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Deeply scratched TV all over monitor



After the guest left, who had children and unauthorized adults and more children in our home, per my security camera, left our living room TV deeply scratched all over. Would you charge for this? I decided to not even charge for unauthorized guest, but just to pay me for a new TV.
Guest denies it, requests before pictures, and is full of insults about our home, location and us, after we maid the claim, all recorded on messages. I escalated it!


Honestly, I would too.

I’m sorry this happened to you but obviously one needs some evidence other than the mere presence of children. OTOH, if I were a guest and I went to a rental with a deeply scratched TV or anything else that looked damaged, I would document it with Airbnb right away.

If Airbnb does pay you anything realize it will be the actual value of the TV now, not the replacement cost. If it’s an 8 year old TV it’s not worth the $1000 you paid. An equivalent new one now only cost $400.


I had a similar issue. One guest broke our glass patio table. I was going to submit a claim with Airbnb and then decided to just write it off instead of dealing with the headache, not only with guest but also with the resolution center. It’s upsetting that guests can destroy personal property and not even feel bad about it. It seems like they all have a entitlement issue. All we can do is hope it doesn’t happen again. Hang in there.


Charge them. Let us know the outcome. It is notoriously difficult to get Airbnb to pay for serious damages like that according to other people on this forum.


I know the scratches weren’t there, as i clean the tv, and everything myself. The TV is so blatantly abused with scratches, that there is no way she wouldn’t had let me know during her stay. i made a video of it, as it was so obvious as soon i walked in into the home.


Keep us posted on the outcome of your case.


Sorry to hear about your terrible guests Browneyed.

Was this TV on the floor or was a flat panel on the wall?

Hopefully Airbnb will side with you and at least compensate out of their pocket…since the damage is so obvious, that a normal guest would not have not mentioned it.

it’s really difficult to video and take pics of every single item in a home before guests check in. You could spend 30 minutes taking pics, and guests can still damage something. It’s not like we’re going to pull apart our beds and box springs, bed frames, etc to “prove” that they were working fine before the guest stayed.


I just had the previous guest before this problem guest graciously confirm, there weren’t any scratches on our TV, so i have my proof , the TV wasn’t damaged when problem guest checked in.
The guest is blatantly lying, then trying to discredit me trough messages for my listing, home and location. Typical behavior of this type of guest.


Good thinking. Have you started the process with Airbnb yet?


Yes, guest denied paying so i escalated it. The tv was on a TV stand on the floor, maybe if it was on the wall, kids couldn’t have reached it? But who am i kidding, while i try hard, i’m never going to airbnb proof our home ever, its impossible, stuff happens, and good people own up to it.


Ah, yes, you said that already. My apologies.

I guess this is an advantage of checking guests in personally. Maybe it’s harder to lie about it when they know you know that they know it wasn’t scratched when you checked them in. But as we know too well, people will lie about anything. They will have their hand in the cookie jar and when you confront them they will say “what cookie jar?” “What hand? I don’t have a hand!” LOL.


And I was not at all implying about Airbnb proofing your home. The reason I asked if it was on the floor…is because - could a cat have done this? I don’t know cat behavior but was wondering if that was possible. since they brought unauthorized guests, they could have brought a pet too.


No, not a cat. I found a sharp granit gravel piece, on the floor next to the tv, i,m suspecting is the culprit.

I made a video also, proving how deep the scratches go, that must have been caused by a very sharp object, by pulling my nails over them and they catching badly.


That’s awful Browneyed. So sorry you are having to deal with this. I’m lucky in that we have never had any major damage (yet!) and I’m dreading the day we do. Hope you are successful with your claim :confused:


Oh wow!!! Yes, I hope Airbnb sides with you…I mean it is so obvious. Such a shame that a family would not own up to it and ask for proof of pics. And you know what?? It wouldn’t even matter. Because then they would claim that someone broke into the home during the time you left, and during the time they checked in and committed this act.

There was a recent thread about a TV and it was cleaners" words against guests who checked in…I think it was a different forum though. They reported stuff with tv (and guest not having not been there long), and the cords were all messed with, etc. They blamed on cleaners or previous guests. Yet, it was enough time for damage to be done if someone was setting up to start gaming, etc.

I don’t think I have ever seen a clear TV screen like that. Am I seeing that correctly? I must have the old flat panels.


OMG! The nerve of them. That’s terrible. Surely Airbnb will give you something.


Hey - since the TV is ruined anyway…have you gone and picked up the granite piece and made a similar scratch just to show to Airbnb that this is what caused it?

And how old were the kids BTW?


One of them was about 3-4 year old i,m guessing from security camera footage, with a bottle, sippy cup the rest of the tree kids were older around 10-12. I don’t know, as she didn’t provide ages, especially on those who she snuck in.


I would put those photos on twitter. Along with the information that the previous guest guaranteed they weren’t there beforehand.


I opened a claim today, waiting for the " case manager".
Hopefully they won’t force me to make this public.
I have a $500 security deposit. See how they will manage it.

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