Clueless tourists

Think you’ve had clueless guests? Just be grateful you’ve never had any tourists quite this stupid. No doubt they had this in their hotel room or str before they ever got to the airport.

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Who in their right mind would even want a souvenir like that! It’s amazing what passengers will pack in their suitcases.

Many years ago, when I was in college, I took my first trip overseas, going to Greece.

A ‘friend’ who had been there asked that when I visited the Acropolis to bring him back a rock .

I said ‘Sure!’

So, walking along the plateau I looked for a good one and pocketed it. That’s when I heard loudspeakers asking someone (Who, me?) to put the rock back.

To much laughter I apologized that I could not bring back a rock, that apparently that is not permitted.


My daughter brought firecrackers that were in her bag from a previous trip on a plane to Mexico once. She told me just before we disembarked. Not a bomb, but a couple of loud pops could have triggered a bad scene. Long story, short - gratefully I did not end up in a Mexican jail.


When I was a flight attendant, a passenger had a live lobster in his carry on. Not sure how he was able to get it through security. It was a night flight and the lobster got out and was accidentally crushed by a duty free cart. The passenger was furious with the airlines and demanded compensation for his loss.


Anyone who has departed through Ben Gurion airport is triple face-palming.


This is why people - even fellow Americans - think that many newbie tourists are idiots.

Yeah, well a rock doesn’t have the potential to explode and kill untold numbers of people.
I was building a rock wall in front of my property in Canada. Friends would bring me rocks from all over. One friend brought me a rock from the Grand Canyon. It probably wasn’t allowed but I guess a speaker didn’t go off telling her to put it back. That must have been rather embarrassing for you.

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They had a very bad experience with Lord Elgin.


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Seriously, when you come to FL to buy your boat, we have to get drinks. You’ve just made my absolutely crap weekend better for the giggle.

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