Do you ask a guest why they cancelled?

Hey guys
Just wondering do you ask a guest who cancels with no explanation why they did?

Nope. Either they’re affected by my cxl policy or they aren’t. If they are- and claim EC then maybe Id ask if they didn’t provide the info and wanted a refund. By and large it isn’t my business and I don’t care.


Another nope. Some will tell me anyway but otherwise it’s none of my business.


No. I’m usually too busy to fool with that anyway. If they want their money back they always give an excuse anyway. If they don’t want their money back I don’t care why they cancel.


Normally no, however the beginning of the month I had a rash of cancellation all within 3 days so I did contact a couple of them to find out why. One said they cancelled because of flooding (automated message from ABB) only to find out it was actually a medical emergency and it was ABB who initiated the cxl this way. We were in no way effected by the flooding The 2nd person I contacted said plans had just changed and again they were prompted by ABB to cxl w/o penalty due to flooding. I just thanked both guests for their information and promptly called ABB to talk to them about their knee jerk reaction to the Flood in Nebraska. It seems that if the National Weather puts out a certain type of warning it automatically prompts the cancellation w/o penalty even if the area is not affected. But I will say that I would have refunded if the guest(s) had any qualms about travel or the flooding in the area. In our area we were not affected but if you were driving in that would have been difficult. The next day the EC was removed from our area but I still refunded anyone who stated it was flood related. Normally no…but if you get a rash (6 within 24 hrs) I might reach out to find out why.


No. As far as I know, they are not required to give a reason to me and I have never asked.

As an aside, here are a some messages that came with cancellations:

“Our plans have changed and we will no longer be needing accommodations”

“We won’t be needing this space anymore.”


To me, these messages all say the exact same thing when accompanied by a cancellation notification.

Would it make you feel any better if you knew why they canceled? In the end they can make up any reason they want, can’t they? Just let it go-o-o-o-o-o-o… and be happy and relaxed :wink:.

This hasn’t actually happened to us. We’ve had guests who apologized for canceling for a genuine reason. And then we had a string of guests I asked to cancel because their non-reading became apparent after their instant booking (sigh!).


no, i really don’t have time for that

Same. I’d rather concentrate on filling the gap caused by the cancellation.

Sometimes it’s just weird. Probably just swings and roundabouts or sod’s law or karma or something but it does happen that you get three cancellations one after the other. Or three cancellations for the very same dates. It’s nothing cosmic, just the luck of the draw :slight_smile:

We’ve hardly ever had cancellations, I think perhaps because guests book their flights at the same time as booking with us - though of course, that wouldn’t stop them booking somewhere else …

I wouldn’t actually ask, but I do think it’s polite if a guest writes a line or two with an apology … “Sorry, my pet frog died and I really don’t feel like travelling …”


Don’t care. Why should I? Their CX only affects availability in a positive manner.

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Yeah I’m a no also just wanted to see if that was the norm. Cheers guys

Yes I agree and I’m wondering if they say for such and such reason by message then put in a completely different extenuating circumstances reason whether it would make a difference. I doubt air would give a toss