Company for an elderly host, and her gratitude

After a very late night, I really didn’t want to clean the suite this morning for today’s guests.

Two ideas spirited me along and I ended up actually enjoying the whole process.

  1. I imagined those of our dear hosts here on our forum who were cleaning their guests’ nests exactly when I was. As we live in varying time zones, someone was likely disinfecting a toilet and mitering corners on the bedsheets right along with me.
    Thanks for the company :kissing_heart:

  2. Gratitude: I’m paid a decent wage for my efforts and the work is easy, compared with what many, even most, in this world are forced to do. And I could quit right now, and still have food and shelter.

Then there’s my age to consider – At 76, I’m so blessed to be healthy and strong enough to manage a busy airbnb, by myself, for over three years now.
Am I the oldest, in age, host here?

Thank you all for being a part of our online community. You’ve provided me with helpful information on this’that and more than a few belly-jiggle laughs.

All good wishes for the New Year!


You are clearly a treasure and a dear. Where are you located? I’d love to come give you some real company at the spry young age of 60. It would be fun to take a trip and just stay with forum hosts.

Happiest of New Years to You!


I wouldn’t call 76 elderly at all! Clearly you are young at heart! Besides 76 is the new 56. :rofl::grinning:

Thank you for the thoughts and I wholeheartedly agree…
The forum has made all of our lives easier at this odd but at times lucrative endeavor that we all toil at…

Happy New year to all and to all a good night!


@astralita12 well, you’ve got me by 6 years anyway…


Another 60 yo weighing in here - thanks for the inspiration! Off to dust bookshelves!


Aw, K9, a visit from you would be a treat! I’m in Canada, on the West Coast. I have a toothbrush awaiting you, some extra warm woollies and the kettle’s on.


Amazing. Thanks for sharing!!!


You are amazing. I hope to be half as spry as you when I get in my 70s.


Happy New Year’s to you and I expect with your approach to life, you’ll enjoy most, if not all, of 2018. You have a champion’s mindset – attitude precedes results. Good luck and yes, you’ve got me beat by a couple of decades so I hope I’m still as awesome as you when I get there.


@astralita12 You are a ray of light in the darkness of this last year! Please send me a DM with a link to your listing. I have Western Canada on my bucket list!


Wow what a great attitude and bundle of good energy!!
Like others I will be 60 very soon. Taking a break now and handing the reins over to my daughter. Will step in when required for advice and turn arounds.
I miss the West Coast. Love the ocean, left Vancouver Island last year. Going to give the Okanagan another year so I can enjoy a full summer here.

What town or city please !?


Thank you for reminding me how grateful I am to have Airbnb and all of these wonderful hosts from all over the world to connect with. Happy New Year, and God bless! Cheers!


Happy New Year Mandi!

I am 71. You are right. This is a relatively easy way to add needed income. It’s not yet 8:00 am but the 100% linen sheets are in the washing machine. After breakfast I will start taking down the Christmas decorations in the guest apartment. The Chinese mother and her two sons staying on the main floor (long term guests) are getting ready to go out to volunteer in a homeless shelter. Happy New Year indeed.


Oh, I am in the Seattle area.

I’m just 64 - my hubby & I need this income as no private pension - but just love :heart:️ meeting our mostly lovely guests from all over the world - if u visit UK South Wales Tenby - look for island view cabin - we would love to see you - Happy & Healthy & Prosperous 2018 to all u lovely Airbnb hosts !! X Annette

You are an inspiration Astralita. Your story is really moving…


What a wonderful post. I’ll keep it in mind as I do my own cleaning in preparation of far coming guests. I’m 65 And we have been hosting for four years. I’m not sure I know how to miter but I do know how to clean the toilet.


It’s just a “hospital corner.” I make my beds that way because that’s how I was taught but if anyone complains that the squeeky clean bed is not made a certain way or that the sheets weren’t ironed they can bite me.


Just turned 67. We’re very new to all this so thanks for the encouragement. It’s getting more enjoyable - cleaning our little place.