Covid Cancel refund

Guest for 5 days out cancelled with Covid. Very nice and said not to worry about refund. I asked her to cancel (not me, ABB says no host penalty but after 6 years I dont trust them). They did and we booked the slot. I always refund after the fact if I fill the slot. I noticed her reservation says $xxxx refunded. ( I did not approve refund). My future payout lists her booking next week with full payout. I’m confused, Who’s pocket is the refund coming out of and when will I know ?


I would assume the guest told Airbnb that they had contracted COVID-19 and Airbnb gave them a refund. Other hosts have said that Airbnb isn’t being really strict on the proof that they require.

I would also assume that you will not receive the payout from the cancelled guest.

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I agree with @Brian_R170. The guest qualified for a full refund.

But as you have a replacement booking fortunately you are not out financially.

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YOU should not be refunding one cent to anyone.

IF a guest is due a refund, it is Air BnB’s job to handle that for you. That’s why you pay them a percentage of each booking – to do your marketing, provide your calendar, and handle ALL money matters for you. Let them do what you pay them to do, and stick to providing a good experience for guests.


Its the “Extenuating Circumstances” clause that seems somewhat arbitrary. They were not due refund according to Covid Policy (not in date ranges), They requested a cancel and refund ( I denied both but said if I replaced I would later send $) and then ABB refunded the payment. I’ve accepted cancelations before and lost my Superhost for a year, If I had not replaced the income it looks like I was going to be forced to refund. I dont trust them to not punish me. I’m fine and we replaced income but the whole process seems so vague and stacked against Hosts.

They were absolutely within the EC Policy to cancel with full refund because they had Covid. Have a look at the policy again @jtwilber

You would never lose your SH for accepting a guest cancellation so a little confused as to what happened.

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He probably got one of those messages saying the guest wants to cancel and asking the host to accept or decline. Which of course, to anyone’s perception, unless you are hip to Airbnb’s sneaky ways, would mean it’s a guest cancellation that you are simply agreeing to allow.

But those are registered as host cancellations- you always need to click on decline, then the guest has to go on to cancel on their end, and be subject to your cancellation policy (which Airbnb seems to be dishonoring for almost any excuse these days) .

Yes according to one policy… no according to the one right below it. I’m fine with refund but think ABB could do a better job at clearly communicating that anybody attesting to Covid 19, regardless of when they booked can get a complete refund of everything and that host is expected to bear the cost burden. The policy gives ABB support the authority to over ride host policies and their own stated policy if a guest plays the Covid card ( whether they have it or not ). It says here documentation required but says documention OR attests in other places.

What’s wrong with you people? Please, stay safe at your home. This are not times for AIRBNBing or such. Find a very long term guest and stay with him until the pandemic ends. I don’t live in the states but the States are generating 70K of COVID19 on a daily basis (almost 200K fatal cases) and all that I see from someone that lives outside is “WE ARE BUSINESS AS USUAL”.

Be responsable, unfortunaley this are not times to make a the extra money you want with hosting to get 4/5/ 6 booking per month. That’s unreal with the current situation. Not just from the host side, but speaking to the guest as well. This are not times to be on vacation. You stay at home the most that you can and that way you colaborate with others to make this go away as soon as possible. How many dead people cost for your next trip to California?

I undestand that someone has to pay the bills and you need to do all the efforts to accomplish that but please find a real balance between what you can do and what you should do. Long term guests is the norm nowadays. You can’t host someone travelling for fun for a few days. That guest is not responsable with others. It is a jerk. He don’t care about social health for him nor for the people around him. He just want to have a fun time in an affordable Airbnb, go to beach, and eat a sandwich at the street.

Stay safe!

In general, I heartily agree with you. I list a private room/private bath with use of shared kitchen in my home where I live and I haven’t hosted since early March and don’t foresee doing so for the foreseeable future.

However, there are some situations where a guest may only be booking an entire home rental for a few nights which have nothing to do with having fun. The guests may be having to travel on business, need to visit their ailing or elderly relative, be an essential worker who’s been hired on to work for a week or two at a location where they don’t normally live. Hopefully all those guests are being highly responsible when it comes to maintaining distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, etc, although the host would have no way of ensuring that.


It seems quite clear to me. @jtwilber

One relates to if you have the virus and the second relates to if you want to cancel because the disease.

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