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Cops break up 700-person Airbnb mansion party, charge 3 for violating N.J.’s gathering limits

In a statement, Airbnb Spokesman Ben Breit said the company removed both of the party organizers from the platform, deactivated the listing and is investigating further.

So, the neighbor calls the police not because of the big party at the Airbnb next door, but because his own kid goes to the party at the Airbnb next door, then invites some of the party-goers back to his own house, and then they start damaging his place.

595 new COVID infections. But hey, they’re young, it’ll just be like a mild case of the flu, right? Effin’ adults and their stupid rules.

From the article, it appears that the host, if you can call him that, even though he lists no parties, was actually aware of the whole thing and didn’t care, if he just left and didn’t call the police when there were 200 people there.


We’ve been having a lot of trouble with parties in my area lately. People are gathering, not distancing, no masks, the rates are way up for the virus. It’s such a shame. I call if I see an excess number of parked vehicles in front of a rental property. The way these people act is inconsiderate to the locals. I am the worst neighbor :rofl:


I actually live in Jackson and this incident has been the talk of our town. It was so out of control that Jackson police asked Howell, Freehold and Lakewood police to come and help. Damages were reported from neighbors. Some of the party goers were going wild jumping on top of neighbors cars and peeing on neighbor’s lawns. Plus they left a mess on the street; empty beer bottles, half eaten food, cups, etc. Everyone in town is really upset because it could have ended like the party in California with shootings.

Why in the world weren’t all the attendees charged?

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They were fined $100,000 for contravening Ontario’s covid directives.

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Gotta catch ‘em first. They outnumbered the police.

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Sounds like Trump should send in his special forces to restore LAW AND ORDER!


Took me a minute…the 700 person party was in New Jersey. The 200 person party with a possible $100,000 fine is in Ontario. Whew I was confused then coffee and active brain cells kicked in


Sorry, wasn’t trying to confuse things. Just posted it as a example of the only way these insane parties will stop- make the fines so high that no one will want to take the chance.

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We are tentatively re-opening our whole home rental next week after the mandated city closure and then we decided to do some remodel. We have not hosted anyone since March and quite frankly, I’m terrified of house parties. We drove by the neighborhood last weekend and caught a major Airbnb house party taking place at a rental nearby. There were at least 10-12 cars outside and packed full of people. The city has been catching a lot of partiers and noise violators.


For a whole house rental I understand. Food for thought: of course have cameras like ring doorbell and maybe install a device that based on number of cell phone signals in the house will indicate the number phones present. Practically all my guests this year have been young (people my age aren’t traveling)

If you get a vibe you don’t like, don’t accept the reservation. Get the bad vibe after booking—cancel it.

Yes, Airbnb will remove a listing with too many declinations and you may lose superhost if you cancel too many reservations.

Take care of yourself, your neighbors and your property first. You can always list on a different platform.


We’ve been absolutely swamped with booking requests due to the demand for getaways so I am going to start being extremely selective now. I’ve also decided to pull back our availability so we can just use our own house more as a proper vacation home for us and our family. I’m grateful we have the opportunity to do that now. The current culture of renting an Airbnb out for large house parties is getting out of hand. There were at least 3 of them in our primary neighborhood in Los Angeles since COVID-19 restrictions took place. The helicopters had to fly overhead to tell everyone to go back to their cars. We do have cameras (5 Ring floodlights on our vacation home) but I wouldn’t want to have it get to that point to begin with.

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