“Comfortable” or “wonderful” beds

I’ve read reviews of some truly inspiring AirBnbs and noticed that some guests specifically mention from

“comfortable” “wonderful”, “exceptional,” or even in a couple “like sleeping on a cloud”, etc.

Although a few folks have raved about the linens, quality of sleep, comfy, etc. - I dont remember any specifically mentioning the bed or mattress.

What makes a bed “wonderful”, other than the obvious: too small, too hard, squeaky or saggey.

I get the occasional guest who suggests I get a new mattress. You can’t please everyone. I got a mattress topper to put on it rather than a new mattress and haven’t had any comments since. I did have one young guest who complained the bed frame was too loose but he was here with his gf so I guess they were going at it like the clappers.



Hub and I have had the same “firm” mattress since my son was in high school (no, I won’t say how old he is now😉), and find it comfortable. But are both asleep when our heads hit the pillow, so not sure we’re the best judge. Sleeping on the AirBnb mattress (same model only newer) feels the same to us.

Beds have changed so much, even in just a few years. I wonder if folks are used to upgraded beds and/or mattresses?

My guests think the full size beds are great, one is a Tuft and Needle memory foam, other one is a Ortho traditional, because they have to get snuggly and enjoy each-other. They do mention these very plebian beds, and the high end linens.

Almost every guest who has stayed here has commented on how comfortable our guestroom mattresses are. They are both fairly old, like about 18 years.

One of them has had a lot of wear. The other has had relatively little wear.

Neither of them is a brand name I remember. However, they both have nice memory foam egg crate mattress toppers that are designed to be cool, not hot.

I think the comments pertain more to the toppers than to the mattresses themselves. And perhaps to the fact that we use all hundred percent cotton bedding.

A few years ago I got a free Nest Bedding mattress from an offer posted here on the forum. It got many compliments and guests asking about the brand. But that hasn’t happened in a while. I also slept on one at another host’s listing and thought it was quite comfy.

I now have a Purple mattress on my own bed that I bought from a friend and it’s more comfortable than the Nectar brand I had for awhile.

Whatever you do, don’t use microfiber sheets.


We installed a firm Serta box spring and mattress, with a 3" foam topper, and had nothing but raves about the bed’s comfort. Just the right combination of hard and soft. Nothing fancy or expensive – I think the box/mattress was under $200 five years ago. Got it a Big Lots discount place actually…

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I’ve never used a real manufactured mattress in my adult life. I’ve always used a futon or foam mattresses or a combo. It has to be good quality foam, of course. Both my own current bed and my guest bed are 4 inches of firm foam with a 2 inch topper of softer foam on wooden bed frames. Many of the guests have commented on how comfy the bed is. One called it “divine” in her review.

What I like about using foam is how easy it is to move around by myself. When I clean the guest room, or do a deep clean in my room, I take the mattress off the bed frame, flip the frame on its side, vacuum the underside of the frame, wash the floor, then put it all back together again. And it’s easy to take the mattresses outside to air out on the terrace once in awhile.


We’ve had great reviews of our Costco mattress. Several have specifically mentioned the mattress in the reviews and one guest even asked the name brand so they could get one themselves.

Ditto. …………………………………

I have a kind-sized Tempurpedic bed that my guests rave about. (Not cheap but there are newer less expensive versions out there).

The bed that gets the best reviews in our house is the oldest one with a very thick, but not expensive foam topper. We use a rather average quality sheet, but never microfiber. A choice of pillows makes a big difference in comfort too.

I purchased a King sized 3" memory foam mattress topper from Costco and I get rave reviews, for the most part. The 2 people who have said it’s too soft were easily appeased when I removed the topper and re-made their beds as the mattresses are very comfortable, too.

OMG Yes!!! They are hot and uncomfortable and stick to you.

Just generic Costco? Or a specific one? I’d like to get a new mattress for my own bed.

I think it was this one: https://www.costco.com/simply-modern-12"-hybrid-gel-memory-foam-mattress.product.100427856.html?preselect=bed+size%3Aking

We tried the expensive mattress route once. It didn’t last and the return/repair process was unacceptable and expensive. We just rolled down to the Costco and made life better for a couple hundred bucks.

To be clear: this mattress is the one we have in our Airbnb apartment, and we have the same make/model in our own bedroom. Very comfortable with just the right amount of firmness.

I am both a bed/bedding nerd since long before I hosted AND happy that we get consistently rave reviews about the comfort/luxury of our beds. And, honestly? I don’t think it’s just about the bed, but the bedtime experience.

Here’s our set-up:

  • Novaform Comfort Grande mattresses. The Comfort Grande part is important; Novaform makes a range of mattresses but CG is top-rated by both Consumer Reports and Wirecutter – and me and a bunch of personal and ABB guests :slight_smile:

  • White linens (she said, starting an instant argument). YMMV but I find that the laundry hassles are fewer (white is so, so much more tolerant of cleaning products) and guests find it cleaner.

  • That said, you need something that is not sterile white on the bed. I use a few removable covers on throw pillows and aim for the nicest/most luxurious looking/feeling materials I can. It also changes the look of the space in a fun way.

  • Layers of bedding with different textures! A designer friend gave me amazing advice once and it’s held true: If you want people to feel that your space is decadent, focus on textures more than colors. A monochromatic color scheme will still look luxe if you layer on a bunch of different weaves, materials, etc. So we use: Supima cotton sheets (soft, super durable); fairly cheap all-cotton, all-white quilts from Amazon; washable white duvet covers (with duvets, obviously) folded at the foot of the bed; in the closet, white waffle-weave blankets.

  • More pillows than strictly needed. My husband believes that one pillow is enough. I am functionally a human-sized baby bird who only sleeps well when I’m in the middle of an enormous nest of pillows. So we typically have five standard-sized pillows on a queen-sized bed, of varying firmness. (Typically two very soft, two fairly firm, and one medium.)

  • An enclosed-ish space (but this might be controversial): I like cozy sleeping nooks, so I’m a big fan of huge, enclosing headboards and curtained-off sleeping spaces. We set our main bed in a three-sided nook and hung room-darkening curtains across the fourth side (held back by curtain ties). People seem to love it.

  • Layered lighting: The Fundamentals of Light Layering | YLighting Ideas. We have a tiny, warm-bulb overhead pendant, a brighter bedside light for reading, and huge windows.

  • On the nightstand: An alarm clock that DOESN’T tick (learned the hard way), a plant, a small bowl with earplugs in it, a bedside light, and some books on the shelf below).

Old and slightly crummy picture, but:

(Also note that the blue sheets were on because we had family visiting, so I was experimenting with different looks/linen mixes, and we have sheers on the windows now.)


Adult blanket fort! Who wouldn’t love it? But seriously, one question: is there room to get out on the other side of the bed and a walking space along the foot of the bed?


I have a “sleeping nook”, too, @GuideCottage . It’s all that the space will allow. The sleeping platform is enclosed on three sides and so making the bed is a wrestling match. A careful wrestling match. Must not drop any of your own blood in the process. Harder than you think.
The mattress is like @muddy’s – 6" foam – so liftable, thank goodness. Just awkward.
The bedclothes are all textures and colours, cottons and wools, which works with our place. I do like your white on white idea, though. Delighted when I find that as a guest.
@rubychix , I get “comfy bed” compliments and “best sleep ever”, but I think that is mostly to do with it being in the woods. If you’re not lying awake in terror, you’re sleeping like a log.


There is NOT, which is something I disclose in about three different places in our listing. And in my first auto-welcome message to guests, because if that doesn’t work for someone, it REALLY won’t work for them.

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Yeah, I have developed a little “slide the mattress forward to make it” maneuver because it is NOT a fun bed to make. In fact, the rolling-around-to-wrestle-the-corners-down routine has actually changed my routine: Because I have dogs, I actually change my clothes before I go over to clean, because I know I’m going to end up laying across the bed to make it. This is also how I developed my cleaning-the-house hairstyle, which involves mercilessly applying barrettes and pony tail holders to avoid loose hair. Coming soon to Tik Tok, sure to catch on as the hairstyle of 2022.


The most accurate sentence on the internet today.