Coming to an Airbnb near you . .

But seriously, it irks me that this “feel good” story give credibility to these bogus ESA online certification outfits.

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The entire notion of “esa” is absurd. Of course, all pets provide some form of emotional support, it seems to me that is the reason for pets, otherwise people wouldn’t bother having an animal they had to feed and look after.


This is a bloody wild animal that doesn’t belong in someone’s house. I’m sure this guy is doing a good job, but some accidental thing could happen at some point.

I don’t even think this is the least bit cute, only weird.

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Haha, I think I posted about that emotional support alligator a while back. There’s also a guy that registered a hive of honey bees as emotional support animals.

The article in WaPo today will only have people running out to get their very own alligator to snuggle with.

People keep all sorts of animals as pets- I don’t find that part so weird, but sleeping with an alligator in the bed with you? That’s totally bizarre. I don’t even let dogs or cats in my bed.

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Let’s hope the host doesn’t have small children or small pets because the emotional support alligator could eat them : ( Why can’t he just have a bunny or a dog like most folks?,vid:N7HFXgyTya0,st:0

Having a daughter with significant PTSD who does 100% better with a well trained emotional support dog, I disagree that all such claims are absurd. Hers was professionally trained and matched to her needs. However, because her disability is not visible her need is often doubted. He acts very different than a household pet in public. That said I agree that the definition has been horribly stretched and rights granted that seem to outshine the rights of people who have allergies or simply fear certain animals. The certification outfits certainly need some scrutiny.


I didn’t mean it’s absurd to claim that an animal can help people emotionally, I meant that all animals people have as pets fill some emotional need of the owner. In some cases, like your daughter’s, that may be more essential, and the animal may be more trained than a regular pet, but everyone can be made to feel better when they are sad or upset, by the unconditional love and comfort that one’s pets provide.


My small dog ( Yorkshire terrier x Maltese) is a rescue. We got him at approximately 18 months of age. His owner had serious OCD issues and the dog was starting to develop some mental health issues.
The owners family became so concerned they removed Basil and searched for a new home.
When he arrived he did nothing but tremble. He bonded with my youngest daughter and they became inseparable.
If he is left alone he has abandonment and anxiety issues.
Twelve years later ……. I am Basil’s emotional support person.
We live in a small town and I am welcome everywhere with HIM!


And the animals who are the real deal get lumped in and maligned with the bogus ones. California now has a law that the owner must be in a clinical situation with a licensed medical professional, who makes an assessment on the ESA, for 30 days.


I was once in hospital and joked with the nurses that my other half was my emotional support buffalo.

He has since had a t-shirt printed with the slogan ‘emotional support buffalo’ - I approve.

A neighbour who rents LTR had a tenant who claimed that his dog was an ESA. He was ex-military and went out to his security job every day without the dog who ripped the place apart.

So when the next tenant asked if she could bring an ESA, she was told no. She was a police officer. Can police officers really take their ESAs to work with them??? When she realised that she couldn’t bring her dog she just said "okay I won’t bring him. But I still want the apartment. That’s now necessary the dog was.


well, I don’t “let” my cats on my bed but that doesn’t stop them.

I find it really hard to believe that an alligator gives anyone comfort. didn’t read the article, it was paywalled but I’m pretty sure alligators don’t make good pets. even Steve Irwin didn’t have a pet croc at his house.


The “comfort” comes from the media attention of generating a click bait internet story and the proverbial “15 minutes” of fame. I refuse to click on any iteration of the story so maybe I missed something but I have no empathy for this fellow.


I sent an email to WaPo letting them know that having this story on the front page with all the photos is completely irresponsible and will not end well.

There are over 2000 comments on this article in WaPo and most are negative.

But they got readers and comments and clicks! I’m a subscriber, so I also commented on the irresponsibility of the reporter in assuming that ESA “certification” was a real thing.


Washington Post is struggling, post Trump “news” plethora- hence the desperation?

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Like a lot of trends in America, even those with the best of intentions, in time it starts bordering on the silly side.

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