Correcting Google Maps

My previous property manager (hotel) had put my villa in the wrong place on the map (about 15 houses away) and also the villa name has now slightly changed to remove the hotel designation.

To avoid confusion I have tried editing this. I can open it (previously showed as closed) and I can add the Airbnb link plus a photo, but I can’t seem to get google to accept renaming or changing the location on the map.

Any ideas?

I don’t know if I 100% understand but ten or so years ago my home was not listed correctly in Google Maps. At that time I found that Google had a procedure for this, contacted Google via email or the site and several months later, like 3-6 months as I recall, they had fixed it.

My problem was that if you Googled my address it took you to a place somewhat near my address but not my address.

So my advice is to Google this problem. Maybe this is a helpful link: Fix a missing address or wrong pin location - Android - Google Maps Help

I remember before I started my Airbnb listing in 2018, Google maps still showed it as a business run by the previous homeowner even though I had purchased the property 5 years before. I don’t remember the actual process, but I had to fill out some info and submit it. I never received any kind of response or acknowledgment, but the name eventually just changed several months later.

Google have now sent me a card with a verification code. There’s only about. 50% chance of this reaching me as the existing Google Maps address is subtly wrong and refers to a hotel that now no longer manages villas. Let’s see if this works. Will report back later!

To resolve this, contact Google My Business support and request a location update while providing them with the correct details and justification for the change.