Do AirBNB Rank Us Down!

AirBNB are always wanting us to lower our prices! Do you think they would lower our ranking to force us to lower our prices?

I’m sure they could, but it doesn’t appear that they do. Now that it’s the off-season, I regularly get e-mail tips from Airbnb suggesting that I lower my price. I search for Airbnb accommodations in my area at least once per week and find my listing near the top.

I don’t know why but I never get those suggestions. I think that somewhere along the line many moons ago I must have checked a box saying that I don’t want to receive Airbnb emails?

Anyway, I don’t see why they should want us to lower prices or why they should lower our ranking (in search presumably?) if we didn’t.

When you regularly check your ranking using a private search window what do you find? Have they lowered your ranking?

Yes I think they do, I have noticed an obvious trend in my area; higher priced stays, new hosts and multi managed units are getting the top listing display, I have gone from the top 10 listing down so low I can’t even find my listing. I’ve had several friends search & I am way down, several repeat guests have noticed this too. If I search from my computer I appear near the top…
I have maintain a 4.9 rating for 5 years.
So I closed my listing for a couple a days then brought my price down to see what would happen…bingo I’m back to the top 10?! I have since put my standard price back, we have stayed near the top for now.
I had also blocked off some small blocks for personal time and planned reno’s, I feel that that had made an impact also.
We shall see what happens over the next few weeks.
I think mom & pop homestays are going by the way of the Dodo on the ABB platform. I searched a couple of other cities/town close by and definitely noticed the same trend in the top 20 listings.