Comprehensive list of everything that could piss off a guest

Alright, here’s my list of everything that could upset guests. What did I miss?

  1. The property was not as described

  2. Uncomfortable beds/sheets/pillows

  3. Noisy (A/C unit, road noise, refrigerator, neighbors) lead to poor sleeping conditions

  4. Guests run out of stuff – toilet paper / paper towel / etc.

  5. Expected items are not there like tv or internet

  6. Things that don’t work such as an advertised hot tub

  7. Couldn’t access property

  8. Worn out stuff

  9. No instructions about what to do with trash

  10. Insufficient outdoor seating – guests don’t want to carry the sofa outside

  11. Construction noise or inconvenience

  12. Neighbor issues

  13. Poor communications with the host – either before, after, or during – “there was a major problem during my stay and the owner didn’t answer my calls”

  14. Terrible or no WiFi

  15. Vacation rental location deception

  16. Too many rules

  17. Lack of privacy

  18. No refund with no explanation

  19. And my personal favorite - no plunger


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My personal favorite was the guests upset that there were stairs inside our duplex apartment - despite this being mentioned several times in the listing!

We quickly learned you can’t please all the people all the time and one persons annoyance will be another persons plus point.

One of our properties is in a building from the 1830’s. Most guests love the high ceilings and period features but some negatively mention the old style building.


You have said too many rules but sometimes there is not enough up front and you find out you can only use pool x times/time of year; bathroom is shared; other rooms are rented on Air too; can’t use kitchen; not disclosed what free breakfast is and you can’t eat any (I always ask if any food allergies as I know I feel too awkward to ask for anything special).

I’ll add one item to this:

  • Comprehensive lists

Nice list. I’d add;

  • Cleanliness
  • bad weather (oh yes indeed I have had to pay for crappy English weather more than once.)

Place is furnished with odds and ends. My eclectic furniture at a cottage wasn’t posh. Leather sofas, vintage and maple side and coffee tables (no particleboard, hand made by skilled craftsmen) in living area. Solid oak dining table with solid oak chairs.


The tap water in London from the tap did not taste good…apparently we should have supplied bottle water with this knowledge.


Whatever makes you happy ! :+1:

Maybe we can also think about a comprehensive list of everything that could piss off a host.


Too hot and too much sunshine … I know, it’s really annoying when you’ve come to Spain in August for a nice cool, rainy wallow …


“The host enquired the next day after check-in if we were comfortable in our rooms. We felt as though we were forced to report and say good things.”

Yes, this was an actual review comment I once got.


Methinks you meant “host”? But we already have 9,753 posts on this …

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Youthinks totally right :wink: … 9753 post but not a comprehensive list to send to possible guests :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The host actually being there in their own home…
“Oh… We thought we were getting the entire house…”

a) Read the listing
b) Did you not wonder why the price was so competitive?


‘‘There aren’t any flowers in the garden…false advertising, I expected the flowers in the listing picture to be there.’’…(its winter time and the summer flowers are dormant!)


Consider seasonal plastic flowers. :upside_down_face:


“You aren’t allowing us to use the kitchen, we need to make breakfast there. ‘AirbnB’ has the word breakfast in it!”


To which my stock answer is “it also has AirB in it, but we don’t expect our guests to sleep on an Air bed”.


Yeah, I came close to saying exactly that myself.


Zandra…I understand about guests & weather. My rental is at Coastal resort area. I’ve had guests complain and want refunds because it rained during their visit. I wonder if these same guests would ask a hotel for a refund. I’ve also had guests complain there are bugs & small lizards on the porch (outdoors)

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Haha, same. Lizards are a fact of life here in Hawaii