"Dear guest, check in is after 4pm". Guest "We arrive at 1pm I hope that is ok?"

I get this all the time. I have a template I send to all my guests 1 week before their check-in day with details about check in and I specify their check-in time saying something like “Check-in is after 4pm, please confirm the time you would like to check-in so I can welcome you”. May guests disregard my message completely and get back so me with a time prior to my check-in time! Then I have to get back explaining this is not possible. Do you get this often?

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Do you see their expected arrival time in Trip Details when a guest books?
Last week I had a confirmation which said my guest was due to arrive between 12pm and 2pm, but my check-in time is 4pm.

I get this half of the time, but less since I made it clearer in airbnb and HomeAway. I now have a standard text I reply with explaining about cleaning time preventing an earlier check-in, and recommending locals places to eat / visit if they arrive in the area earlier than check-in.


Yes, I get this quite often. I have a template I use to reply explaining why early check in isn’t possible but that if, by the off chance the unit is ready early I will let them know. Most are pretty understanding and I don’t fault them for asking; it’s just the occasional guest that doesn’t seem to get it and thinks they should still be able to check in early. Our check in time is 3 PM.

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Put it in the directions to your house. Before you give the directions, put this at the top.
"Sorry due to cleaning schedules, I cannot accommodate early check ins. Check in is between 4pm and 11pm. Please send a text giving your ETA. "


Yes travellinbug, all the time, and the check in/out time is also at the house rules, and since I´m on instant booking, all guests must agree with that in order to book, nevertheless 99% of the time they are asking for early check in or late check out. So tired of it!


I get this ALL the time. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Especially when I specifically ask them when they are arriving prior to accepting the request, and while messaging they say 4PM, then they show up hours early with no warning! I like your idea about sending check-in details a few days in advance, and may have to try that.

I recently stayed in an Airbnb that had, as one of the listing photos, a photo of a cute kitten with the meme-style block text over it saying something like "CHECK IN AFTER 4PM! EARLY BAG DROP OFF $40 CASH AT THE DOOR, NO EXCEPTIONS). I thought being ultra clear about check-in limits in the photo section was clever.


The Americans come in very early to Dublin and to be honest, I will take them if I can especially if they are staying for a week or so. If I am back to back, I will accept luggage and they can go off to explore. Am at home so its not an issue for me but normal check in is from 2.00pm. Never had a late check out request, the Americans go early in the morning from 5.00am so its swings and roundabouts.

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You are far nicer than the Dublin Hilton which made us wait for our room until 1:30 pm. We arrived at 6:00 am, due to the flight. However my french husband went to the pub across the street for a Guinness and I napped in the lobby lol


We :heart:️ Dublin can’t wait to come back but I’m half Irish :four_leaf_clover:

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A hosts we also get this all the time. But for sure it doesn’t mean that we need to change the game’s rules. But we do let the guests in earlier in some occasions when it is possible and doesn’t cost us anything.

Yes this happens all the time. And I always respond with ; sorry I can’t check you in earlier but here are some luggage storage facilities you might be interested in…

Guests want to check in earlier all the time, it’s pretty common. Some even arrive early in the morning and expect me to have the room ready.

I’m often flexible and let people in as soon as the previous guests have left or I let them store their luggage, but I rarely get any extra credit for it.

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Yes, it is happening to me with my next guest. My check-in time is 2pm onwards which besides setting it in properly in the check-in section, I mention it in my description, in my house rules and in the prebooking message. Still, the guest is telling me that his flight lands 1am in the morning of the check-in date. So sweet from him!

So he should have paid for the night before. Do people have any idea how to travel!!!


When I have guests arriving 8-9 hrs. prior to my 3 pm check-in time (and they do), I inform them that the early access fee is $70, less than half of a full night’s rental. I tell them that such an early check-in necessitates my blocking off the previous night from a possible rental.

Sometimes the guest inquires about the early check-in before booking and when they learn of the extra fee, about a third of them look elsewhere. More often, the guest secures their air flight after they have committed to my accommodation and then they are stuck to paying the fee or being homeless until 3 pm.

My thinking is, why let them have the use of my place for so many hours without a charge – after all, they had options on which flights and they chose the red-eye because it was the least expensive so it’s on them. If they were staying in a hotel/motel, they would be charged a full night, not half.


But you had the option of a lobby to nap. And that’s the problem for guests with luggage. They don’t know what to do with themselves.

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Part of the issues is that Airbnb has changed their communication with guests asking them. At what time are you arriving? As if they have another option besides our check-in times.


Oh totally. The problem here is due to bad communication. Don’t doubt a second about that.

Airbnb has done a great job highlighting things that were causing problems or misunderstanding for them, hosts or guests, but in regards to check-in/out times there was no improvement at all. You need to seek deeply to get that IMPORTANT piece of information. A little bit of graphic design, good copywritting job and web development will sort out this issue for all of us.

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As my check in time is anytime after 3:00 P.M. and I ask for a check in window; I like the new check in window feature (even though it’s the rare guest who uses it). However, I think that Airbnb shouldn’t allow guests to fill in times that are outside of the listing’s check in times.