Covid isn't over

Unfortunately my husband tested positive for Covid today. Very mild symptoms so far. I tested negative.

We were on track for our best July since hosting. Since we are a home-share we need to cancel some bookings.

I was pleasantly suprised to have an easy interaction with a Customer Service agent. Since I can be quick to complain, I should also give credit where it is due. The agent offered to cancel our upcoming bookings at no penalty to us (and, of course, a full refund to the guests). I expected a hassle but the process went very smoothly. I got a confirming message within minutes that I followed up with a thank you. In that message I reiterated the promise this would not effect our building back to Superhost status.

Finger crossed that I got the correct information AND my husband has only a light case AND I can avoid catching it!


I hope all stay well/get well quickly. If you can get the antiviral meds, they really help.

I’m glad Airbnb was helpful.

I did not qualify in May for them. I was miserably sick for a week and then exhausted for 3 weeks.

Late June my father had it. He quickly started on antivirals & in 6 days was fine. He isolated for a few more days.

Both of us fully vaccinated so no one ended up in the hospital.


We are both fully faxed and double boosted so I am hopeful it will be a light case. Our adult child had covid (doesn’t live with us) also got it and was very sick in spite of being vaxed and boosted. The lingering fatigue lasted about 3 weeks as well. Nasty stuff. My husband is calling the dr first thing in the morning to see about the antivirals.

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We hope that your husband recovers quickly and that you stay well or at least respond well to meds if you do get it. I think it is ironic that the president gets to run the country with COVID and we hosts have to call a halt to our business, lol. With the new variant that seems to ignore the vaccines, I think we are in for a rough Fall. Hopefully fewer serious cases, but still extremely disruptive.

I wish your husband a speedy recovery - and for you to not get it! I had it about three months ago and my DH didn’t get it. But then he got it a month later.

COVID will never be over. It’s endemic now, like the flu or colds. What will be over at some point is treating it differently than those other illnesses.


What needs to happen is treating all transmissible illnesses like covid. People should stay home from work and school when they are ill. People should mask up when they are ill if they have to go out. People shouldn’t go ahead and go to a concert, church, or a wedding if they are sick.


Used to really piss me off when my kids were young and other parents would send their kids to school when they were sick. Drop the kid off at daycare, handing the daycare teacher a bottle of antibiotics with instructions as to when to administer, because “he has strep throat”. :grimacing:

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When I taught I had a cold every year, sometimes two or three colds a year. When I retired, I wasn’t sick once in 6.5 years.


ah, I also finally caught the coof on the weekend, no idea where as i’ve been really careful to avoid people. Hubby also has it, so not sure who brought it home, i’m blaming him as he recently flew in from interstate.

I don’t live in our listing so it’s not going to impact the business, I was out of it Saturday (fever), and in bed Sun/Mon but back up and functioning today, taking it easy. My co-host was able to handle all messaging those 2 days.

but covid as reason for stopping our society from functioning, that is over. :pray:t2:

100%! I do hope people don’t get some kind of amnesia and forget this.


Staying home when sick is a little more doable with remote options for some. Unfortunately workers with no sick time cannot afford to stay home and some employers urge their sick employees to come in if they can still function. I knew nurses who were told to come into work with positive COVID home tests if they had not symptoms! Also, many contagious illnesses, including COVID are often transmissible for a few days before symptoms emerge.


This needs to change. It’s systemic, it’s not a matter of individuals being to blame. The culture needs to change. For example, the wrong attitude starts in schools. There shouldn’t be awards for “perfect attendance.”


I remember when we were kids and both of my parents worked for civil service, we had to be really sick for them to let us stay home. I know a simple cold would not have done it.

What do people do when their children are sick and they have to go to work? There is a thing called sick leave which I’m sure for lower wage earners is non existent.

Imagine a US with sick leave for all and people not being terrified to use it.


In the over eleven years I’ve known my husband, he’s been sick once. He called it his “Teacher immune system” b/c kids bring every little sniffle to school. He was pretty cranky about that one cold too. :grinning:


but covid as reason for stopping our society from functioning, that is over. :pray:t2:

Very thankful our hospitalization and death rate is down.

But for people like my adult child it can still wreak havoc. Very ill for close to two weeks and lingering extreme fatigue plus brain fog for almost 3 weeks following that. Used up all sick leave, dragged into work. Lives too far away for me to help - thankful for friends who stepped in to help with food.

Husband is doing well, was eligible for the antiviral, currently has some congestion, headache and fatigue bur is able to work remotely. I’m still testing negative. If I do get sick, it could be bad…a “regular” cold knocks me out for a week, the “regular” flu has me bedridden - thank goodness for the flu shot!

I have taken myself off the schedule for the next two weeks for my other two part-time seasonal positions. Fortunately we do not depend on my income - no sick leave for either one. I’m going crazy already staying home but have lots of projects and books.

Gilligan - hope your case stays mild!


Wishing your husband a speedy recovery and that you’re able to avoid it.

My Dad has cancer that is in remission. He’d been vaxxed. His Covid quickly went from mild cold symptoms to raging congestion. Thank goodness for the Antivirals. I firmly believe without the antivirals he would’ve ended up in the hospital or worse.

Public Service Announcement-in the USA until a few weeks ago the antiviral prescription was available only to high risk patients (immuno-compromised &/or over age 65) due to lack of supply.

Now supply has surpassed demand so it is available to any adult with a positive home test Covid diagnosis and symptoms starting 5 days or less prior.

Usually a telehealth visit is required.

Depending on the patient/physician relationship, physicians have prescribed it to high risk patients traveling out of the USA for use if traveling & test positive. They may not can get the prescription where they are traveling. The goal is to keep them out of the hospital or worse

Two treatments are available: Paxlovid™ (Pfizer) and Lagevrio (molnupiravir)(Merck).


I expect that the antivirals would have saved the life of my friend who died in March after contracting COVID overseas. Good care would have made all the difference.


Considering what a rotten job the US did with managing Covid and making vaccinations, masks, contact tracing, and other measures mandatory, Covid will never be over.

And what did the US learn as a nation about how to handle the next pandemic? Absolutely nothing.


My youngest daughter got the highest attendance record in elementary school. She totally loved school and never wanted to miss a day, unlike most kids. I had to absolutely insist that she stay home when she was occasionally sick. So in some cases it isn’t a matter of the kids having a great attendance record because the parents can’t or don’t want to miss a day of work- I was a stay-at-home mom. But I take your point, and I actually disliked that entire “awards” system for all sorts of things in the schools.

People used to stay home when sick. It seems to me that the combination of widespread use of antibiotics, prescribed whether they would be effective for the condition or not (although doctors don’t do this as much now as they used to), the shift in both parents working outside the home to make ends meet, or just because they both want to pursue careers, made sending one’s kids to school sick and contagious somehow normalized, and employers not wanting their employees to take a day off for illness and not caring if they infect everyone else.

I was downtown in my little town one day, and saw a woman I know sitting at an outdoor cafe. I went over to say hi, and she said, “Don’t get close to me- I’m really sick, I have a bad case of the flu.” So why exactly was she out and about, eating at a cafe?