Collective to sue airbnb

I would like to know if there are other people who are victims of payment problems on airbnb to form a collective and take them to court.
Personally, it’s been more than 3 months that my payments are blocked and I have no return from the support.
If there are other victims who wish to join please share your contacts.

Dont bother even trying. Just file arbitration all by yourself if you cant get to the bottom of it.
That will solve your payment problem and remove you from victim status.


How to make an arbritation they did not even respond to request anymore :man_shrugging:t5:

Is your payment info up to date?

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It does not matter what they say or what they respond if you decide to file arbitration against them. That is something YOU do. Look up arbitration and then take the necessary and required steps. It is your right if you choose to take that path and you dont need responses or permisssion.


Yes my payment information are correct. I use the same bank account for many year. When it occur i tryed with a other account and an paypl account but the issue stil remain.
They shoul be know where the problem isa solve it but they tell me everytime they come back to me…

I actually don’t really understand this arbitration solution. this is a request that I file at which level?

The arbitration fee is substantial, $1,700.


That is if you hire a service to do it for you.
Cost of arbitration — so what is it that you’re going to have to pay in order to arbitrate? The terms of service indicate an initial filing fee capped at $200 and that Airbnb has to pick up the rest of the tab for arbitration.

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I don’t see that. $200 is the arbitration fee for a consumer. $1,700 is the AAA arbitration fee for a business.

23.8 of TOS says “Your arbitration fees and your share of arbitrator compensation shall be governed by the AAA Rules.”

Then the AAA site ( says:

So, what am I missing? Note that arbitration compensation is additional.

The bottom line is that if the OP follows the procedure below (23.3) the OP’s situation [I assume but don’t know that OP is a non-European user] will very likely be resolved at no cost. If not, the OP could go to arbitration but I do not think that will be necessary.

Note that before you start arbitration you must first try to resolve the dispute with AAA customer service as provided below:

EDIT to ADD; Whether you are a European user or not, the procedure outlined in 23.3 applies. Since it appears that Airbnb is sometimes not responding to you at all if the chat transcript above is complete, I suggest that you try again with the more specific message I drafted above AND also to send a letter too Airbnb in CA, making sure that your letter is very specific, identifying you, the property , the transactions for which you were not paid, and the name of your financial institution and identifying numbers.

Maybe before you do all this, go to your payout account on Airbnb just to make sure that it is accurate and complete, and check your transaction history : Adding a payout method - Airbnb Help Center

Where are you located?

I ask because the dispute procedures vary by location.

  1. So are you saying that these are the complete transcripts?
  2. If the answer is ‘yes,’ I suggest that your message be more specific.

Perhaps you could write something like: I am the Host of property ID [these are the numbers after ‘rooms/’ in the URL of your listing. I have not received payments for [insert number] of bookings, with check-in dates of [specify dates]. These payments are to be made to [specify financial institution, name on account] Could you please tell me how we can correct this situation?

IT IS $200 for arbitration against AirBnb. ( at least in usa it is. )


Cost of arbitration — so what is it that you’re going to have to pay in order to arbitrate? The terms of service indicate an initial filing fee capped at $200 and that Airbnb has to pick up the rest of the tab for arbitration. So one of the things that we believe is that, if we can get enough hosts to act in arbitration, it may make more economic sense for Airbnb to simply pay the additional loss to cover all the arbitration costs of hosts beyond your $200. And believe me, arbitration is going to cost significantly more than $200. Someone has to pay the hourly rate of the arbitrator in the case. All right. You and Airbnb agree that Airbnb will be responsible for the payment of the balance of initial filing fees capped at $200 if your claim is $75,000 or less. And you may be entitled to an award of your attorney’s fees and expenses if you prevail in arbitration. The reverse is not necessarily true. This is a typ — the way it’s drafted — a one-way provision where you have an avenue to get your attorney’s fees. It’s not impossible that there could be a claim against you, but it’s very unlikely. And it’s not provided for in the terms of service.

"…you’re going to go through a very special form of arbitration that is consumer arbitration rules. And the consumer arbitration rules are a special set of rules that are going to apply to — under the terms — everyone’s arbitration no matter where you’re located in the world. "

Hi there!

First, before you get to arbitration you need to send a letter to Airbnb in CA and try to resolve the matter.

As a practical matter, I wonder when @Arona checks the setup of the payout method and the status under the transaction history whether this will be quickly resolved.

If not, I’d still try a detailed (as described above) text message.

Second, the question is what is the filing fee and what is the arbitrator compensation if a Host goes to arbitration AFTER going through the 23.3 TOS procedure.

I’ve cited references within Airbnb TOS and the fee schedule under the consumer arbitration rules at the American Arbitration Association, which the TOS references.

You’ve cited a non-Airbnb site – a law firm that in 2020 referenced the procedure for Hosts to pursue arbitration regarding Airbnb’s change in EC policy, arbitration UNDER SECTION 19 of the TOS. I believe that the TOS have changed since 2020 because Section 19 is now about Limitations of Liability, nothing about arbitration, which is now under Section 23.

So, I believe that the terms of service, specifically the arbitration provisions, have changed since that law firm made their video and wrote their analysis.

→ If the OP really wishes to go forward with arbitration, we can look for that old section 19, compare it to today’s section 23, and see what the effective date of the changes to the arbitration and other changes to the terms of service is/are.

But you should know that generally the fees for the Host are as I described (unless I’m missing something), which are substantial costs (not $200 but $1,700 + $750). An exception that could apply is an effective date exception as a result of a transition from the old arbitration agreement to the current one.

It’s also important to guide anyone seeking arbitration to FIRST try to resolve the matter with the CA letter per TOS 23.3

I believe that this issue will be moot because the matter will be resolved for the OP by examining transaction history, by the specific text, or finally the letter to Airbnb in CA.

Yes, this 2020 statement is still accurate.

However, some European users may have additional ways to assert their claims, specifically the European Commission’s online dispute resolution platform.

I am not filing arbitration. I really dont care. I was providing info to OP. Again, it is $200. Over and out. You are missing something. Airbnb pays anything over $200.


Maybe so, but I think you’re focused on the TOS before they were changed. It definitely used to be just as you say. Anyway, I think it will be moot for the OP.

BTW – this is an aside – I just looked in the Community Center and I found that some people who went to arbitration were told by Airbnb that they would need to file a claim in small claims court. AirBnB denied arbitration - Airbnb Community

TOS 23.2 You and Airbnb each retain the right to seek resolution of the dispute in small claims court as an alternative to arbitration.

The person writing in the Community Center hypothesized that Airbnb didn’t want to pay the arbitration fees (presumably its own Arbitration fees).

@Arona There is a situation similar to yours in the Community Center. Apparently the payouts stopped after they changed the payout method, which needed to be verified. No luck there so far. Airbnb NOT releasing payouts for months! NO expla... - Airbnb Community

Actually there are several complaints similar to that of the OP. In all I saw except one the payments stopped after the payout method was changed. So, apparently making such a change can take a long time for Airbnb to process, ‘verify.’

@HostAirbnbVRBO Arona said her payments stopped when using the same bank acct. her payouts had been going to for years. Her payout issue has nothing to do with changing the payout method. She only tried changing it after getting the payout runaround for a long time.

There are so many hosts on other forums saying Airbnb hasn’t sent then payouts for months, they must be sitting on millions of dollars that belongs to hosts. Nice way to collect interest and show their shareholders how much $ they supposedly have.