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Do most hosts have toilet plungers in their listing?


I know they are kind of “icky” and not the most attractive things, but…

As a guest, the one time I needed one, there was none to be found.

I swear to God, we didn’t use the toilet in any unusual way. I know better than to flush paper towels or anything other than toilet paper!!

I looked in every corner of that Airbnb for plunger. None!

I ended up borrowing one from my cousin who lives in the same city, because I was too embarrassed to contact the host.

Then I carefully cleaned it and wrapped it in grocery bags, because I didn’t want the host to see me carrying it in and out of the listing on the outside security cameras.

Wouldn’t you know it. That’s the one thing I forgot when we checked out. I was mortified.

I plan to leave a clean one in my own listing, but where?


I have one right next to the toilet in the 2nd bathroom.


We have one (it has a rather short handle) inside the vanity. I have an old sponge propped against it, so I will know if it was moved/used (so I can clean it).


Yup, we have one in each rental. Better to have one than to force embarrassed guests to ask for one.


there is a nice looking ( a little expensive ) duo set with both a toilet brush and a plunger.
Yes…the answer is yes. I dont want to go over an plunge for a guest.
You can find them at any good home store, or at on Amazon.
example: https://www.amazon.com/Neiko-60167A-Plunger-Aluminum-Cleaning/dp/B076MHRCKL/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1539112573&sr=8-7&keywords=dual+toilet+brush+and+plunger


I don’t have a toilet plunger in my house at all and don’t understand why they would be needed. I never get the blockages. I do say only TP down the toilet. If I had a poo which wouldn’t flush (can’t remember it happening), I would use a bucket of water for a big flushing action.
I am beginning to think there is something wrong with American plumbing because I haven’t heard of routinely using plungers in the UK. It would be more of a rare emergency call out thing.
Could it be flushing those cleaning wipes?


It could be something to do with American plumbing, though I’m pretty sure our plumbing is better than in some parts of the world where you see little baskets in the bathrooms where people put used toilet paper, because the toilets can’t even handle that. (Bleurgh!!)

I personally don’t flush anything besides toilet paper, but maybe the guests before me did?

I was surprised, because it was not an old house.

When I was a student living in a 100 year old building, plungers were a part of my daily routine. I had one for the toilet and one for the bathtub.


Certainly in this part of America the plumbing is far less robust than UK plumbing. Being from the UK, I was accustomed to loos never blocking too but here in the USA they certainly do at the drop of a hat. (Or whatever).

Yes both apartments have plungers - in one it stands by the side of the loo and in the other it’s in the vanity. And you can actually get some reasonably good looking ones - they’re not unsightly.

In both apartments the shower is in the bathtub so I find the plungers useful for if and when the bathtub drain goes slowly due to whatever gunge guests have let go down there.


It’s better to invest in a plunger than get 2am phone call.


Better to fix the plumbing so plungers aren’t needed!


That’s the first thing my husband picked up for the rental. I never would have thought of it.


I do because when you need one you NEED one. I keep it in the laundry which is opposite the guest bath and the master bedroom/bath. I make sure to point it out to people.

Even brand new plumbing will clog when the wrong stuff or too much TP is flushed down it.


To be honest I have 2, you never know and then bad reviews.


We have always had one right next to the toilet. You could have the bestest, newest plumbing, and still some idiot guest will clog it up. Better to have one and not need it.


Avoiding this is a top priority. There are some good signs on eBay.


I have something similar to what @georgygirlofairbnb posted. If you are in the USA, Big Lots offers something similar for $10 (this one—it is more expensive on Amazon). https://www.amazon.com/Clorox-Toilet-Plunger-Brush-Combo/dp/B07D4B3JF4/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1539139912&sr=8-8&keywords=Toilet+plunger+brush+set


Are you in America? In my experience only Americans have plungers. Which is also why they think it is funny when we refer to (coffee) plungers I think. The very first home toilet I used on my first visit to America (Philadelphia circa 1988) flooded and needed a plunger. It has never happened to me anywhere else.


I’ve made a bit of a study of international toilets over the decades. Pig toilets in Goa (don’t ask) and “viewing platforms” in Amsterdam are two memorable types. In my experience large bowl American toilets rise to the very top before disappearing in a gush! More reason to have a plunger handy if they get stuck half way. I was once on a narrow boat in The Fens when a young guest told me that “mummy’s poo won’t flush”. I steered toward a nearby willow tree and pulled off a branch and suggested they use it to break up the solids. Worked a treat. But if you don’t have a willow tree handy a plunger works just as well.


Yeah I think it’s just an American thing. I am quite shocked. I would hate to have to rely on plungers just to flush.
It would be more pleasant to use a girl guide style latrine or composting toilet - at least you can just get up and go afterwards.


They seem an absolute must for the Dutch. We had neighbours in France who brought a a lavatory from Holland for their house. They also had a urinal in the bathroom… Quite yuk.

But we have a plunger in our house in the UK; it’s not just an American issue. Whilst the house is old, the internal plumbing was replaced some seven years ago, and no matter what, guests will flush wipes, sanitary products and condoms down the loo. The shared sewerage systems, with neighbouring properties, can also be a problem, particularly when some households throw fat/grease down the sink regularly. Think fatburgs, like the monster in London last year, part of which is now on display in the Museum of London!

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