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I had a guest request a booking for two adults and one infant. My listing states that our airbnb is not suitable for children or infants. I responded right away to the guests and stated that our suite does not suit their needs as our airbnb is not suitable for children or infants. I have asked them to cancel their request. If I decline them is that day still open to other guests or is it blocked? Thanks

Use one of your (alleged) three freebies if that’s what you want to do.


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John why am i obliged to use one of my freebies when it is clearly stated in my reviews that I do not have a place suitable for children or infants, when can you refuse a booking?

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Because guests don’t read.


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I know it, right! I just had to gently remind a couple that check out was 10:00. They replied quickly stating that they thought it was 11;00. Now I am going send a welcome message with check out time.

It sounds like you have not accepted their request and the guests don’t have a confirmed reservation.

In this case you could decline the booking request without using up your three freebies. It will not block your calendar.

The best of course is to get the guest to withdraw their request.

Unless they are one-nighters, it’s better to send a check out time reminder the evening or afternoon before check-out. “Hope you had a nice stay, thank you for booking with me. Just a reminder that check-out time tomorrow is XX. Please remember to…before you leave” sort of thing.


Sound advice.
Thank you

I read on a post in this site that someone said someone got sued for checking off the not suitable for children- have you heard of this? This was a bit unnerving? Do you know if this is true- are you allowed to deny guests with children if you like? Which I’m hoping is so as you should have the right to determine who you want in your house.

I would find it such a waste of a lawsuit to sue me over not allowing young children. Nothing is child safe and I’ve got a gas fireplace. It is literally hazardous to them.


Yes, I cannot imagine that could be true. In my opinion my place is not child safe and I do not provide a bed for a child.

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One thing that would be helpful would be to provide this information about the short-term rental property you intend to list.

  1. In what country and state is it located?
  2. Are you renting out the entire property or is there a shared space?
  3. Is it a single family home?
  4. Is it in a building with four or fewer units?
  5. Do you live on the property?

Eastern Canada, whole house/cottage/bungalow/single family- one unit, live elsewhere.

So how do you intend to manage it?

Much better to send the day before :grin:

Yes, I have an automatic message go out at 9 am the day before.

It reads like this (feel free to critique - I know some might feel that saying we hope we’ve earned your five star review might be off-putting to some):

Dear short code start
[guest first name]short code end

We so hope you’ve enjoyed your stay, that you found our home super clean, the property – inside and out – maintained in mint condition, the decor appealing, the landscaping gorgeous, the kitchen super equipped and well-stocked, the amenities everywhere and creating for you a pleasant and comfortable stay.

You needn’t do anything special to checkout tomorrow. No need to strip the beds, that kind of thing. If you’ve moved anything, please return it to its original place. Recycling should be in recycling bins and the place should be tidy.

When you leave just leave us a note on the platform that you’ve checked out. Press the RED AUGUST logo on the keypad to lock the door. Our cleaner has been scheduled to arrive at or shortly after the check-out time of 10 am.

If we’re short of snacks or if any of the spices or condiments are getting low, or you’ve seen something that could benefit from our attention, or just have a suggestion, please send us a note on the platform before you leave or a text so we can try to address it before the next guest arrives. Your feedback helps us grow as Hosts.

As you pack up please don’t inadvertently pack up bathroom toiletries that we’ve provided for use during your stay.

If you need to update the number of guests for your reservation, now is the time to do that.

Your stay has been orchestrated by our team of three: Tania’s vision guides the decor, design and colors you see inside and out. Glenn runs day to day Operations, Communications and amenities. Bob is our master gardener, housecleaner extraordinaire and pool master. Bob makes Tania’s and Glenn’s visions happen.

After you’ve checked out, we hope that we’ve earned your five star review. We work hard for these, and our Airbnb community deserves your input.

It’s a bit of an ever-changing puzzle to figure out what people like most. So please help us solve this puzzle for you by leaving us a note outside of the review process to let us know what we could have done that would have made your stay more enjoyable.

Thank you for choosing our home as your vacation home.

We hope you’ll tell friends and family about Eight Hycrest, and that you’ll re-book with us when you return to the area.

Safe travels home!

– Tania, Glenn and Bob

Thank you for that Tania, Glenn and Bob
I will figure out a quaint little note regarding check out with tips from all of these posts.

Hi Sue,

I did want to personalize it that way because the three of us do work together and truly work hard to make each stay a wonderful one for the guest. I wanted them to know that they’re reviewing this team of people working for them, not just reviewing a ‘property.’

I do forward each review to Bob and I think it energizes him; it does me.

Also, I discovered from my workshop days that when I would say “I hope you found this workshop informative, action-oriented, specific and fun. But please give us your feedback on the workshop and how we might have improved it” that invariably we would get comments that included one or more of those words. Call this our ‘Jedi mind trick’ but in seriousness the words they picked told us, we thought, what they valued most.

Similarly we keep a spreadsheet of the eight characteristics we cite in that note vs what guests mention in their review to get a sense of what the guests value most.

I have found for myself and for our guests, #1 Cleanliness (If it isn’t clean then the rest doesn’t matter) #2 Comfort of Bed #3 Price #4 Location
Thanks again

As a guest, I certainly wouldn’t read all of that. All I want is a quick guide to check out procedures, e.g, where to leave keys, what to turn of etc.

Depending on my mood, there is a chance I’d mark down for being asked to do your job for you in respect of stocktaking your kitchen supplies.