Cleaning services apps like turnoverbnb

Has anyone used turnoverbnb or any services like it and if so how was the process, pricing, and service quality?

I’ve never heard about it. What troubles are you having with turnovers? (I’m assuming from its name that it helps planning and organising turnovers). Do you host in your home or a separate rental? Please let us know so that we can help as best we can :slight_smile:

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You last post was about the cleaning service using your washer/dryer, right? I’m curious if that didn’t work out? Maybe you’re still trying to find a service, though. Sorry can’t help with that. Can’t find one I can depend on myself.


I rent out a space separate from my home and I am struggling to coordinate cleaners to come by and clean between turnovers. Also many of the cleaning businesses I’m getting try to offer excessive services when I only need laundry done, the kitchen and bathroom cleaned, and an overall damage check. I originally started doing airbnb because I thought it would be good money on the side with little effort but it can be pretty stressful. I had heard about turnoverbnb which is a service that finds cleaners to clean between turnovers and they take care of scheduling but I am getting scared away by a lot of the reviews so I was wondering if anyone has tried anything similar or come up with solutions to manage their turnover cleaning?


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Yeah it didn’t work out. They ended up not showing up one day and my guests got angry for having a dirty place. The company didn’t want to take the blame either saying that they weren’t a service made for on-demand Airbnb cleaning. It’s just frustrating.

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Thanks for your reply. I have separate apartments so we’re not really in the same situation as I do all the cleaning myself (phew!)

I also look after a neighbour’s apartment and clean that too and don’t have a problem but I can appreciate that it must be hard to coordinate cleaners.

P.S. Airbnb is certainly not a way to make money on the side with little effort - it’s hard word but it keeps me fit :slight_smile:


I’ve started to figure that out haha. It is hard work no doubt about it. It would just be nice if there was a reliable service that I could pay $50-$100 dollars to every turnover and they would always show up and do a good job.

Yep. Seems like the services that do this are all gobbled up by multi-listing property managers that can keep cleaning crews working full-time. I’m sure there are more out there, but I never found one I could depend on. I just added 1-day preparation time, do the cleaning myself, and keep the cleaning fee.

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That seems like a good solution. It’s just too bad to have to miss out on that profit. I suppose its better than getting the bad reviews though.Thanks for all of your replies!

If you want reliable service you will have to do the cleaning yourself. Block two days between bookings so you can go clean after work. It’s so hard to find reliable cleaners.


Unfortunately, I think it’s as likely as winning the lottery :slight_smile:

There are plenty of people around who are prepared to work cleaning but getting them to do it to Airbnb standards is another matter. And it’s almost impossible to get them scheduled exactly when you need them.

I don’t like leaving a prep day between bookings because that’s leaving money on the table.

We’re really well booked and most of our guests stay for about three or four days so it’s not unusual for me to have to do the two apartments during the same 5 hour turnover window a couple of times a week and scheduling other people to do it would be such a nightmare it’s honestly easier to do it myself. At least then I know that it will be done on time and done properly.


Saying nothing…



We have a housekeeper who is wonderful. We schedule her to clean our home, top to bottom, once every three weeks. We do all the day-to-day stuff and handle all the turnovers.

The secret to getting good help is paying for it. We pay our housekeeper $25 an hour. That’s almost three times what minimum wage is in our state. It’s a living wage.

If cleaners are paid minimum wage or maybe even two times minimum wage, it’s simply not enough to live on. I wouldn’t expect anyone at those rates to be dedicated, consistent, and motivated.


This looks like more of an app designed for the cleaners than it is for linking airbnb hosts with on demand cleaners, like links dog walkers to dog owners…I wonder if there is an app more like the latter for airbnb cleaners?

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Actually, you won’t miss much profit. If you set your cleaning fee to about the same as your nightly rate, then the day of preparation time is paid for by the cleaning fee (which would otherwise have gone to the cleaning crew). The downside is that you have to work for it. :wink:

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