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Do this to insure yourself from a bad review!

Ok. So I might be getting slapped in my next review because I sent a text to a guest to remind them to turn off the AC when they leave for the day. Here is what I do to protect myself from a bad review: well, of course I try to make sure there is NO reason to complain.Place is super clean and well supplied etc…I always do a friendly meet and greet and do a friendly 10 minute chat. I let guest know the huge garden is their private space as noone else will be there (except the gardner who keeps a low profile). Then… I disappear ,they dont see me anymore as I give them their privacy(and mine). BUT I keep contact throughout their stay w a friendly text…how is everything going today??Please let me know if you need anything. Then I always get feedback how perfect everything is…blah blah blah. If they ever try to give a bad review…I copy and paste all of their positive texts about how perfect their stay is in my rebuttal. Also, if there was a problem, its not your fault as you were checking in from time to time and they never mentioned whatever they are trying to throw you under the bus for, so its not your fault.


Hi there, sounds like a good plan.
just wondering how many times you would do this? (for eg in a week long stay?) You don’t want to end up getting a bad review because “the host was a PITA by texting me daily” :laughing:

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depends on length of stay.a 2 or 3 day stay check in once. If its a week or more, maybe twice, max 3 times for longer stays.


When I am a guest, I don’t like being contacted more than once. Once is good to let me know the host is open to me contacting them and to ensure I know to contact them. I had one host contact me once to remind me that the cutting board next to the stove was for veggies only. another time when it was raining to ask me to make sure i close the window as the water can damage the wood, another time to ask if i needed a bike, another to ask if i found the trash… way overwhelming!
not that that’s what you’re doing at all - but just reminded me of overbearing hosts! :- )


Are you sure, Diamond? You asked them to shut it off and you got a bad reaction? I would say THEY are the ones getting a bad review!!!

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I dont care!Im doing it to insure myself. Its maybe 2 lines only. Usually they are only contacted once since 90% of my stays are under 3 days.

They basically ignored my text to turn off AC when they are gone all day;they just left this morning and I checked the room and YUP the AC is on full blast! I will get my revenge on review day for sure.


Did you enter and turn it off? This is completely antagonistic. Ugh… People.

Give yourself the right to turn it off in the future. Tell guests in no un certain terms what your rules are and that you reserve the right to enter and turn it off if it is left on.

Until you get any or all of the above mentioned fixes done to it.

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I do not enter the separate guest room unless I have permission. Its obvious they have chosen to ignore the sign and ignore my polite request to turn AC off when they leave(they are gone maybe 8 hrs and leave it on)At this point I have 2 more days w these gruntbrains:rage:, Im not doing anything further, when they leave they will earn a bad review which no host with independant AC will ever host them! You know it seems sometimes older people do not respect hosts who are younger than they are,they think they are entitled.Im sure the towels will be stained and the room will be dirty too, I have back to back guests that day:grimacing:

In the future can you reserve that right? I would!!!

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I would like to! But how dense are they?I now have made 2 huge signs about turning off the AC when you leave;they go on both doors;they cant miss it;its mentioned TWICE in capped letters on my website AND Im going to mention it on the walk thru. Maybe I should add “if you leave the AC on when you leave for the day;that will be mentioned in your review!”

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You could also say in your house rules that if the guest doesn’t turn off the AC that you will enter the dwelling to turn it off.


I suggested this and for some reason she doesn’t want to. It’s not like a regular landlord situation, Diamond, where you have to give 24 hours notice. I would so totally do this if I had this issue. You can’t allow it to continue. I would be going nuts picturing cold dollar bills flying out of the air conditioner.

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Changing my house rules now.
Currently they say “Host reserves right to enter guest space for maintenance issues”, to “Host reserves right to enter guest space for any reason including but not limited to: maintenance issues, suspected violation of house rules”.

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Hmm, I need to think about adding similar wording. I wonder if it would make people balk thinking I might invade their space hunting for violations.

I think that’s too harsh. The first one covers it. The second one would make me think you are suspecting your guests of cooking meth or something. :smiley:


NO, don’t go there about the review. Too threatening! Too unfriendly.

Just put Brooks’ wording in your house rules. Easy!

It’s also possible that the way she mentions it in the review will make her look unreasonable instead of indicting the guest.

I don’t mind sounding harsh. I live in this home with these people. And it’s my only home.

I get it. Do you have a lot of occasion to enter their rooms?
We should be able to do it without issuing a disclaimer. But I would think maintenance issues covers it?

The other one would give me the wrong impression… But that’s just me.

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