Disposable nappies

What is your response if a guest leaves you a big bag of used disposable nappies for you to bin?

Bag and trash them. In my community they go with the regular trash.


I’m guessing the traveller didn’t know the proper way to dispose of them in your community.

It would have been better for them to ask you for instructions, but to me it doesn’t sound like a serious offense.

In my city the rules around sorting trash, organics, recyclables and returnables often have me going through the guests’ garbage on pick-up day. I don’t love it but I do consider it part of my job.


This. Every guest. I keep disposable gloves near the bin in the kitchen so I can move garbage to the correct bins. I sort a lot. It’s my job. Ick.

I would just take the bag out and throw it in the trash bin as part of the garbage collection and recycle sorting I always do. My house manual explained how the trash and recycling works and I also have a large magnet on the refrigerator provided my my city’s trash service that summarized the recycling program, but guests rarely followed it.

Want to talk trash? :roll_eyes:

I grew up in this biz. My father built our home and 4 family cabins where we hosted every summer - our main livelihood. Among we kids’ many duties was “cleaning the garbage pits”.

We dug a pit an appropriate distance behind our home and behind each cabin. Everything was tossed in or near (depending on the aim). Critters and the sun took care of what attracted flies, or we buried it deeper.

At regular intervals we 4 were sent with bags & a wheelbarrow to separate the remaining paper & plastic (what did we know in the 50’s, early 60’s) for burning. Cans were smashed flat and accumulated in boxes which, along with bottles, necessitated just one - highly anticipated - trip to the dump. Our reward: a treasure of our choice — which eventually made it back to the dump.

Is it any wonder I majored in Archaeology ? :grin:


Use gloves, double bag, gather the nappies and use the outdoor bin to dispose of them. If you are wondering what to say to the guest about it I would just leave it be and write it off as part of being a host for families. They may not have known where to leave their nappies if they are not from the area. It isn’t ideal to have to handle this type rubbish but a kind and informative message to the guest does not hurt and will most likely help them in the future bnbs they stay in.

Thanks everyone - good points from you all.
I will leave a note near the rubbish collection point about how to sort it, as the rules vary depending on where one lives.