Clarity is important when setting expectations

I grabbed this from a different Airbnb host group. It is a great example of why it is important to clearly set guest expectations

Now I want to meet Kevin.


That was a literal LOL.


I agree w/ KCC, & am still chuckling! I have a cat who used to live in my guest suite, which I clearly stated in the beginning of my listing description. Guests would often let him sleep w/ them.There wasn’t a problem until the off season & he wasn’t getting as much attention. Any cat person knows that when a cat’s routine is disrupted, he will pee on whatever he pleases…. Alas, Yoda has been relegated to the basement w/ a cat door so he can still be outside. Kevin the dog?! :joy::joy::joy:


One of my rescue pups came to me pre-named. He is stubborn. I gave the command, “no bark”. He barked. Me, “Ricky, NO Bark.”

My new nosy neighbor was on his porch and came zipping over to chastise me for talking to a child so harshly for playing…then he saw my 7.5 lb (3.4kg) four footed, bark generator.


Kevin is probably a female, too.

Flashback to the 2009 Disney Pixar movie “Up


I have to tell people this about Bella The Bengal Cat. At least there are 2 photos of her on my listing with her name…

I want to meet Kevin…

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Kevin & her chicks

Loki might want to sleep with you, but I want him next to MY bed, on his bed, on the floor!


@gypsy I had a guest here last night with a stunning looking dog. She said it was a Belgian shepherd, Doberman mix. It looked like a Pharoah Hound or Ibizian Hound but solid fawn with black face. Long thin legs and giant stand up ears.


sounds like a beautiful guest!


Thanks for the laugh.

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Oh this is hilarious, I love it! We recently adopted Muttley, a large, young, extremely curious and very affectionate husky mix and are now hosting in our home for the first time since we acquired him. We pre warn guests before they book, and pointlessly lecture the dog about pestering guests for kisses. Some guests left a few days ago. She has just messaged and confessed she’d been having sneaky selfie sessions with him throughout her stay, and attached the evidence!


Wonderful! Where is your rental located?

Oh, nevermind, I see from your comment to JohnF that it must be Spain.

Yep, an hour or so east of me, up in the mountains where all the wild folks live.



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Priceless!!! Muttley is very handsome!


This made my day! LOL

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