Covid Requirements

I’m wondering how many people are still addressing Covid in their listing.

I currently have the following statement in our description and am considering dropping it. “Hosts are fully vaccinated and prefer vaccinated guests as well.”

Part of me is still somewhat concerned - just because it isn’t in the news as much does not mean it has gone away. Yet part of me thinks there has to be a point when it is not something to be called out specifically anymore as it seems to be just part of the “background” illnesses that float around. Reminder to self - get a shingles shot!


We are both still quite concerned about Covid. We know two people who are dying of it right now and another one whose illness has progressed from Covid to pneumonia.

You’re exactly right that it’s still around. No vaccines can stay on top of the rapidly developing variants.

It’s very discouraging. I’m afraid it’ll be with us forever.


Not only is Covid a big issue, but a good byproduct of our vigilance is it screens out those MAGAats who think their entitlement extends to overseeing our health.

House rule:

“Proof of vaccination is required via a photo of your up to date CDC card uploaded at time of booking.”

AND if they do not send at time of booking we send this out via airbnb messenger:

“Hi! We have not received your Covid vaccine info; please send your CDC proof of up to date vaccinations now - it is a condition of your reservation. You can upload it right here (there is a button to the left) or text it to us. We’d hate to have to leave you in the lurch on a last minute booking, or have you miss the free cancellation period if you can’t comply with the vaccination status proof, so please make sure to send this info as soon as you possibly can. We can’t let anyone check-in before receiving it. Thanks - and looking forward to hosting you”


Rolf, the very sad thing is that Covid vaccinations protect us from particular variants. There are many, many variants, and new ones develop all the time.

My husband and I got all five of the Covid vaccines. We had our last one in September 2022. I have no idea how the virus has proliferated and mutated since then. Hardly anyone talks about current (ever-changing) variants.

We don’t know how to feel safe unless we stay locked in our house. Unfortunately, that seems to be the shortcut to serious mental illness.


I dropped my stated vaxxed preference some months ago. Having had a mild case and having a separate space has changed my risk tolerance. I still open the door and wait to go into the room to let it air out and wash my hands or wear gloves but that’s about it. My cardiologist told me not to get more boosters after I got covid but he’s not an immunologist.

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Yes, I still state on my listing that I require guests to be Covid vaccinated. Homeshare host, share my kitchen with guests.
I know that one can still contract and pass on to others even if they are vaccinated, but I figure that the anti-vaxers are more likely to hang out in indoor crowded spaces maskless, and be generally unconcerned and precautionless, thereby making it more likely for them to bring Covid into my home.


I’ve left a similar message in our listing/greeting message. I am considering dropping it when the summer season rolls around. We’ve had five vaccine shots each and have each had COVID once, possibly twice. Unlike the past, I always know someone dealing with COVID at any given time. Perhaps getting too comfortable so we’ll see what the next wave dictates.

Wow I’m really shocked that a medical professional would give you that sort of advice. But maybe I shouldn’t be there are those in the health professions that don’t believe in Covid.

And just because your case of Covid was mild doesn’t mean it will be mild next time. The vaccine currently only has a short time span of protection. Hence the need for boosters. Vaccinations both help protect you from becoming more ill with the virus but as importantly I feel protect the more vulnerable in our societies.

As you’re probably aware I work in our health service and have seen first hand the impact of Covid.

Interestly what we have seen last year and in January is that those in our Covid wards in our hospitals are a much younger cohort and every single person in all three hospitals in our area in the last year admitted to our Covid wards has not been vaccinated.


I got the booster, got covid a month later and have no intention of letting his advice be the single source of info. I also know another physician and another Ph.D. scientist who isn’t a medical doctor but is an accomplished scientist who reads and understands the studies published in the best journals. They are both neutral on lining up for every variant booster. So I’m not getting much support here. LOL. We’ll see if I end up continuing to go 2-3x yearly or not.

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As I mentioned it is interesting that across all communities there is a divide in opinion. However the evidence from our hospitals is clear.


that’s because no one wants to be called a Magaidiot or something. There’s plenty of info out there as to why you’d not line up for the booster. Not on mainstream media of course, or even youtube/twitter/fb, which censors information.

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There’s a huge amount of misinformation on social media around Covid @gillian as you know the more responsible social media platforms have removed much of this false content and it has gone underground into the dark web.

What’s really fascinating is that it’s been shown much of it in the US originates from less than a 100 social media accounts that have been set up to encourage others to share false information (which has worked ).

Why - interestingly because many of those pedalling this false information such as drinking bleach will cure you or other madness are encouraging their followers to buy their false video content or snake oil treatments.

The many millions that have been made by those pedalling false anti-vax propaganda and solutions is staggering .

My cousin who is an anti vaxer told me for certain I would die by March 2023 because I had taken Covid vaccines :grin::grin::grin::rofl::rofl:

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but in my opinion it’s immoral to deliberately spread fear and misinformation to sell your false products .


“more responsible platforms” LOL. they ALL have been nothing but shills for the narrative, and they’ve even squashed information that is correct.

There is much intelligent discussion happening, and the WHO has partnered with youtube to squash it. Google has admitted to squashing information, so if you google a topic you only see what they want you to see. You might think you “did the research” but you didn’t get to see any opposing views (this is NOT #science).

yes, exactly. ironic really, you can’t see that.

not sure where you get that idea, but you know who made Billions?
Why was Ivermectin derided? cos it interfered with the “emergency use” status of the jab, AND it was cheaper than paracetamol. India and Japan recommended it though. Even if it didn’t work, it’s not dangerous, and yet it was portrayed as such and called “horse dewormer”. You want to talk about “misinformation”? There’s a great example.

If you are even slightly curious to hear other information and have your beliefs challenged I can give you some suggestions. just PM me. and no, it’s not super weird fringe stuff, nor is it political. and, even to start, did you not once tune into Dr John Campbell? He was such a sensible voice of reason during the pandemic, he was very pro-vax for much of it, and has now realised that many lies were told (especially when Pfizer was forced to release its data and he reported on that).

Have a look lots of evidence around how much money has been made by those pedalling anti vax products and content both in US and Russia @gillian

You have clearly chosen to ignore what I said about working for our National Health Service I don’t need to scour the internet for information :grin::grin::grin:

I have no issues with healthy discussion around Covid . I have an issue with misinformation and lies to make money.

And of course Pharma companies make money from vaccines - that’s their business model.

Anyway we digress back to STR discussions.


It IS horse dewormer, and it did not work to stop Covid. We who support science are glad that it was debunked early on. Do you actually think that your ‘opinion’ about this has any relevance to vaccinations and their use? Please, folks who think that Maga ‘discussions’ are anything but part of the PROBLEM of eradicating or stopping deaths from Covid are doing nothing but clouding the waters. No, googling right wing or pseudoscience ‘experts’ does not make your ‘opinion’ any less foolish. I can google virtually anything to support any crackbrained idea. Finding support for foolishness easy.

Conspiracy theorists (“if you google a topic you only see what they want you to see.”) are not welcome here.


I assure you that I was just referring to my two friends who are world class scientists. They aren’t the least bit concerned with being called names nor are they Trump supporters or right wing nit wits. Neither of them thinks I need to worry much about getting boosters. Both are world class in their fields but their fields aren’t immunology. So I take their opinions, and those of other world class scientists whose work is on the internet, and decide for myself. I’m not going to go seeking fringe information that’s “uncensored.” “Uncensored” means not rigorous and not peer reviewed. No thanks.


I have older parents who I see frequently and i have Asthma so that’s a key reason for me to continue to be vaccinated.

But absolutely it’s everyone right to make an informed choice about whether to have the vaccine.

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Good point about exposure to others. My work and social situation puts me at less risk than many others. If I had to work in a locked up school with hundreds of other people daily I would certainly get all the boosters. I always got the flu shot once I turned 50, but after retirement it’s been more hit or miss.

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We got Covid from an Airbnb guest. She called us the day after she left and told us she tested positive for Covid. Two days later we both came down with it. A month after that I am still symptomatic. It’s a real drag. I do check with guests to make sure that they are vaccinated before they come. we were getting pretty lax about masks but now we are wearing them again when we were in close proximity. This is a shared Airbnb so we do talk to our guests. From 8 feet away if possible. I realize Covid is a hot issue with this group and others have different opinions.