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Do most hosts have toilet plungers in their listing?


Admittedly I have not read this entire thread, but we definitely have a plunger in our unit right next to the toilet. It’s the type that’s in a caddy so it doesn’t look yukky and it holds any drips. Rarely used (I’m assuming) but cleaned when we do a deep cleaning or as needed.


Honestly I think people need to get over bathroom smells. Shit stinks, literally. It’s the nature of the beast for all living things. Better to poop than not!

Re: plungers - I had to laugh thinking about this topic yesterday when a friend who was staying with me had to ask me for a plunger (I don’t keep one in the guest bath in my house).


Furthermore, I don’t want fake flowery sprays in plastic bottles or worse, those that mess up the ozone layer. Nothing wrong with opening a window.


Perfect! Winter dictates a fan though, but all preferable to using too many chemicals. You can get a humidistat fan. Now they are working on an AI robotic nose. Perhaps it will switch the fan off when the smells gone.

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