Decline on Inquiry

Can anyone please tell me what the guest sees if and when I decline on an inquiry? Are they told my place is unavailable to them? Shown other options? Barred from messaging me again? Just wondering what the effects of the decline actually are.

I just close a day in the middle of their requested dates and they see “not possible “
If they ask why… so sad, too bad- another booking came in


I took a look at an old declined inquiry. It’s from 2015. It says, “Your inquiry was declined. Karen isn’t able to host you for this stay.”
In that particular case Karen was nice enough to write to say it was a calendar glitch, and I was able to respond with a “maybe next time!”
I see I could send her another message if I wanted even now, so there is no barring of messages.
I think it will be best if you do as @Debthecat suggests and give a brief explanation. That goes a long way.
Editing to add this was a real Karen, not the pejorative meme Karen. I wasn’t suggesting she was selfish or out to get me.


@nolabrooke As I mentioned in another response to you, there is never a need to decline an Inquiry, so why waste a decline on it, which lowers your Acceptance rate?

Just thank the guest for contacting you, let the guest know why you can’t accept, wish them luck on finding a place that meets their needs, and forget about it.


If it’s an actual “Inquiry” (and not a “Reservation Request”), then you do not have to accept or decline (don’t let that decline button trick you!), all you have to do is respond with a message and you only have to respond once (even if they respond, you don’t have to respond to them a second time).

For instance, I have responded (to a very rude and ridiculous Inquiry) with simply “No.” and that satisfied my responsibility to the Inquiry. The spurned-wanna-be-guests continued to send me messages but I ignored them because I didn’t have to do anything else. And then I blocked off the dates they Inquired about so that they couldn’t send a Request (or Instant Book), because then I would have to decline or accept. And when I block the dates, all the guest sees is “Not Possible” and then they go away (and they must think I book up very quickly, lol).


:laughing:thanks so much!

Thanks for trying, Muddy, but your response has nothing to do with my question.

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Thanks. However, I was asking if anyone knew what the actual effect (from the guest’s perspective) of the inquiry decline choice was. I appreciate that so many people have so much advice to share, but it would be nice for members to try to only respond to the actual question as lawre was able to do. Thanks anyway.

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For better or worse you can rest assured that is not the way this forum operates. Airbnb runs a community center where people probably post more in the vein you wish. I’m not sure since I rarely spend time there.


Oh my, you are giving us advice and we didn’t ask you for it. You asked us. And, for free, a bunch of us took our own time and gave you free advice (and damn good advice at that). I am not (and no one else here) is in need of your advice on how to give advice here. Besides, as you obviously don’t realize, you are not the only person reading this forum, e.g. the advice is free for others as well.

Besides, I did answer your question. The guest will see “Not Possible”. Because that is the recommended way to deal with an Inquiry.

If you don’t like the answer, you could just scroll on past it. Neither @Muddy nor I need an evaluation of our free advice that we gave you.

But if you’d like some free advice on those folding TV tray tables that you are using instead of bedside tables, I’d be willing you to give you one more piece of free advice :wink:



Wait, what? I thought this forum was only for MY education and enjoyment. :wink:

Just had to pop in and say thanks to @muddy, @Debthecat, and @JJD for all your “wrong” answers on today’s quiz. I appreciate your insights and advice.