Diminishing of "Superhost" status in 2020

Here is a Superhost with only 4 reviews and over 1000 listings.

Kia’s Host Profile

Obviously a property management company, but the host joined in July 2020 and all 4 reviews are from October/November 2020, which means those 4 reviews didn’t even count for the only Superhost assessment period this host has actually participated in (July 1 - September 30, 2020). Interestingly, 1 of the reviews is poor (although you can’t see the star rating) and 2 of the reviews are for listings that have since been unlisted.

I’m sure this is due to the temporary waiving of Superhost criteria, but hosts that work hard for their Superhost status should be very annoyed by this.

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Yikes! Way to diminish the brand.

Im a superhost and I am zero annyoed.