Co-host Accessibility

Hi Again,

I been having issues with my co-host profile, not being looked at. By this ,I mean no guests ever seem to know to click on my profile to see other listings.

Is this normal ? I feel like there should be a prompt for all the co-host lights or something that indicates there are other listings affiliated with this co-host ? Otherwise, no one seems to know to just look at my profile to see other listing I have.

I’ve had guests that needed to alter a reservation due to more people needing to be added or other reasons & I of course ask the host if I can offer one of my other listings to said guest, so that we can accommodate their needs & I feel it a good alternative service. Especially when the guest is needing to come to a specific neighborhood & need a bigger place in the same neighborhood.

Also, is there an easier way to share my co-host profile with people, other than pulling my profile up & sharing the link? I can’t seem to find my profile on Airbnb via my name? UGH!

Any insight on this would be helpful. Thanks

You can’t just change a booking from one listing to another on Airbnb @KVL

If you want to promote your cohosting business invest in some market research to identify the best channels to use to reach hosts you have identified as your target market

Focus on helping your target market understand what you can offer that’s different/better than your competitors

Build a marketing plan and identify a marketing budget to promote your services to your target customers .

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What you are talking about has nothing specifically to do with being a co-host as opposed to a host, @KVL. Plenty of hosts have multiple listings on their profiles, too.
You can mention in your listing descriptions that you have other properties as well, that can be seen on your profile, and if guests don’t know how to access profiles, then you just need to explain it to them.

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I’ve been a cohost for six years. My comments re you not being able to transfer bookings between your clients listing very much applies to you as a cohost . @KVL

Happy to apologise if you can quote Airbnb’s T&C that states guest bookings can be transferred between different hosts listings.

I head up marketing and comms for a large national body as part of my day job so my professional advice about marketing your business is also relevant.


Yes, I’m aware of not being able to change bookings. That’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about, guests, being g able to click on my co-host profile to see my other listings. That’s all.

Guests don’t seem to know, that they can click on a co- host or even a hosts , profile to see if they offer other places.

This is what I’m referring to-

You cannot search profiles or listings by name.

And you don’t have to share the link to your profile. All guests need to do to see your profile is click on your profile photo, so just tell them to do that. Also in the reviews section of a listing, if a host or co-host has multiple listings, it will say “This host has XX number of reviews for other properties” Clicking on that will also take guests to your profile page.

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Ok Middy, that’s what wanted to know. Thank U.

It just seems like people don’t know to click on my profile pic, that’s why I was asking!! They don’t know to do that & I because I’m a go-host only, I’m not the one who gets the review, the host is. However, I co-host several places. So… I don’t see how guests know of my other places, since it’s not me, personally, getting the review.

It’s the host getting the review & all my hosts only have 1 or properly . So how does that work? I’m the one w/ multiple properties as a co-host, I’m telling u there is no way for, JUST a co-host, to have reviews. That’s for hosts ONLY.

I’m sort of an add on only, I’m not the one getting the reviews. So, can someone still explain this to me? I just want guests to know, to click on my profile pic & they will see my other listings, if they need to. As of now there is nothing to prompt them to do this. Nothing!

Thank U

You have to put the wording in the listing description yourself. Or tell the guests via message to do so. I already mentioned this. Does your profile pic, or the hosts’ show on the listings you manage?

Ok, well that wasn’t great.

Here is the deal…, I’m on each of my hosts profiles, as a co-host.

Naturally, the hosts profiles only shows their own listing. What do u mean does their profile show my listings ? Of course not, it only shows the hosts listings.

The only place to see all my listings that I co-host, as u know, is to click on my own profile pic. That’s it!!

I understand that I have to tell guests to click on my profile pic to see my listings, however, Again, is there another way to prompt them to do this? I don’t see anywhere for anyone to know to click on my profile,as a co-host, to see my other listings. THERE IS NO WAY FOR PEOPLE KNOW TO DO THIS?!? CORRECT?

i.e. if I’m on 1 of my hosts listings, as a co-host, & I have a guest for that listing who needs an alternative or another place to stay, due to let’s say, adding more people to their trip, as an example. I understand that I can tell them to go to my profile & see my other listings, as an option. BUT IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY for guests to know to do this? That’s my original question. Yes or no ?

That isn’t what I asked. I asked if your profile photo shows on the hosts’ listings, not if your listings show on the host’s profile.


If you think this because guests don’t click on your profile, that may also be because they aren’t interested in seeing your other listings, not because they don’t know how.

When I look for a place to stay on AirBnB, I’m using AirBnB’s filter and maps to help me. I don’t have time to click on hosts or cohosts to find their other listings since those other listings may not meet my needs.

But @muddy is right. The only way you can educate the guests is to put the way to find your listings in the listings of the hosts you co-host for - or mention it if someone makes an inquiry on those listings.

But I would be careful about that. If you co-hosted for me and I realized you were using my listing to get guests for your listing, you would not be my cohost for very long.


I think No.

So you are a co-host on like 20 listings? A guest could not put through a change request from one host to another though. So how would you manage a change from one listing to another? Cancel and re book?

Most guests don’t know how to do ANYTHING other than the basics on Airbnb. So you have to hold their hand through the process anyway. Likely in the case of changing from one co-host listing to another, I would be on the phone with them and then send them a link to see other listings. (From what I read here, sounds like your CO host profile shows all the listings).

You could also create a web page to promote your self as a property manager or whatever services you do, and have all the listings showcased on a web page however you want.

This popped up in my news feed today. Talking about individual hosts vs property managers.

Of course I would NEVER use a hosts profile to promote my other listings.
That’s not what I do.

If I have a specific issue w/ a guest inquiring about an additional listing or needs to alter due to more people being added etc, I of course, I ask my host first if I can tell guests to click on my profile to other options. I would NEVER just offer or say anything to a guest & the host, unless there was a specific situation that arises.

I’m asking about a very specific situation, that no one seems to understand fully.

I’m aware that most people only know the basics, & yes, I understand that they may not want to click on my profile. Again, not what I’m asking-

Yes, my profile is on all my hosts listings. I’m the co-host on all w/ my profile right there on the listings-

Thank you all for input & ideas.

I don’t know why you addressed this to me. I didn’t say anything about using a host’s profile to promote your other listings.

And neither did anyone else. You keep confusing “profiles” with “listings”.

It’s you who doesn’t seem to understand. A booking can’t be “altered” to another property.

As for directing guests to another listing if they want to rent a second accommodation in addition to the first, you could just give them the name of the listing you think would be suitable for them and they can search for it themselves on the platform.

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I’m addressing this to everyone who responded.

Again, not interested in altering any reservation!

This is not what I asked about.

I was merely asking about offering an additional place, if needed, where the guest would have to book, via the normal channels. I’m not altering anything, just wanted to OFFER an alternative for them to have & book if they want- thats it!

Your post indicated that your reply was addressed to me, not everyone in general. If you want to post a general reply, you need to use the Reply box at the end of the thread, not hit Reply on someone else’s post.

And I directly quoted your post talking about “altering” a booking. Are you claiming you didn’t write that, when it is clear that you did?

I’m done with this convo.

This is a complete waste of time. Instead of arguing with me, just pay closer attention to what one is asking for.

Sorry to have bothered anyone. This is clearly not something anyone is able to understand.

There are some who might call this a bait and switch scam. You see, no one knows how much each host is paying you to co-host their rentals.

I’m not suggesting in the slightest that you are trying to sell guests stays that earn you more money, but I’m sure you can understand why it’s not possible to change a reservation.

As this situation clearly agitates you a lot, I take it that you’ve asked Airbnb about this? it would be helpful to this forum and its readers to know what Airbnb have said about this.

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Ok, again. I’m not trying to alter anything all.

What I’m trying to find out is, if I have a guest who wants to add people to their party & therefore, needs to either get a 2nd place to stay ( in addition to their original reservation) or is looking to need MORE room , due to the larger party of people, do these guests/ people know to click on my profile, as a co host or hosts profile, to see maybe if there r other places to either additionally, make a reservation, or cancel their current reservation to perhaps a larger place, due to their larger party. If the original reservation, cannot now accommodate this larger party, then all I’m asking, is …DO THEY KNOW TO simply click on the co-host or hosts profile to see if, the same hosts/co-host have other properties to offer? This is more of a convenience measure, for whom ever is doing the booking. Also, I’m not asking to alter or change a reservation for anyone. I know I can’t alter or change anything, this is NOT the issue at all.

I’m only asking, that if a guest is needing too cancel or alter THEIR OWN CURRENT RESERVATION, for whatever reason, but specifically due to needing more space due to more people being added to a guests trip, for instance, ID THE CURRENT PLACE THEY HAVE BOOKED IS NOW not large enough & a co-host &/or hosts have other places they can offer, is there a way for Guests to know to click on the hosts/co-hosts profile to see some alternatives ???

Of course, these said guests, would need to cancel their existing reservation & make a new reservation via the normal protocol. Everyone here understands that. There is nothing nefarious about what I’m asking.

I’m not promoting anything on my hosts listings. I’m asking if guests know how to navigate the app/ site. in case they need to.

I’m not bait & switching anything at all!

is anyone reading my explanations?

Yes, you said that in your first post. And if you’re an experienced co-host you know that once a guest has a reservation, you get all their contact information and you can add a link to a message on the Airbnb platform. (I think the ability is still there.

You’re suggesting that you don’t have that ability for some reason.

Therefore could you please answer my question regarding Airbnb’s response to your problem.

Read carefully. I did not say that you are doing anything wrong.

Yes everyone is. And people have been trying to help you. But you haven’t always been clear,