Commissions before or after fees?

I am new to hosting and I am wondering if commissions should be calculated before ABB fees, taxes etc… or after those fees? Is the commission on the net income to owner?

Have a look at Airbnb Help - for all the basics around managing your Airbnb including commission rates.

Host Commission is taken on your day rate.

Thank you but my question is what do I charge the home owner? Do I calculate my commission before the service fees, cleaning fees etc or based on the net income to the owner?

So you are a property manager. Your commission should be before service fees and taxes. I assume you take the cleaning fee and pass it to the cleaners, so it doesn’t seem like you should be taking a commission on it… but then again, Airbnb does.

It’s entirely between you and your employer. It depends on many factors mostly to do with how much of the hosting work you are doing and how much you are supplying. Bear in mind that a percentage of the overall stay isn’t necessarily the best way to go.

You could have, for instance, guests who are staying for just a couple of nights who need your attention and services a lot. On the other had, you could have people staying for ten days (so more commission if you’re working on that basis) who never bother you once you’ve done the meet & greet and the house tour.

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You and the home-owner agree what you should charge them based on the support you are providing.

The home owner can then pay you via Airbnb or directly, whatever it says in your contract.

I thought Air stopped paying co hosts, has that changed again?


Haven’t looked for a while. You may well be right.

My co host and I still split 50/50. But they did away with the market place and other functionality, like being able to allocate cleaning fee.

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