Did you see the new calendar?

Based on what you’ve said about your market you would never need to. One of the great but frustrating things about it is the great diversity of listings.

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I have an “AirBnB” folder on Chrome and all the individual pages I use linked separately under it. It is much easier to get to them that way especially when they change their website and navigation options.

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I have an almost AirBnB free month in April for the first time but then got a last minute 2 night booking. I’ve always preferred Air for the convenience but I get better paying guests through Bookings and TA these days. It feels very liberating knowing I am no longer reliant on the one platform. Also in feedback under bookings I said they should stop suggesting I “free up” blocked nights as an experienced SH I use other platforms and give myself the (rare) night off.


I prefer the old calendar indicating the date leaving but I do like to be able to easily scroll through the upcoming months.

What in the hell?! How do I look at the months back? I’m trying to see who didn’t leave a review and contact them…

What am I missing?

Go to the Host Dashboard and next to Reservations it has a link to see all reservations. You can scroll back through that list.

Thank you @KKC !!

Again, a drag, I can sort by date… it’s absurd.

I wouldn’t count on Airbnb to continue making even this list available. I’d suggest you enter all bookings into a spreadsheet and when you get a review go make note of it on the spreadsheet as well as sort by date.

That’s a bummer. Where are they getting their “feedback” from? What kind of host will ask and vote for these type of changes?

Slowly slowly they are designing a system that should be automatic and lead you (the host) in a blind way through their agenda.

They get host feedback from hosts who choose to give them feedback (so not a random sample). I saw something on the site recently where they literally asked for feedback and provided an email to which the feedback should be directed. I’m sorry but I can’t recall what it was in regards to.

They don’t really care about hosts. The only thing I can think of that would cause them to pay attention to hosts would be if hosts left the site en masse. That’s not going to happen.

I know many of us feel the same way and I’m positive that if there would a place where hosts can meet for the same purpose (of LISTENING to us truly and make a change), it would effect them eventually. A Facebook group could go a long way.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” :wink:

I’m in a total panic about this. Not only has the ‘private note’ feature vanished from booked nights in the calendar, which I constantly used to make notes about upcoming bookings to keep track if they needed a crib, sofabed made, a birthday, or other occasion to note as the reason for their stay with me. Now I have to go back and read the entire message history of each booking to see what they need etc. No notes. You can only make notes in unreserved calendar days which is absolutely useless.

Second, to top it off tonight, I log into airbnb on my phone and lo and behold the calendar link does not even EXIST anymore. Also, my listing is gone. It is an airbnb app now apparently ONLY FOR IF I WANT TO TRAVEL SOMEWHERE! OMG. Panicking. Can’t tell who is coming, or when they are coming.

What is this kind of ‘improvement’. What is going on? Totally confused.

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Are you absolutely sure that your app didn’t switch to traveling from hosting? If this is the case, and it might be if the app just updated itself, then go to Profile [in the app] and then select Switch to Hosting. My calendar is still there on an older iPhone.

Ahhhh, Thank you!!! I had no idea about that, but that seems to be what happened on the phone app. Switched back to host mode now.

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The paranoid side of me wonders if they removed that so you would be discouraged form blocking off.
I also noticed that when I blocked off the month off March, both for my holiday abroad and other platforms, I seemed to endure some sort of a punishment for the blockade. I didn’t get any bookings or inquiries for several weeks.

Maybe it is my imagination.

I find this very annoying as well. I actually use a different calendar app to track most stuff, but sometimes I want to put things that are of interest to me AFTER the guest has booked. Like noting that April 1 is Easter.

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Interesting. There could be something to it, not sure. But now that you mention it, it is possible. I had to block some dates in April for redecorating and a few days this month for friends staying in our apartment…and actually, I’ve had no new bookings since!!


It does that to me about once a week - it has for ages so it’s not a side-effect of the new calendar.

Being the super hi-tech person that I am, as well as using the app and the laptoo version, I have another really swish and up-to-date, state-of-the-art method too. It’s a Home Depot paper calendar :joy: :joy: :joy:


Probably not! They want us available at all times.

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I agree with this too. If you block off too many dates in a month, usually due to higher demand from a different platform, I noticed I end up with no ABB bookings for a little while. And then once one ABB comes in they come in little bundles. And then die off, pick up somewhere else and completely died off until the next random booking with then brings back little bundles. It’s almost like online shopping when the filter sorts by “popularity” if you’re popular you must show up at the top … I don’t know but I definitely have noticed this trend since late last year maybe December onwards.