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Do you advertise your Airbnb listing elsewhere?

Hey everyone once more! I love dwelling around here and reading. I have learned a lot during my week here.

A few questions. I was brainstorming today.

Do you advertise your listing only through airbnb? Or do you promote it in other websites? I saw this today and it seems like a good personalized idea if you can put the time and effort: http://www.rosecottagestudio.com/ (She has a listing in airbnb and also a personal site for it)

Slight off topic, 4 out of 5 guests finally wrote their reviews and i am so happy about it! Off to a good start with really heartwarming words and 5 stars. Only thing i need to figure out is how to attract more people during the “dead” months here in Kalamata.



I haven’t listed much on other sites, mostly because I know that would mean a lot more time involvement. If I was doing this as a main source of income or if I was dependent on it, I would 100% diversify and have myself listed on several sites. But since this is supplemental income and it works for me, I like the ease of being on 1 site. It will be easier with taxes having just one source to keep track of. Plus, making sure that you don’t double book even with synced calendars could be a concern. It all depends on your needs and time able to commit.

So far I have cross listed on VRBO. In 2.5 months I have gotten 4 bookings through there (as opposed to 30+ on Airbnb). It has helped to fill some vacant nights though, and isn’t much more work to maintain once you get the listing up, so I think it’s probably worth it.

I am in 8-10 sites and get most of clients from Booking.com. air bnb and homeaway.

I have been able to raise quickly my price by getting listed in many sites (as more request meaning I can have higher prices)

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In the US…We only book through Airbnb but are listed on our county’s tourism website and on the state’s tourism website. We also have our own website that directs inquiries to the Airbnb listings.

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Thanks everyone for your responses! I will definitely check it out.

Do you have to list separately on homeaway vs. VRBO? Or is there a way to list on both by ticking a box after setting up the listing on VRBO?

You can do both by paying an extra but we don t do vrbo

We don’t use any other listing sites. But I have the photographs and blurb saved on my computer so I could quickly list elsewhere if anything happened to Airbnb. We have our own site which at the moment links to the Airbnb listing.

But I promote the rental regularly on social media which I suspect brings more bookings than other sites would.

What would you say the ratio is for bookings you receive with bookings.com, Airbnb, and Homeaway, and how are their fee structures? Mine is probably 95%+ Airbnb and 5% VRBO.

booking.com 45%
air bnb 35%
Homeaway 15%
My website 10%

booking price 15% commission on sales.
Homeaway I paid 130 dollars a year

May I ask what social media?

I’m using Flipkey and Tripadvisor. I’m having quite a few guests from these sites staying for longer periods and paying really well. The typical guests are middle class families with older children.

It’s fast and free to create an account with them:

Flipkey by Tripadvisor

I’m also on Booking.com, but that’s more hassle (you cannot choose your guests and must accept all bookings instantly).

I’m also having my own website Oslo Central Station apartments and my own Facebook page.

I use:


Local Tourism office

Maintaining all this takes a lot of time.
I spend about 4 to 5 hours a week maintaining all sites and replying to all requests.

Is tiscover and local tourism office giving you clients?

Will definitely take a look at these hmm. My question is do you also accept bookings from those sites or redirect them to airbnb?

Tiscover is giving us some clients.
It is similar to booking.com but based in Germany, and focused on the Alps region.

Our local tourist office has it own site, and people that want to stay in this region often use the site of the tourist office to look for a place to stay.

I allow bookings from all of these sites, I do not direct them to AirBnB. I prefer bookings that go direct trough our site or the tourist office.
I also encourage AirBnB (and other sites) guests that want to return, to contact me direct, this will save us and them the extra booking fees.

100% Airbnb bookings and have declined 2 requests (stayz & aura)
1 enquiry from tripadvisor didn’t follow up. No other enquiries.
It’s taking a lot of time to keep all 4 sites updated. I prefer using Airbnb and will hopefully suspend the others if Airbnb continues to go as well as it is. (since april)

Do you have to pay to list on the tourist office website?


I do not have to pay a separate fee.
Guests have to pay €1,30 tourist tax per night. This money is used to fund the tourist office (and everything that belongs to it like the website, marketing for the region, attendance at tourist exhibitions etc etc).

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