Do i need a computer table?

Hi Guys
I have seen a similar topic, but still unsure where to go.
I am in the process of listing my property.
I have come across the Laptop friendly work space section.
I have super-fast broadband and Wi-Fi all around the house.
I have been thinking about buying a small computer table and a chair to accommodate this, but really don’t want to.
Due to the expense and space.
However other listings have this category listed and seen to be using the dining room table.
Thanks for your thoughts Andrew

That’s suitable, perhaps even preferable. However if this is shared space that means perhaps someone will be on their computer at your table all day and all night. If they have a table in their room or in an out of the way space they won’t be in your space. I hosted in my own home for 1.5 years and I didn’t enjoy the guests who parked themselves in my living space.


The dining table should be fine. Guests travel with pretty tiny laptops these days and tend to use the bed or the sofa anyway. They seem to be ‘laptop-friendly’ to me.

Plus, it depends where you are. We have a lot of guests who come for work but they prefer to spend their time enjoying themselves after work than anything else. Most of our guests only want to access their email and the dreaded FB, which they do from their phones.

You could always get one of those lap desk thingies.

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I have amenities for a business ready (or whatever they call it) listing but don’t want to offer 24/7 check in and a flexible cancellation policy so haven’t signed up for it. @Rowlie

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When I lived in a tiny apartment, my computer desk was a folding 20-inch x 48-inch table. It was narrow enough for my laptop, side-space to operate my computer mouse, and room for my working papers.

You might consider your guests would like to work in complete privacy and not on your common-area dining-room table.

Walmart sells this folding table for $40:

You can get a folding metal-chair cheap at a thrift store. Or, Walmart sells them for $10 each:

You have to have flexible or moderate cancellation… I have moderate and the designation for work travel.

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Ah thanks I thought it was just flexible thanks for clarifying @MissSwan. Still not for me I’m afraid.

I screwed a butcher block top to fold-down shelf brackets from Home Depot so I have a fold down desktop in my small suite.

Hi Guys
Thanks for all the replays.
I’m not going to get a computer table, as my client group will be mountain bikes and it will be listed as an entire house.
There is plenty of space in the house to use a laptop,
Thanks for all your help Rowlie

Mountain bikers I think is what you mean. Anyway, would you care to share more information about a listing that caters to mountain bikers? So cool.

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