Color Variation Web VS App

Hi all

Just wanted to ask if anyone else is experiencing this discrepancy. We just took new photos and it appears that our photos are showing up MUCH darker and desaturated on the app than the photos I uploaded (accurately reflected on the web version). Has anyone else noticed this? I checked the color mode on our photos and it’s RGB. Perfectly normal. I’m just concerned because the photos look much less appealing on the app version.

Web VS App

Jesus, your place is so freaking gorgeous…who would notice.

(Sorry I know that wasn’t helpful)


Which one do you find to display the most accurate colors?

I don’t think we ever had this issue before :confused:

Haha, I hope so! Since I have no idea what I can do to rectify it. I’m betting since it is a pricier rental that most people are doing their booking through the site and not the app.

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If I increase brightness on my phone the colors are warmer. Wouldn’t every device display differently according to their settings and even the ambient light?

WTH? IDK, except now I want to stay there.


I feel like this app is making me go crazy. Now when I search for it, it displays as the correct color. But when I click into the listing it reverts back to that dark desaturated color again. A glitch in the matrix perhaps? Maybe I’ll sleep on it.

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Man! They both look great to me! I’d stay there in a heartbeat. I think you’ve nothing to worry about. People aren’t looking for perfect photos, just that they show the place so they know what they might be getting.

My theory is that they take your photos and run them through an image processing algorithm to “optimize” them for different devices. Basically, they send a version that they feel is appropriate for the device. The optimization isn’t to maximize image quality, but rather to reduce the amount of network traffic or storage space or whatever they need to minimize their costs.


Though only slightly different, both pics show what a lovely place this would be to stay. The end of a lovely sunset, with a chilled bottle of white wine? Bliss.

Don’t worry and yes, sleep on it.

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You may well be right, however another solution is simply different screens (devices) show colours differently due the screen temperature (a display setting, not heat!).


I would want to stay in any case @KKC is right, its stunning.

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A group of us could throw in together for a weekend there (or whatever the minimum stay is) and have an Airforum meet and greet.


Oh wait, no parties or events without permission.

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So…ask. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m there!!! I love Palm Springs!


Just stepped away for a minute - yes! We would totally love to host you guys! Of course this is a special event and we would totally allow it :wink: