COVID-19 scammers on their way?

I got this tonight (my friend/neighbor got the exact same inquiry). For reference, both of us charge $550+ per night. Our home is also in CA and this guy appears to be in Wisconsin, which I found even more interesting. He told my friend he’d be willing to pitch a tent in her yard for the same price (what?!).

Has anyone else gotten anything like this yet? :woman_facepalming:

Most of us here are way too smart to fall for that but someone will… and maybe be here to post about it afterward. But anyway the “cash” word alone would usually get this flagged. Airbnb is in way over their head.

Just reply and say yes and ask where you can send the Venmo request to.

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Offering 25% of your regular price and wanting to pay off-platform does smell fishy, but what’s the scam?

If shows up and pays it’s not a scam. I’m guessing the pain for a host would be holding the days and then they don’t show. But if they transfer the cash via a payment service like Venmo then maybe you are in the clear.

And scam isn’t the right word but I’m guessing most people with a $500 a night house can’t really afford to do 5 nights for the same price given cleaning and utilities not to mention what if they damage or steal something.

I agree! I’m just hoping no one goes for something like this out of desperation.

Scam may not be the right word, but something seems off. And this is more than 25% off (we charge $550/night during the week and $600-625/night on weekends - my friends home sleeps 20 and she charges more around $800/night) - more around 75-80% when you factor in they don’t want to pay cleaning fees either.

They could have also used Venmo or something, showed up then reversed the charge. I’m not totally sure, but something definitely fishy.

Yes, I said “25% of your regular price”, which is 75% off, but it’s actually more since there’s a cleaning fee. At least you’d pocket an extra $15 from Airbnb’s 3% host service fee. :wink:

2 people in a 20-person listing? Getting more fishy.

I think it’s worth reporting the “cash” part to Airbnb. Maybe they’ll get blocked before they do whatever they’re planning to an unsuspecting host.

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Ah sorry, I read it first this morning and clearly didn’t read it correctly :wink:


Right?! And told her “you can lock up your house and we’ll pitch a tent in your yard” – she was like “where would they poop?!” :rofl:

I did and encouraged my friend to as well. I mean luckily it was so strange that it sent out red flags immediately, but I fear for those who really really need the money and may not be thinking straight.