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Coffee machines

I provide a Keurig coffee maker and pods.
We don’t offer kitchen access, so it sits on a chrom e wire shelving unit in the hallway with a hot water pot, microwave, mini refrigerator, dishes and utensils.

I don’t like the sustainability of the pods, but with a lack of space it it checks the box for “coffee provided.” I considered a French press or a small drip coffee maker, but the disposal of grounds and rinsing in the bathroom sink didnt work for me. I do wash the dirty dishes daily.

Guests use the Keurig a bit, but that’s all. I was concerned about the cost, but it has been very reasonable.

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I just can’t believe how stupid some people are. I also had some who tried to light up an electric candle at my house.


I have 3 rooms with a shared kitchen only used by the B&B.

I would never have a Keurig for myself, or paid full price for one for the B&B, but when it was $15 at a yard sale, it was a no-brainer. No one messing up the sink, no spilled grounds on the floor. I buy the Costsco “Pacific Bold” pods, which are a decent dark roast coffee, and no one has complained. I provide 2 of the reusable pods for folks that want to bring or buy their own coffee (our town has 2 really good coffee roasters). It’s been operating for a year without problems.

At another yard sale, I paid $5 for an almost new Cuisinart electric kettle, and so far no one has tried to heat it on the electric stove. I provide tea bags that include Tips for the Brits, as well as herbal teas, Earl Grey, and Chai Spice.

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Hint: Many of us prefer Yorkshire Tea.

Just sayin’ :wink:


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Yay, Yorkshire Gold :slight_smile:

I use Senseo style pods, one makes a small pot. I also buy empty paper pods and fill them with local coffees. I write the name on the edge of the pod with food safe ink. Not necessarily something everyone wants to do, but I enjoy it and the guests seem happy with it. The pods are compostable in our backyard composter.


Only pod-types, only second hand. I scored a brand new $130 Keurig on Facebook Marketplace for $50, yay me! So much easier to clean up after, IMHO. I have the refillable pods if guests bring their own coffee, but I also supply Newman’s Own (bought in bulk at Costco) ones.

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Do your guests have access to a kitchen? I have a French Press… and guests have access to the kitchen, so no need to worry about cleaning it in the bathroom sink.

IKR!? Some guests tried lighting an LED candle in one of my houses!

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I’m here to eat my words. I said I wouldn’t have a Keurig but Amazon Prime Day had a deal on a small single cup model with 12 pods. I also bought a french press but that’s probably for myself. What exactly I’m going to do with these has yet to be decided. Since I’ve been pretty busy and no complaints about the kettle and instant coffee I probably didn’t need to upgrade. However, coffee makers are pretty standard in hotels now and there isn’t a coffee shop just outside my door. Coffee is one thing I really like to have first thing in the morning and I’ve set up my room to be everything I’d want in a room. I don’t think I’ll include it as an amenity but if someone asks I’ll certainly provide it.


I bought some of that instant coffee you posted about, Mt Hagen. It is pretty good! I keep it in my backpack for when I go to hotels, there is never enough coffee in a hotel room. So with that in mind I have increased how much coffee I leave out. I stopped leaving popcorn out, too messy and leave a few extra coffee pods. I have the small hotel room style kureg, i bought the extra warranty on Amazon after reading in some of the reviews that its a commercial product and warranty issues are harder to deal with.


It is and it’s not Starbucks. LOL. I’m not anti-Starbucks per se but like to spread the wealth. The Keurig was cheap enough to run the experiment.

I bought as many FireSticks at $15 each as they would let me during Prime Day! The remote for the Firestick is $40 and I know I needed spares (it’s small and will go missing or break) but realized a new stick with its remote was cheaper than just the remote. Go figure…


Yes, this is a trick I’ve learned recently, that sometimes the parts are more valuable than the whole. I bought a bubble machine (the kind for kids) at Costco on closeout. The value of the bubbles and 8 duracell AAA batteries equaled what I paid (which is good because the machine is kind of crap).

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So, when I started out, I offered a Kuerig and assortment of pods, a reusable pods, a French Press (aka cafetiere, coffee plunger), a pour over carafe (aka drip coffee), a stovetop espresso maker, an electric burr bean grinder, coffee beans and some ground coffee. I figured I had adequately covered all the bases and then some.

Two funny things: 1. one of the first guests asked if we had a regular “Mr. Coffee type coffee maker.” I promptly took one over we inherited from my mother-in-law and didn’t use.

  1. I am not a coffee drinker.

I provide a Keurig. I don’t like it on sustainability level, but anything with grounds requires access to a sink and adds to the garbage issues and a lot more space. I sure don’t want coffee grounds in my bathroom sink.


Ah! Perfect example of providing lots of options, then being punished for not having ALL the options!
I bet, if you’d just had the kettle, they’d have gone with 5 stars.
I’ve been to 3 Airbs that had zero options: Madrid had a huge kitchen with a 5 hob cooker, and a 2m tall fridge freezer, and a million wall cupboards. But as they also provided just 4 knives and 4 forks, and 3 saucepans, I decided to get up early and walk to the nearest coffee bar. Bournemouth had kettle and mugs, but only provided 1 tea bag (and one toilet roll for 2 people over 2 days), so again, I’d go exploring to get frothy coffees. Same in Barcelona, we would have had to do supermarket run upon arrival.
I gave them all 5 stars because I had a lovely holiday

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