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Closed Once Again

I just blocked all our available dates. We do have a few future reservations, and we plan to honor them—for now. There’s far too much bad news about Covid and Delta variant infections.

This particularly got our attention: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/07/30/provincetown-covid-outbreak-vaccinated/


Yeah, I just made some plans to go to an outdoor concert on 9/12/21 and I’m not optimistic. In addition, I have another trip two weeks later to small festival in Marfa, TX. I may or may not do that, it’s not supposed to be so crowded.

OTOH I am opening my listing for most of August to see how it goes.


I only have a couple bookings for August so far. Haven’t gotten anything in maybe two weeks. I’ll keep it open since it’s not part of my personal space.
Just wonder if people are going to come to a full stop with travel.
Have a friend that just flew cross country a couple days ago and will be back in a week. I would not be on a plane now for anything.
Ed. Just got a booking for tomorrow which is unusual. So far most bookings are out at least 2 weeks. She’s coming to hear her daughter play at a music school. Very nice.


Neither would I. Not for anything.

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I rarely see my guests anymore, sadly.

I’ve left 3 days between bookings so my guests can’t get it from the house and I’m not worried about myself, wait a day before I clean.

Even the CDC finally acknowledged that you don’t need to sanitize, it’s not how it’s transmitted. As we’ve known for a long time since contact tracing wouldn’t work if the contact was a door handle.

My next booking is in Feb.

Are you making a joke or do you misunderstand what contact tracing is?


Because of foolish July 4th behavior by the 22% of our residents that are unvaxed, and COVID positive cruise passengers (from both large foreign ships and smaller US ones), our city just extended the local mandates and the infection level means bars and restaurants at 50% again, and masks anywhere indoors. Some of the cruise pax were supposedly vaccinated but apparently got infected on their flight to Seattle.

The family with adult children arriving tonight from TX are all vaxxed, but it’s a hot spot run by a Governor who couldn’t kill Texans by freezing them in the dark, so he’s now trying kill them by preventing rational public health measures. That gives me some trepidation…


Just stay away from them and leave a day before you go in to clean.


Yeah. I was JUST getting back into the groove and I may be doing the same. I will honor what I have, but damn! This article in the Washington Post was sobering.

I’ve purchased tickets to the Beautiful: Carole King Musical for May 2020. It has been postponed (understandably) several times, Nov 2021. It’s in-doors. Like you I’m not feeling optimistic that November will be safe.


You got part of it correct.
The rest of the story:

Contact tracing includes looking back for up to 14 days at who (and possibly where) the newly diagnosed patient (Suzie) was around. Those people should be contacted so they know they were possibly exposed & can isolate and monitor for symptoms.

If Suzie says, “Four days ago, Dan told me he had Covid.” They may ask: where were you? how long together? Was he coughing? Did you share food or drink? Did you touch the same things then touch your face?

Behind the scenes, data is being collected on how many newly diagnosed people had contact eith Dan.

As time has passed Health Agencies collect less information. The main focus is letting people know they’ve potentially been exposed.

Also concerning is the news that they are finding that vaccinated people do not show less of a viral load if they get a breakthrough infection than non-vaccinated. They are just as infectious to others. And they are seeing more and more cases of the Delta strain in vaccinated people, albeit they don’t get as sick.

As I said all along, this is just going to go on indefinitely as long as everyone keeps jumping the gun on reopening, masking, and distancing. I’m easy now among friends and family who have been vaxxed, but no way am I going out in public without a mask.



“As I said all along, this is just going to go on indefinitely as long as people do not vaccinate.”


Only two winners with the surge in variants…

On Thursday Moderna, which received US government funding to develop its vaccine, will reveal how much it made in the second quarter. It forecast 2021 revenues of $19.2bn from the vaccine in May, but that estimate could rise this week.

With fellow US company Pfizer it will take the lion’s share of global Covid vaccine profits.

Robbing bastards.

Britain’s biggest drugmaker, AstraZeneca, and the US’s Johnson & Johnson have pledged to provide theirs on a not-for-profit basis until the pandemic ends.

Good guys.


Bound to do the next round for free. Ha! :smirk:

What’s interesting is all the studies done relating the vaccines to Delta outbreak seem to have been with Pfizer.

My husband mentioned reading an article that said half the deer tested in Michigan test positive for Covid-19 antibodies now. By not eradicating it in the human population, we have let it spread to animals (who knows how many). They will “store” it for us indefinitely, even if though deer don’t appear to get ill from it. A nightmare.

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I’ll see if I can find it. I saw an article about finding evidence of Covid 19 in the rodent population of NYC.

The fact it seems to be easily leaping species & infecting is deeply concerning.

We are so genetically similar to great apes & pigs while not common, it isn’t uncommon that pathogens are shared.

Deers & rats with Covid19…scares me.

Found it:

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[quote=“JohnF, post:14, topic:48868”]

Britain’s biggest drugmaker, AstraZeneca, and the US’s Johnson & Johnson have pledged to provide theirs on a not-for-profit basis until the pandemic ends.

Good guys. [/quote]

Yeah, except those ones, which use the viral vector method, are the ones that have resulted in the blood clotting issues and I won’t take them.

And using rDNA techology developed with funding from the US National Institutes of Health. When corporations use technology developed with government grants, the government needs to be repaid with taxes and royalties, and I agree that vaccines for epidemics should be produced and sold at cost.

Most folks don’t know that the Internet and its protocols were developed with US military funding, or that GPS was developed specifically for military use.

Probably because it was the first released so they have the longest track record.

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