) gifts for you now,
Not everyone uses them but most do and we’ve gotten quite a few compliments on them in reviews. Not too much trouble…they just go into the wash with the towels.

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We only provide them in the bedrooms with shared bathroom or our most expensive suite. Most guests do not use them. If you decide to provide them - get plush microfiber type (Costco has them periodically). The are soft, wash well and dry in no time. Cotton terry - we eliminated them long time ago - took to long to dry/high on the electric bill.

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Can you post a link to the brand you get compliments on? I bought some robes when the Today show had one of their clips for high dollar robes for cheap. But the ones I got are more like summer robes…very soft and thin. They are nice for Spring and Summer but would like something for Fall and Winter.

I do not offer robes. Space is too precious in NY for hanging bathrobes in the guest bedroom or bathroom. Plus the additional weight and cost of laundry that they would add would be extra work.

We get most of our robes from hospitality supplies distributors - they are about $20/piece. Costco has them at about the same price.

I believe this is the type I have:

Any links as examples and if they are hot or cool type robes? I don’t have a Costco

At $97/piece!!! Crazy. Guests are going to stain them in no time. Check here it is the microfiber one. I may be in different country than you. Google hospitality supplies and I am sure you have local companies that carry the kind.

I got a summer version - thin robes from Costco last summer. Can you order from Costo on line and have it shipped?

Here’s what we bought. They seem heavy enough…very plush and luxe…launder great. If they look shabby, I will buy again!

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I didn’t pay $97 piece…I am way too frugal for that! It was one of the steals and deals days on the Today Show. I believe each one including shipping was $34.

Yes, there are tons of robes available here under hotel supplies but then I can never decide what to buy. It’s hard to go on reviews sometimes. I will check out the one link you provided.

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Yes, I offer robes in the 2 rooms with shared bath and the one room with a private bath. Interesting to see that more than 50% of my guests in all rooms do use the robes – some even to sit and sip coffee and eat breakfast in the morning, and others to go to-and-from the shared bath too. Guests have often commented that they are surprised and very pleased to have robes. I found a good variety online at – … Happy Hosting, Lia

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Ikea has decent all-cotton white robes for $20 or less. I love them.

Some guests use them, some don’t - but keep in mind it’s a lot of extra dryer time.

Still, I love wearing bathrobes, so it’s a little luxury I enjoy providing.

Just bought five of them. Three for the guests and two for us. We had some for us, but they’d gotten really ratty. In Canada, they’re $45. Great idea, though. Thanks to whomever suggested it! No guest has ever asked, but I’m sure some will appreciate them. They have a private floor, but the bathroom is on a lower floor and somewhat shared.

Thanks Fendi1, great advice on the fleece robes. Terry cloth take forever to dry!

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What size bathrobes do you find fits the typical guest? Do you buy one size or a couple of sizes, Fendi1?

My dilemma too! Any idea what size cruise ships provide?

I bought a robe for the hall bath. Guests would often wrap a towel around themselves then walk across to their room. I thought it would be nice for their comfort and privacy. Ikea had their terry one on sale for $20. It’s a nice weight and length. It’s so dry here in the desert that things dry quickly and I can line dry.

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I offer robes. Mine were bulk ordered and are waffle fabric. This was chosen so that they would dry rapidly. Guests often use them and appreciate them. Price was $12 each, brand name Mirco, one size fits all, all cotton. I think I googled wholesale hotel supplies to find them. They wash and dry beautifully.