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Cotton vs microfiber bed sheets


Cotton is good , microfiber is cheaper . Luxury ? Try tencel cotton duvet or sheet set


I just had to come vent about how much I detest microfiber sheets. I don’t like them but had got a “free” set with the purchase of a new mattress. The random color sent matched one of my duvet covers so I thought, why not use them? They lasted less than a month and two sets of guests before I tossed them. What was wrong? After guest #1 (10 day stay with this one set of sheets) there was already a pull in the fabric. After guests #2 (one night) there was this odd discoloration, even after laundering. So, that’s it, into the trash bin they go; they are worthless. Even the dogs don’t like them.

Please for the love of all things hospitality, if you are a new host please buy decent cotton sheets, regardless of your price point. I vote for white although some people successfully use colors.

After 4 years and 500 guests I promise you that cotton will last longer than microfiber.


i just hosted a Super Host guest and one of the first things she messaged me after check in was “I’m so glad you don’t use microfiber sheets! I hate them and so glad you have cotton.” Guests DO notice.


I have cotton towels, cotton goose down divets, but microfiber sheets. Cotton sheets are over $100 a set here.

Thanks for your points.

For freshness I like to sit linens on the clothes line.


In Canada maybe I could stomach microfiber. I love that it’s called microfiber instead of polyester. That tells you all you need to know about it. Cotton, which has been around for 1000s of years has never needed to pretend to be something else. That said, on a cold night a polyester throw blanket or hoodie is the best.


Where is here? 202020


It’s time.for.me.to.renew all my white sheets for 9 beds. I buy 2 sets for each bed, my cleaner demanded .
So I Need 18 sets of sheets. 4 twin, 4 king, 8 queen, 2 full.
EBay now have special. If you buy 3 sets they give you 10$ discount.
I bought 100%cotton 400 count 18 sets on average 17$ each minus 60$ discount for 246$.
To be honest they are not luxury sheets. Though very nice looking, soft and feel good to body ,they are not sheets I buy for us where I spend 4 times more.For my purpose it serves perfect.
Don’t know about other host but I change mine at least once a year. I myself would not sleep microfiber. I tried and had many complains from guests about not nice bedding.
Until I switched to cotton


I use white cotton percale sheets and my guests rave about them (and some want to know the brand so they can buy them). I find them at TJ Maxx for around $40.


@banana I’m in your camp. White cotton percale for the WIN all day long. Thanks for the tip on TJMaxx!


They don’t often have it, but whenever they have the Tommy Bahama brand of cotton percale sheets I buy ALL of them. They are my absolute favorite!


I don’t know if this will help, but we use both types of sheets. While we definitely prefer cotton - and use them whenever we can - we also have a stock of microfiber sheets. This is because they are much faster to wash and dry, which is important to us as we are “off grid” and have to rely on sunshine. During our busy periods we would not be able to cope with all cotton sheets unless we had a HUGE supply of sheets. As it is, we only JUST get by with about 3 full sets per bed. If we used all cotton we would need perhaps 5 full sets per bed.

I do feel guilty about using microfiber, but on the other hand we have never had any complaints about the type of linen.


At the time I was getting ready to open, I bought 3 sets for each bed, all are queens. The best deal at the time was Amazon Basics microfiber, but I bought extra Amazon Basics pillowcases in cotton. The cotton ones are off-white, not true white like the sheets, but most folks wouldn’t notice. I followed advice from friends who host and bought 4 pillows per bed, so needed extra pillowcases. When I order new ones, I’ll order cotton; I’ve only had a few small bloodstains, but even with quick soaking in cold water it’s harder to remove stains from microfiber sheets.

Duvets came from Amazon, but not their Basic. When I had a bunch of back to back bookings, I was glad I had 3 sets of linens.

Triple sets of towels & washcloths came from Costco — their basic white hospitality packages, by the dozen or half dozen, were considerably less than Amazon. I keep my cleanup costs down by using all liquid unscented soaps and shampoos.


For those of us in the high quality sheet camp, you might find this video informative…and entertaining. I can assure you I ain’t buying $1000 sheets. This guy knows his stuff, though.


I will be finishing building my guest house hopefully by the first of the year. Only one bed so on this one I will buy cotton sheets. On the main cabin with 5 beds the idea of buying 2-3 sets for each bed was daunting and I went with MF sheets. No complaints so far all 5 star reviews but for this unit I will switch it up. I have had a couple of greasy spots not clean up (sex lube I think) so my cheap sheets are getting more expensive. For me I need EASY to buy and replace, they need to be available online and ready to ship. Anybody have a favorite sheet on Amazon? Also on this unit I am going all white for sheets and towels.



I use white 100% cotton sheets from IKEA, they are affordable and consistent quality. My sheets get washed alot, this summer I had approx 20 one night stays per month. I have 4 sets all the same & replace every 18 months or so, I do not iron the sheets but I do iron the pillow slips.
I have to add that one on my favorite local ABB get-a-way spots use those microfiber sheets they really are horrible, so I bring my own sheets when I stay… I love this elderly couple, they permit me to bring my dogs and are so good to my boys and the friends they drag along to hang out at the beach, so I haven’t the heart to say anything.


Amazon has “their” brand, Pinzon. I’ve used some of that line but I can’t recall if it was sheets or something else.


I agree with everyone that suggests investing in at least two sets. I keep 3 on hand during the peak season: 1 on the beds, 1 in the wash, and 1 if all hell breaks loose.

I love the OFELIA VASS cotton duvet covers from IKEA. The STR stylist “One Chic Retreat” also recommends them and uses them in places far fancier than mine. Since they’re a seersucker-type weave they’re forgiving of wrinkles.

I’ve found IKEA’s sheets too thin and the finishing on the edges feels cheap. Sticking to white makes it easy to mix and match things from TJ-Maxx. I’ve been using Target’s “Threshold” 400 ct cotton sheets and couldn’t be happier - they’re a nice weight, don’t hold too many wrinkles (so long as I remove them from the dryer promptly), and seem to release stains decently well. I think a queen set runs about $50; better when they’re on sale.


Thanks I’ll look into those. Love Amazon!

Where I live there is 0 places to buy anything like this.

It’s worth it though to live in a beautiful place


Delivered by carrier pigeon


I believe that Costco just started their annual sale on sheets, if you wanna make the drive.

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