Coronavirus in my town

I have posted a couple of times before, but thought I would move this to its own topic. My town in Southwest Georgia is experiencing a major ramping up of COVID-19 cases.

The first death from coronavirus in our state was someone that was confirmed positive here, then moved to Atlanta where they died. Three more people, two in their 40s and one in their 70s, died here over the weekend and their bodies were sent for testing. Two have now been confirmed positive.

Our hospital has tested dozens of people but has been waiting for results. 14 results were returned this morning; 13 are positive.

The hospital is waiting on results for over 400 more tests, including “dozens of patients so serious they are hospitalized”.

Most of the cases seem to be linked to a funeral home and two churches that had large funerals.


I clicked on the heart because my heart goes out to you, your community, and people everywhere.


Thank you for sharing. So out of our experience so every bit of information (legit info) is welcome. I hope it doesn’t touch you and yours.


I am considering cancelling the last guests I have on the books for the next month and closing my listing for now. I don’t want to feel responsible if a guest comes to my town and gets sick.

I am very worried about my parents. :worried: They are being careful and isolating in their home right now, having food delivered from the grocery store and not having anyone enter the house. If I need to go to their house I stay outside and a good six feet away. I can only hope it is good enough to keep them safe.


You’re all in my prayers…


Our hospital has tested dozens of people but has been waiting for results. 14 results were returned this morning; 13 are positive.
Why can’t we get our testing off the ground???

I’m not sure. The hospital here says they have tested lots of people; the holdup seems to be in getting results back. And the CDC is based in Atlanta. (i.e. our state’s capital)

From the article:

The hospital system, Phoebe Putney Health System in Albany, has been pleading with authorities for faster processing of tests. The hospital system reported that it has more than 400 patients still waiting for test results

I despise the President with a white hot heat. And I’ve thrown plenty of shade at him over the last two weeks. However, I really don’t want the forum to host shouting matches over who is to blame, regardless if the topic is Airbnb or the president. The historians will sort that out, most of us will be dead before we really know the truth. So I’m going to politely ask you both and everyone else to refrain from debating this on the public part of the forum.


I agree, I’m going to delete my reply.


You can only do, what you can do.

I hope they (and you of course :wink:) stay healthy.



Our latest test results in my town:

43 tested positive for COVID-19
4 deaths tested positive
482 awaiting test results, 58 of these already hospitalized

Our courts have closed down all but essential services, and schools are closed. But most businesses are still open, and many people are acting as though nothing bad is happening. I have started getting grocery delivery because when I go out, people simply refuse to maintain physical distance. They are very dismissive of the warnings being given.

“We know we are not yet at the peak of this health emergency,” Phoebe Chief Medical Officer Dr. Steve Kitchen said. "More of the patients we are currently caring for will end up with positive COVID-19 tests, and more people in the community will contract the virus.

“We’ve gotten down as low as a day or two worth of supplies on some vital equipment. Thankfully, we’ve managed to avoid running out, but it takes constant work, literally hour by hour.”

That is just absolutely gobsmacking.

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Chilling. Absolutely chilling. Someone just called me from one of the locals asking if I’d join them for a drink. Says she’s with 3 other people and place is quiet. Um, no thanks. Also, she is super high risk for complications.

I’m gobsmacked. I won’t even go into the guest room yet to clean up after the folks who left Monday. And it’s hot here. I’m waiting until at least next Wednesday.

My brother in law would join them. :frowning:

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I wouldn’t join them, either.

And we’re waiting another week to clean out the guest room and bathroom that were vacated last Sunday.

Breathe deeply.


Except not in the guest room. :scream_cat:

Yeah, I can’t believe they’re out and about. I just don’t get it.


Thank you Georgiahost for sharing and I wish you and your family good health through all of this. Seem like you and your parents are doing their best to mitigate their exposure wisely.

Smart move. I declined a request to avoid having 8 people in my home that would be coming from Vancouver Canada. Too much of a risk as most of the citizens there are being reckless.

Canada is closing the borders to non essential travel. Finally. It will happen between this Friday night to Saturday night. I heard on a news broadcast this morning that it has to be done in a way that won’t offend the “Orange Man” as he is very sensitive.

NOOO ??? That is insane…
I was supposed to have my daughter and one of her friends to celebrate a birthday with me for the next couple of days. They are both in self isolation 500 miles away due to their exposure (Whistler Canada with reported cases)
We skyped and still managed to have drinks. Got dressed up in our finest camping clothes complete with ball caps and played a card game together. Lots of laughs. Then skyped in other girls at a different ski resort (all of them shut down of course) and added 2 other girls in New Zealand. Virtual party and none of the contact. All good.


So our Georgia state governor has decided not to institute a quarantine or mandate business closures. :frowning_face:

I truly believe the only way they will stop transmission of the virus here is to force people to stop carrying on business as normal.

From our local paper:

Gov. Brian Kemp urged Georgians to practice caution amid an outbreak of the coronavirus disease known as COVID-19 on Thursday, but he said he will not force businesses to close or institute a statewide quarantine.

Some high capacity specimen collection sites are expected to be set up in Albany, which has become a hotspot in the state as officials trace cases in that area back to two funerals…


Georgiahost…I’m so sorry for the poor decision from your Gov. But Calif is shut down and altho I’m no longer living in that state (after 36 years there), I deeply believe that the shut down will help to mitigate the spread. Sure wish Georgia would do the same, given your details.


Good (ish) news and more bad news today.

For our county:

The following starts Friday and will last seven days:

  • All gatherings of more than 10 people are banned, including church services.
  • Parks are closed.
  • Restaurants can only serve take-out, drive-thru, and delivery meals.
  • All entertainment venues are suspended, including theaters and bowling alleys.
  • All gyms are closed.
  • All grocery stores and retailers can only have 25 percent store occupancy and no more than 50 people inside at a time.

Officials said those who have tested positive for the coronavirus and have been released from the hospital with quarantine orders but do not follow orders, could face a misdemeanor.

It’s not the lockdown I was hoping for, but it is better than nothing.

The bad news is the virus is still spreading rapidly.

We have four confirmed deaths from COVID-19, but…

results pending on several other patients who have died in recent days.

As of Thursday morning, Phoebe Health Care System has taken test samples for 750 people, Dr. Steve Kitchen, Phoebe’s chief medical officer said during the news conference.

Of those, the hospital is awaiting results for 671 patients.

Of Phoebe’s 38 intensive care unit beds, 24 were occupied on Thursday by patients who are suspected of having COVID-19 or being treated for the disease

I wish we were getting test results back faster.