Do you let guests use dishwasher?

I am putting up a new property with a dishwasher and I was wondering if guests find it essential to have one or if they even use it, or if you guys let guests use them my only worry is that they might damage it by using regular dish soap or put in items that are not dishwasher safe.

Yes, I let them use it. I do ask that they not put pots and pans in DW though.

I would just not HAVE anything available thats is not dishwasher safe. I am setting up a second unit soon and this time I am going small in the kitchen, I do not want guests cooking and stinking up the place, less is better. One frying pan, one sauce pan, no roasting pan…



I have a DW in my guest house; As part of departure instructions, I ask guests to place dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

There are some guests (those that typically stay longer) who use it to wash their dishes during their stay. And as I just experienced a guest for only 3 days, there are some that wash everything, putting all the dishes away, and leaving the place as they found it.

I provide Dishwasher pods, next to the dish soap (in cabinet below sink). By providing the DW pods it seems to negate the concern about them using dish soap in the DW.


I would leave the pods or whatever you use and only have dishwasher safe stuff in the house.

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I have one and most guests use it.

I did have one guest put regular liquid dish soap in it, but nothing happened except the dishes didn’t get clean.

I also have had guests put extremely soiled pots and pans in the dishwasher without any pre cleaning and, of course, they don’t come clean.

I only ask guests not put any sharp knives in the dishwasher but about half of them do it anyway.

I let them use it and provide Cascade for them to use. Otherwise, guests might leave dirty dishes in the sink or poorly hand washed dishes.

Wait…you provide your guests with sharp knives? I’m soooooo going to book your place someday…:grin:

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I think your average tenant can distinguish dish soap from dishwasher soap. If they can’t it isn[t going to ruin your dishwasher anyway.


I don’t use a dishwasher myself. I had one set of guests use dish lotion liquid soap even when Cascade pods were provided. Luckily I was there to catch the flooding on the floor.

I don’t think it happened again though.

BTW - I have hardwood floors. So make sure you always check on the place quickly after they leave…

Why? I never understood this… The dishwasher will not dull a knife, it is however bad for wood handles. I have swapped out my wood handle knife’s in my unit because people just do not care.


Edited to add: Ok I googled it and found that the abrasive detergent could dull the knife, that and banging it around in DW. I still don’t buy it… I wash my knifes by hand because of the wood handles, and because even a stainless steel knife can rust. Like I said I swapped out the knifes in the unit to plastic handled because people are lazy and do not care. I will sharpen them twice a year instead of once armed with this new info.

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Most guests consider the dishwasher an asset, especially long termers

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Only one of our two apartments has a dishwasher. Invariably, guests load it and start it when they leave. (Presumably they use it during their stay too). I would say that at least 90% of the time, the dishwashers is on and working when I go in to see to the turnover.

Very occasionally there might also be evidence of the guests’ final breakfast in the sink - a couple of coffee cups, cereal bowls and a couple of spoons - but this is rare. I’ve never had a problem with guests using anything other than the correct detergent. I use brightly colored pods which live in a glass jar and are highly visible when the under-sink cupboard is open. And I point them out during the house tour of course.

The apartment sleeps two people and is equipped with only four of everything - four plates, four bowls, four glasses etc. - so guests staying for more than a day or two have to clean them if they’re eating in.

It’s much more common for me to find a few unwashed dishes in the sink of the other apartment - the one with no dishwasher. So I think that the dishwasher is a definite advantage - most people these days, particularly from the US, hardly know how to manage without one :slight_smile:

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I’m not at all concerned with dulling the blades. I am concerned with

  1. My knives are stainless steel but they can get surface rust in the dishwasher.

  2. My knives have wooden handles which can split/crack from the water and heat.

  3. The large knives invariably get laid in the top rack. The sharp edges will eventually nick the plastic coating on the rack and the rack will start rusting.