Concierge as a Service for Airbnb Guests on behalf of Hosts

I’m interested in developing a new service which would provide a concierge service to Airbnb guests on behalf of an Airbnb host.

Some hosts don’t have time, are not interested, or do not have the qualification to provide guests with personalized recommendations on what to do, where to eat, or other particulars about their city. Why not provide your guest with unlimited access to experts who can help them have a wonderful stay and make the most of their vacation.

Please let me know if this service is something of interest to you as a host, or if not, why not.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Sorry, not of interest to me. I think you’ll find that most hosts here are happy to provide their own personal recommendations for guests. Surely, hosts are ‘the experts’ when it comes to their own local area?


Huh? What research have you done that indicates that this is true? Can you post a link to the data?

Thanks for your reply. As an Airbnb host I find this one of the most time consuming parts of the job, and the hosts I’ve spoken to have agreed. I want to understand if we’re few and far between, or if in general hosts are happy and willing to provide this time to guests.

I believe that my in-depth knowledge of my city and my eagerness to share it make me a host that guests appreciate. In fact, my listing even mentions that this is part of what potential guests are “buying.”

It appears you have deleted the post that I am responding to.

Thanks for your reply. This is extremely helpful. Out of curiosity, do you host in a big city or a smaller area? Do you find that host are satisfied with the recommendations that you provide?

Thank you again for your reply. That’s extremely impressive. How do you share your in depth knowledge of your city with your guests, is that through Airbnb messenger, Airbnb guidebook or in some other form? Thanks for taking the time.

It is a mulit-pronged approach. The listing is clear that I hope to help guests find the things that interest them. Then, after they book, their “thank you for booking” message via AirBNB once again lets guests know that I am happy to help them out with planning their trip. And finally, while they are in the space, there are lots of brochures, three tour books, printed maps, and a map of the neighborhood that I created to give walking directions.

I have helped guests find off-the-beaten path exhibits, anniversary restaurants, bike trails, the best bahn mi in the city, to give you an idea.

@jaquo turned me onto a GREAT bakery in her city that I never would have found without her help and reassured me that the two historic homes we were planning to visit were well-worth the time.

I do find that my guests are satisfied with my suggestions. I will also state that I rarely recommend ONE place, but instead suggest three options so that the guests make the actual choice. Now, if you want to have a really great wood-fired pizza while playing candlepins [bowling] there is really only one option. Families with teenagers LOVE this place.


I host in Fort Lauderdale. Of course, anyone can create details of what’s on in the area, where the nearest whole foods store is, the top rated restaurants etc. but I concentrate mainly on recommendations within a mile or so of the rental. In other words, within walking distance or five minutes by car.

I also want to only recommend places that I truly love and ‘insider secrets’ for example, which coffee house has the very best croissants and which park you should picnic in when you’ve bought food from our local European deli (which I also recommend).

I tell guests to say hi from me to at the staff in the deli, the greeter at the Mexican restaurant, the girls at the coffee shop I recommend and many more. There are two supermarkets which are both the same distance from the rental but I tell them which one is the best and at which times it isn’t crowded. Of all the bike/paddleboard/kayak rentals locally I can tell them which are best and the name of the person to talk to there.

For events, again I stick to the very local area and only recommend things I know are good. Anyone can look up city events online but they don’t get to know about the more obscure - but fun - local events.

It doesn’t take up much time at all for me to recommend and guests love it.


I’d like to see your research that supports this idea; I personally think it’s not a true statement.

On a practical level, what could you possibly provide my guests about my immediate locale that could possibly be as good as or better than what I provide?? Assuming, of course that you do not want me to do your “job” for you and dig out all the interesting stuff.

No a particularly useful service to provide to anyone ho really wants to be a host rather than a slumlord.


Then you’re doing something wrong. I suggest that you try to find a good system. As @smtucker does, we provide a lot of tourist information, money-off vouchers, maps, local magazines, menus of restaurants within a mile of the rental, plus we have a custom created guide book with our own personal recommendations. I am also currently redoing our website with details and maps so that guests can look up places on their phones when they are out and about.

Face-to-face recommendations usually take up no more than a couple of minutes during the house tour.

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Thanks for your reply. I am a host myself, and I find it incredibly time consuming, but I do it anyway because I know how much guests appreciate it.

I do not believe the average host has the level of knowledge of my city as I do. There are other people like me who have an incredible knowledge of their city, and would be happy to share that knowledge with visitors, KenH, perhaps you’re one of those people.

I’m trying to understand if there are hosts who for one reason or another (time, lack of interest, lack of qualification), are unable to provide their guests with the excellent experience that you and I are able to provide to our guests.

Wait. Did I read this correctly? You are an airbnb host and you find “concierge” services to be time consuming. Yet, you are trying to develop a new service that would provide these services on behalf of hosts?

If you don’t want to bother with sharing your own knowledge with guests, then how in the world do you have the time to develop a service that does this better than a local?

There were a lot of things about my area that I had no knowledge of…and I mean a lot. I, of course knew of the major attractions, etc. But not until I would ask guests if they had any questions about the area, did I begin to learn things about my own area that I never thought of.

Now I feel good about being knowledgeable. For example - a guest asks if I have any recommendations for Easter brunch. Well…no…not really as I am too frugal to pay brunch prices for a plate of food. But I did find out the options in my small town and maybe next year will research again so I can send out the different options for next year’s Easter guests.

Edited to add: And it’s not the same as the guest googling where to have Easter brunch in my area. Because, even if I didn’t know the restaurant served it (some years they don’t) - I still have more intimate knowledge of the restaurant’s change in management and reputation. Then again…I live in a small town and this may be different for a big city.

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Maybe it’s because his guests don’t pay extra for his knowledge whereas all we gullible hosts who can’t be bothered to fulfill our part of the deal will pay a fortune for it? :wink:


Thanks for your reply cabinhost, I really appreciate it. I do provide my guests with recommendations because I know how much they appreciate it. Just because something is time consuming, doesn’t mean I won’t do it.

I’m trying to understand if the concierge aspect of hosting is difficult for other hosts as well (could be due to another reason aside from time), as hosts could connect their guests with an expert who can provide their guests with great recommendations.

Maybe you should first off start by sharing why this is difficult for you. And maybe explain how you find an expert who knows your area better than you do.

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Absolutely cabinhost. Thank you again for your reply. Guests will message me at any hour of the day and ask for a specific recommendation. There are two main challenges I face, (1) I have a full time job, and am not able to reply immediately to any message I receive from a guest, (2) I live in a very large city, and may not have the knowledge to provide a vetted recommendation that fits the criteria the guest is requesting in the area requested.

Although I would prefer to keep this conversation in the space of analyzing the problem, I’ll dive into a potential solution here. There are people who’s job it is to explore a city and learn about the best things to do. They typically then write this information on their blog or in another publication, but they are in fact experts on where to eat, what to do, and what to see.

You should not need to reply immediately if you give guests information right after booking.

Then give guests a link to the blogger’s site. This will help the guest.

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Thank you for your reply.

I do not know in advance what types of recommendations guests will ask for. Each guest and trip is different.

I do not want to give my guests work to do while their on their vacation, I’d rather provide them with an immediate answer to their request so they can spend their time enjoying themselves.

Well you are speaking in “code” to me. So I have no idea what you are proposing.

Neither do I unless they specifically ask upfront. That’s why after they book I send several emails regarding all kinds of activities in the area, directions, arrival, etc. I just send it all upfront. They are usually very thankful.