Deeply scratched TV all over monitor

She did this. These guests are shameless.

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My claim was granted in full amount after escalation, without any further requests of proof from me. I have to say i’m impressed! I had previous claims, and i won them all, but i always went trough the extensive process.

Thanks for reaching out, and I’m sorry it had to be under these circumstances. Situations like these are rare, and I hope you’ll go on to have many more positive hosting experiences in the future.

Since this is a relatively low amount and you haven’t claimed other damages recently, I can expedite this request. I’ve processed a payout of $300 for the damages that happened during reservation…with your guest…

I’ve discussed the issue with …, so you shouldn’t need to communicate with them further about this issue. Thank you for being a great host. If you have any additional concerns, just reply to this email.


Thank you all who gave tips, and encouragement and listened to me venting here.

What can i say, i’m still not sure why i was granted instantly and why some aren’t.
I had my proof and i was extremely careful to be professional and polite to this nightmare guest while communicating with her, while she incriminated herself with terrible insults. I almost thanked her for being rude to me, so i can have enough proof to remove her retaliatory review in case she writes one.
Thanking my previous good guests for being great guests after their departure, though i never met them, i think instilled in them a sense of trust and appreciation towards me, so they provided me with proof of the condition of the TV, gladly and without hesitation in my time of need.
Still, lot of time and stress went into this. Wish people were a little better to each other. Stand your ground and fight smart! Hope i helped!


The screen is just so highly reflective that it looks clear. I had to look closely too, as I see the effect you’re talking about!

You got lucky. Happy for you. Just as input I did have a similar situation ( but with VRBO and the insurance did pay and cover the damage. )
Toddler was put to bed and found a pencil and banged / slammed it into all furniture tops in the room. Holes and gouges everywhere.
We ended up getting granite tops to put on top of all the furniture ( paid for by the insurance) and not trying to do a repair. This worked out best and since then I have covered every piece of furniture in both my houses.
If the furniture top was in good condition, then it is covered in glass. If it was worn or old, then it got granite.
No more worries.
Now they can only ruin rugs, floors, or couches and beds. And I guess TV’s but all of mine are hung high on the walls.
Very happy for you. Enjoy the new tv.


This is great news. Thanks so much for following up with the outcome.

Although this is Airbnb paying and not the guest maybe having this deposit amount on your listing helped? And maybe because this is such clear and egregious damage? And you only requested $300, not the full cost of a new, comparable TV?

I also think it helps when you don’t make lots of claims.

Another poster here noticed that she dropped in search when she had a case pending. Did you happen to notice if the same happened to you?

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Great tips with the glass and granite - thanks!!


Why was the monitor scratched? One theory is kids running rampant, including electrical equipment. Who is responsible for them? They could have been electrocuted.

I realize this is beside your point, but it is all the more reason to hold these people accountable.


Amen to that!!!

What has happened to society and just saying, “Sorry I/my friend/pet/child did this. I will take care of it.”?

It’s like the entire population has lost all shred of decency and integrity. Now people will break rules or damage property and turn around and say “I didn’t do that!” “Prove it!” “I’m now going to hurt your business because I’m an entitled pos and you have shamed me.”

Gag. Makes me sick to my stomach how some people will literally sell their souls for a few sheckels. Blech


People never respect things that don’t belong to them. A coworker even told me outright ‘I’m disrespectful because it isn’t my house’. She said she had a party in an Airbnb and they brought a dog which peed on the carpet. The host tried to charge them but didn’t win and they wrote them a bad review on top of breaking all the rules.


Who are these people?? I treat other peoples’ belongings better than my own. I would mind my P’s and Q’s around that co-worker. What a snake! yuck


Same. I don’t have to spend a lot of time around her but I straight up told her I would have given them 1 star and a negative review, lol.


Hi @Browneyed, I’m happy that everything was solved for you. I had a similar situation with a guest that started a fire when she lit a candle in the bedroom ( not allowed in the house rules). Air refunded quickly, but she made a retaliatory review of 1 star, and stated falsehood, Air refused to eliminate it. Hope that this will not happen with you.


This is interesting. I’ve never made a claim yet because I believe that items such as a broken wineglass here and there, or a stained towel, is part of the cost of doing business.

I know that other hosts disagree and I’ve read about many who will put themselves through the time-consuming situation of claiming and grappling with Airbnb.

Hindsight, I know, but it makes be happy to know that I haven’t been nickle-and-diming guests over every stained facecloth and that it might be worthwhile in the long run :slight_smile:

We got an almost identitical response from Airbnb the one time we’ve had to escalate to make a claim. We only asked for $50 as an extra cleaning fee though for the damage done.


Actually, these days, halfway decent 50” flat screen TV’s can be had for as little as $250ish, if you shop carefully and wait for a sale. That being said, my husband is a terrible electronics snob. He drives an 8 year old Hyundai, but our TV, though mid-range, is at the tippy top of that category and would cost $1800 to replace. Of course, we’d never put a TV like that in a whole house listing, but we’ve hosted several toddlers in our shared home listing. Something tells me that Air wouldn’t be so quick to pay out the same type of claim at $1800 vs. $300.


I will fight a retaliatory review hard, and in this case, plus guest being rude in writing i have a case.

In case of disputes, they should eliminate reviews automatically.

You know what i would like? Private reviews on guests, only for hosts eyes.


Yes, this is why i requested only $300 to replace my TV with a comparable sold today, at today’s prices, being super fair to the guest, unfortunately she didn’t see it that way. But, of course for my time, the stress, and handling i should have charged more.

Actually, not true not having a recent claim. I had another claim towards a guest beginning of this month for a lost key that is expensive to duplicate, guest agreed to pay, but air couldn’t collect, still havent been paid so they will have to sort that one too.

I’m thinking they didn’t argue, as i’m making them a lot of money.

For their own sake though, they should tighten down on those laws concerning collecting the security deposits, and extra charges. Why so afraid? They are big enough, and guests will adapt fast. they certainly shouldn’t train guest to adapt to denying a payment. It can be done. Hotels do it, and they could care less about a 4.8 star average.

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Must be a real pleasure working with someone with this kind of integrity. Karmas a b&$ch though and I’m sure it’s headed their way soon enough. Like a person who crashes into their car and drives off. Then they will know how it feels.


It really seems like these sorts of people are incapable of feeling empathy for others. Maybe if they are young and the moral part of their brain isn’t fully developed yet. But some people never take responsibility, any misfortune that befalls them is always someone elses fault and they aren’t interested in solutions, only blame.