Did you see the new calendar?

I see a new calendar layout. You can scroll through the months now which is cool.

Also, I see a new offer where AB recommends you to suggest a certain date for a 10% discount and the guests will see it as a special!

The one annoying thing is that I can can’t click on older dates and get to the Message page through it. Used to use it a lot…

How do you guys like it?

I really dislike the new calendar actually. The calendar is, by default, far too big. The bars no longer go all the way to checkout day, but stop on the day of their last night. The price I have set each night to is very small. It is a shock to me, but I actually miss the color codes on the prices showing how out of line they think I am. I particularly miss the green numbers which alerted me that I was underpriced. Loosing the ability to look backwards is truly annoying. I used that feature a fair amount actually. [Interesting that previous guests now have NOT POSSIBLE next to their message history with me, but they did stay here.]

Of course I will adjust. Probably, AirBNB will too. I just don’t see the value add here.


I don’t really like most of the features. Having the guest’s entire first name is helpful for me because of my mostly back to back on nighters. I don’t like that I can’t go backwards on the calendar. Sometimes if I’m trying to remember a past guest the calendar is much more helpful than the reservations list.

I agree with smtucker about the prices color coded but maybe the installation of other features like the little teal light bulb for dates that were looked at and the red dot for low booking probability will be more helpful. I also agree that whatever it is we’ll get used to it and probably prefer it over time.

Anyone who is interested in keeping a record of all their guests should probably put them on a spreadsheet if you don’t already. I wouldn’t be surprised if Air limits our access to that information eventually.

Edit: I can go backward on the calendar. I don’t know if they changed it or if I just thought I couldn’t but it’s fixed now.

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Ugh, that will be way confusing!!!

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And how amazing if Air would allow us to download such an Excel? It is so easy to do!

I REALLY miss being able to click on an older reservation. This is how I easily find whoever didn’t leave a review and contact them. Damn, Air can be a drag sometimes!


I don’t remember being polled of my opinion. I wonder if they ask hosts before they implement these changes they think are better.

I do sometimes get questions/polls emailed to me and I try to answer. I don’t recall them asking about the calendar. I’m sure most hosts just delete them.

I stopped answering when it was clear my opinion was just going into a black hole.


“I stopped answering when it was clear my opinion was just going into a black hole.”

LOL :joy:


I like the new scrolling calendar feature because that made hosting multiple listings MUCH easier. I was going back and forth, over and over, to be able to see each of my listings, and that was a big time waster. Now I can see them lined up together which is helpful. My cleaner also used to input check-out dates into her phone to see the listings together instead of going back and forth, but now can just pull up the multi-calendar, too. I can’t tell the difference between the whole month calendar from before. In fact, had not even realized it changed.

I don’t even see anything new and have no idea what you’re all talking about. :frowning: Can someone post a screen shot?

have you reloaded your browser? I don’t really love it. What have they really improved here? not much!

Yes, I have and everything is the same. Maybe because I am actually the co-host. I’ll have to take a look under my husband’s login later.

Mine still looks like this:

Maybe they are still A/B testing. I suspect they just haven’t finished implementing the changes.

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I’m amazed and in admiration of the amount of guests you guys turn over! Kudos!

I did block off March to travel myself so it is totally empty but now I cannot show you what January and February looked like…back to back! :rofl::rofl:

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I only had 3 unbooked days in March and I blocked off 3 to get some breaks. I love my last minute bookings model.

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Takes me five hours minimum to turnover so I cannot really do last minute like you do.

March was actually a weird month for me with those gaps. Things really pick up here at the end of April when cruise season starts. I have a 2 night minimum on the weekends and then fill in the weekdays.

I was just sitting around thinking I’d like to increase my chances of getting long term bookings by 36%, not 35% or 40%, but 36%. So I think I’ll try offering an 11% discount for 7 nights or more. Crazy tips!!!

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