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Do fans count as airconditioning?

Hello there,

I was wondering whether providing guests with fans can count as airconditioning or not?

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No way. If I were a guest expecting air conditioning and it was only fans, I would absolutely lose it. That’s one of the few things I’m exceptionally picky about. It’s terrible when you can’t sleep because it’s too hot.


No fans are not air conditioning why do we need 20 characters?

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Breathing on them or opening a window doesn’t count either. :smile:


Or ice packs "…

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No, it would not count as “air conditioning” because you are not “conditioning” the air in any way…merely moving it around.

An air conditioner controls the temperature and humidity of the interior ~ and more specifically, cools it.

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Actually, if you are in an area that is hot, and or, humid, you should make it very clear in your listing exactly what guests should expect. Fans are better than nothing, however you can’t call it air conditioning.

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Just adding my vote to the ‘no’ contingent. I also find it useful to say in our listing that the rental has central air. So many rentals in this area have wall or window units and people love the central AC.

I’ve only got window units and I mention that 3x in posts and once in the photos.
Edited to add: AC is needed for like, 3 minutes per year where I live lol.


My home has “central AC” except it is a kind called evaporative air. It works fine with low humidity and temps below 100, IMO. But if someone wants 72 degrees then you need refrigerated air so I put a window unit in the rental room. I love that they can control the temp the way they want it and I don’t have to refrigerate the rest of the empty house just because they are hot. There is also a ceiling fan in there. Window units are noisy but for under $40 a night…


Diffently not.
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Air conditioners are air conditioners…they blow cool air out and are mean to cool a room…fans only blow air out. They do not so much, if any, in terms of cooling.

What does “post must be 20 characters” have to do with this?

are you kidding? NO! air conditioning is a cooling system. A fan is a fan.

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Remember guests can hit you in terms of listing accuracy. I prefer air conditioning but I would book a room with fan only if I were in a tight budget, I wouldn’t complain about it. What I would complain is if I expected the place to have air conditioning (as listed) and it didn’t. Better be totally transparent .

According to Maslow and Chip Conley (AirBnB Chief Hospitality Officer and a Maslow guru with several books to his credit):
Dissappointment is:
Expectation minus Reality

Allow me to translate:
Air Conditioner (Expectation) minus Fan (Reality)
Major disappointment (Fuel for Bad reviews)

Good luck

If I could just fine a more complicated and jargony way to say

“Underpromise and overdeliver”

I could rich too.

Just be honest:
Temperatures in XYZ reach 90 degrees. While we do not have an airconditioner, we will be glad to provide you with a fan. The majority of our guest have found this to be a perfect solution… Move on to another topic …

I would rent a place with window units just for the fan setting to lull me to sleep.

No, it doesn’t, but, whether it matters or not depends on where you host. I believe you host in Hungary?

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