Clogged toilet and guest's clean up strategy

I’d like to share with you my most recent example of bad guest behavior. I booked a 3-night stay for a couple and their college-age daughter; they had relatives staying in other apartments in the area; sort of a family Thanksgiving reunion. On the last night before departure the guests reported a clogged toilet; I was surprised since there were never any toilet problems before, and, in addition, all of the plumbing is commercial grade (is there such a thing?). After a few minutes they reported that the issue had been successfully resolved with a plunger. When I went to clean the apartment I realized that they had used the broom in their attempt to unclog the toilet, and had used lots of fresh towels to clean the bathroom floor (the toiled had probably overflown). Can you believe it? I placed the towels in the washer in lots of hot water and plenty of bleach and left them soaking for 8 hours – how gross is that?

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It’s gross but I’m not sure what they should have done. Is a mop available for guests? If not I guess they did the best they could…


Did you HAVE a toilet plunger? IS there a mop?

for about 250 lowes sells an American Standard non clogging toilet. its called the champ and can flush 12 golf balls. Im so glad I put it in the airbnb;after 130 guests;never had a problem.


@KenH @Zandra Yes, other than a Roomba, the place has everything.

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What’s a Roomba? In that case your guests probably panicked and picked up the first thing that came to hand… glad there was no permanent damage :slight_smile:

It is a robot that vacuums your floors and terrorizes cats.


And the Airbnb host’s best friend :slight_smile:

We have a robot vacuum. Our dogs keep stepping on it which makes it turn on which scares them.

I daresay they flushed a load of dental floss down that loo!

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Thats good but if a toilet was overflowing, I would grab all the towels and soak it up too. I really don’t think the guests did anything wrong and could easily have asked for a refund for at least that night’s stay and it a really gross thing to happen - to them. It happened to my son and I at a dive (as in totally shit) supposed to be 4 star hotel in Kuala Lumpar and we just stood on the bed screaming and calling hotel reception repeatedly as it flowed out so fast and actually went all the way into our room. Just because it hasn’t happened before, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. These things always happen eventually unless you get your pipes serviced each year by a qualified plumber. Prevention is always better than cure.


To stop the overflow, simply turn off the valve. To let it overflow like that is lame and unnecessary. Why should the host refund anything when your large leave behind was the cause of the clog.

Now in England, even in the posh Knightsbridge palace where I got to stay, the loos were prone to clogging… And one did when my friend used it… I spent the next day or so searching for plungers (not easy as the local Sainsburys was a small city one) when finally the load softened and flushed on its own. Awesome.

Yes, they could have asked, but why would a host refund a night’s stay for guests who managed to clog up the toilet?

Yearly pipe reaming or not, a toilet is bound to clog up if you put wads and wads of TP, along with #2 and try to flush it all. I don’t see how this is a host’s fault.


Not sure what kind of toilets you are used to but there is no ‘valve’ anywhere near mine. Your entitled to your opinion which seems to blame the guests but just because one uses a loo doesn’t mean they are responsible for years of plumbing disaster build up prior to them in mine. Like if my friend borrows my car and the engine overheats, likely their was a building problem I could have identified with up to date servicing. Happy to agree to disagree.

However, its never ok to call someone ‘lame’, its as un PC and offensive as ‘gay’, ‘handicapped’ etc. Lame refers to the restriction on someone’s ability to walk and makes fun of this by calling the actions of another you find essentially stupid, ‘lame’ makes fun of people with a mobility disability. Im sure you didn’t mean it to be offensive, its just is these days :slight_smile:


Oh I see. You must have magic toilets where water suddenly appears. :smiley: Sorry, the overflow by the guests likely happened because the guest CLOGGED it with you-know-what… not because it wasn’t properly maintained.

Give me a break on the "politically correct"lecture. I was in no way shape or form using that word to mock disabilities. People seriously need to lighten up.

There is never an excuse to let a toilet overflow… Turn it OFF at the valve! To do otherwise is… well nevermind. Insert your own politically correct adjective.

I know that in Europe wall mounted toilets where all the plumbing is in the wall are more popular than they are in the U.S. This may be true in Australia as well.


@Zandra, @jaquo

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It’s not a politically correct lecture and it’s a shame that you could not accept the advice I provided with some humility and take the time to appreciate why it is offensive to people and not appropriate rather than being so defensive just because your way is not the only way or the right way. I don’t know anybody that thinks it’s ok so say something (the are putting down) is ‘so gay’ but 10 years ago this was perfectly acceptable until people bought to our attention how it offended them, our intentions were irrelevant. I am educated everyday about lots of stuff and I’m ok with that, it all makes me a better person, when I listen. I was actually clear in my post that I was not suggesting you meant offensive by it but I am sorry you are not open to hearing a small feedback about your statement that could easily be replaced with another adjective and not offend anyone.

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You must be psychic, or just always right. There are MANY reasons a toilet gets clogged and it’s not always that the guests on that day who uses the loo is to blame, it could be, but it could be many other things as well:
6 reasons why your toilet clogs easily
From the www

  1. You’re clogging it! By that, we mean you’re putting things into the toilet that have no business being there. Think feminine hygiene products, non-flushable baby wipes, napkins, hair, dental floss, paper towels, diapers and more. Keep these out of the toilet and that may help clear up your chronic clogging issue.

  2. You have a low-flow or a dual flush toilet. Low-flow toilets only use half of the amount of water compared to full-flush toilets, and it may be that the toilet can’t take the load it’s being given (human waste or otherwise — see point #1). The flush is likely too weak to handle what’s being doled out to it. A dual flush toilet enables you to flush with more water, usually by holding the handle down a bit longer. Test if you have a dual flush toilet, and if not, try making smaller, er, deposits per flush.

  3. Your flapper needs fixing. The flapper is the round device that sits inside your tank and controls the flush of your toilet. If the flapper in your toilet is broken, it may be malfunctioning by closing too soon and reducing the power of your flush. Lift up the tank lid, flush the toilet and watch the device inside the tank move — you should see 3/4of the tank’s water drain before it closes. If it’s closing too early, replace it.

  4. Your holes are blocked. Namely the port holes, which are located right under the edge or rim of your toilet. Take a handheld mirror and hold it inside the toilet, angling the mirror until you see the two holes. If they look clogged because of hard water deposits, debris or anything else, take a small, sharp tool or even a wire hanger and poke through the holes, scraping them off. Follow by pouring a combination of muriatic acid water (one part acid to 10 parts water) into the toilet’s overflow tube inside the tank and give the toilet a flush again to see if that did the trick.

  5. Your tank is empty. Take a peek inside the tank — is the water up to the fill line? If not, adjust the float so more water comes in.

  6. Your drain line is clogged. There could be a backup in the drain line that’s causing your constant clogging. Have a look at other lines and drains in your house (such as the washing machine) to see if they’re clogged as well. If so, you’ll need to call in a plumber for help.

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Well your sanctimonious attitude IS offensive. I don’t need to be lectured or schooled in how to act or how to speak. So give it a break, lady.