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Coronavirus in my town

Another consequence of shut downs is fewer car accidents. I’m thinking of this of course due to my own guest’s situation this week. His daughter was in ICU. Yet another young woman died nearby in a car accident at 3 something AM. Those are almost always alcohol related and many are bar related. Keeping people home keeps them safer and keeps beds in ICU open.


Finally! Good news:

Dougherty County leaders are continuing to enact new restrictions to combat the spread of coronavirus.

At a Friday press conference, Commission Chairman Chris Cohilas asked all residents to shelter-in-place, starting at midnight tonight.

The order, which county leaders are drafting now, only allows for residents to leave their homes for work, medical emergencies or to check on family members.

This will save lives. I hope it is not too little, too late. And I hope other cities will learn from us and put restrictions in place before they have a crisis on their hands.


Well, the bad news keeps coming. We now have a presumptive positive resident at a nursing home, and others showing symptoms.

A resident at PruittHealth-Palmyra has had a presumptive positive test for COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus.

“PruittHealth is closely monitoring other residents currently experiencing symptoms at the facility and has notified all staff and residents,” officials said in a release. “Upon displaying symptoms, residents were immediately isolated and proper protective equipment was issued to further safeguard the residents and partners…"

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One of my brother’s lost a college acquaintance yesterday. He was in his early 50’s. No health problems. This is not on GA tho…its out in Calif. I’m very glad your gov has shut things down.

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It’s just dismaying the way people are acting here. People are not taking this seriously at all, having cookouts and parties and complaining about the minimal restrictions we do have in place. They are making excuses to travel when they are supposed to be “sheltering-in-place” and eye-rolling and smirking about taking measures to help not spread the disease. Business owners are complaining that closing down will hurt their profits. I won’t even go to the grocery store because nobody will keep their distance.

Meanwhile we have seven confirmed COVID-19 deaths in our county and waiting on results for six more dead. Hundreds of tests are awaiting results and officials estimate over 500 of those results will be returned positive.

Our hospital’s resources are already stressed and we have positive results from a nursing home now.

We are the largest town in rural Southwest Georgia so neighboring communities come here to shop and use the hospital and are returning to their areas carrying the virus. Neighboring counties are now recording deaths as well.

The county officials had a press conference today where they basically begged people to follow the rules and stay at home. They had to introduce a law to force people who have tested positive to quarantine at home rather than going out in the town.

If you would like to watch some of it, here is a link. It is just amazing.


Stupid people tricks. Unreal. And people aren’t keeping their distance. I had to literally “shoo! shoo!” a woman to back off while I was waiting to get in to Costco to refill my Rx.

Stay safe!


Thank goodness I get my RXs by mail. I went to Total Wine and More and they had a sign asking customers to observe distancing. When a couple came up behind me in line and were about 2 feet away the clerk asked them to step back. But we are taking baby steps where we need Godzilla strides.


It’s the same in parts of the U.K. Crazy.


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What’s an RX?



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Doctor speak for prescriptions. Don’t your lot have the R with the descending tail and a line through it to make an x?

MD was good enough to add 3 refills, and I’ll get both of those by the end of this week.

I don’t want to be going out again unless to walk or ride my bike. Alone.

Usually referred to as a “script” or “scrip” here. No Rx anywhere.



It doesn’t show up on actual prescriptions here, either. It’s a shorthand and it is used on pharmacy signs here…

I had an appointment for tomorrow with my general practitioner scheduled months ago. I tried twice to call last week to tell them I would reschedule after things calm down. They didn’t answer and no option was there for me to leave a message. They called today to tell me I need to reschedule because I didn’t come in for my lab work. I told them I’ve tried to call and just decided I’d wait for them to call me.

I asked for an extension on my thyroid medicine which they will only give me a RX for 3 months at a time and 2x a year. In other words I have to go in twice a year for lab work and pay $100 for them to tell me I’m fine. I did that for 2 years but it ended today. They said no extension without lab work. I called my cardiologist and he said call my GP.

So I’ve located a new GP who is taking new patients and I will make an appointment later. I have a 80 day supply of my med and will go to Mexico this week to get another 90-180 day supply. Tired of the unhealthcare system that’s just wasting my money and that of my insurance provider.


Another option - order a test kit online:


You can take your kit to your local Quest Diagnostics lab for the blood draw (it’s usually a minimal charge, like $8-10 dollars), and send it in.

I’ve used them for all sorts of testing in the past and have been very satisfied with the cost and service. :slight_smile:

I had an amazing GP in Tijuana - gorgeous offices, cheap cash prices and easy fill of prescriptions even “controlled” substances (I have Valium for PTSD panic attacks, not often, but that recent article didn’t help). We’d make a day of it and stay for dinner someplace fun (real margaritas!! street tacos!!)

I’m thankful my cardiologist is with USF Tampa General. I find teaching hospitals to be more proactive and easier to work with in these situations.

Good luck!!


We are seeing increasing cases at an alarming rate here. We are fast outpacing all of the other counties in Georgia - we are number three for positive cases, ahead of counties that are much bigger and more densely populated.

The only hospital in town has had to move everybody that is not Covid-19 out of the various ICUs as there is no more room for them.

Local business owners and church pastors(!) have been resistant to orders to limit gatherings or enforce social distancing.

This is going to happen in other rural areas of the United States too, as the virus spreads out from the big cities. I would not be surprised if we wind up one of the worst-hit countries.

ALBANY — The number of coranavirus tests outstanding from samples taken by Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital nearly doubled from Monday as three additional deaths were reported.

As of noon Tuesday, the hospital was awaiting test results for 1,039 patients, up from 599 the previous day. The hospital also reported that there have been a total of 11 deaths attributed to COVID-19.

The hospital has received 150 positive results of samples provided from sick patients…

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Best wishes, @georgiahost, for health and safety for you and those around you.

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I didn’t and won’t go to Mexico this week as the stay home order in my town came down last night. Friends have convinced me that the system won’t let me die of thyroid disease. :wink:

I am carrying a long umbrella to go to the post office and tucking it under my arm pointing behind me

And for those convinced that “summer” will spell the end of the outbreak? Our highs are in the 80s and 90s here. (Fahrenheit. 30-32 Celsius)

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