Checkout time 10am?

I decided to Change my checkout time at 10 AM. I’m tired of everybody checking out right at 11 I just want to get the room over with! So I making people check out at 10 AM has anyone else tried this and do people just check out late anyway at 11 AM?

Your new checkout time will only apply to future reservations. As a rule, guests check out before the check-out time. You sound very annoyed that people stayed as long as you allowed them to. Why wouldn’t they?

My AirBNB check out time is stated as 10AM, but in my listing and in the House Manual I state 10:30AM. No one complains. And only occasionally does a group have difficulty getting out at the right time.

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I have a checkout time of 12 noon. I never had any problems; most people check out at or before 10 anyway.

I wonder if this relatively late checkout time positively affects the number of bookings I receive.

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Mine is 11 since my check in is at 4. Easier for me to make a later checkout time than try to scramble by 3 to have it all done.

But what I’m thinking is 10 AM check out tooearly for a lot of people? I’m up at 5 AM every day so I’m ready to roll! It hangs over my head like a dagger and I want to get this cleaning over within in 1 hr 15 fifteen minutes if I can. Then I immediately text the next guest and tell them they can have an early check-in if they like because I want to get that over with two so I can go about doing my errands etc. does anybody out there have a 10 AM check out did you get any blowback ; did people complain?

I think 10:00 is too early. We have a noon checkout like @Eberhard_Blocher and most guests check out before by at least one hour.

I want to know if there’s anybody out there that has a 10 AM to check out and how it is working out for them.

Works fine for me- the only one who had a problem was a pair of entitled doctors. They thought I was just the cleaning lady! Stayed and started cobwebbing outside… making it clear they had to go!

I think it depends on what country you’re in and what the culture is. 10am checkout is normal where I am.

I am a night owl. I would not like a 10 AM check-out time, but it wouldn’t deter me from booking, although if I were with my husband I’m pretty sure we’d be driving off at about 10:15…We’ve set our check-out time at 11:00 AM. We ask that people let us know when they’re leaving and I’d say over half leave earlier, and the rest on time…no one has asked for a late check out. Our check in is 3 PM and we have had people ask for early check-ins.

I do. I have a check out time at 10am. My unit is in an area where a lot of units have a 10am check out. People respect it, but that may be because I tell them I will charge them if my housekeeper waits.
I do get people asking to stay later, like into the afternoon, but I just explain that they can’t because I usually have guests who end up coming at 3pm.
I’ve never felt like a late check out stops people from booking. And the reason I say that is because I don’t think I’ve ever had a guest ask ahead of time to check out late. in the US. The standard is usually 11 am here, BUT I’m going to break that standard! I want to be done w my work by noon!

My place is in Maui. Not mainland but it is the US.

My WHOLE family shouted me down and said 10 am is TOO early!:unamused::roll_eyes:so I guess I will keep it 11​:kissing:

We have a 10am checkout, changed a few months ago from 11am for the same reasons as you! Nobody has seen it as a negative or even mentioned it. Works great for us

In Australia we have a 10:00 am check out and 2:00 pm check in as standard. We are rarely asked for a late checkout. it’s your place do what you want.


Obviously, it is your place to do with as you wish, but as a guest, 10 AM is a bit early. Not to try to make you become a hotel, but most hotels are 11 am or noon.

It most likely also depends on the type of guests you get. People over-nighting near the airport - 10 AM is most likely fine with them. Vacationers driving in from a few hours away for the weekend - 10 AM is early.

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We have 10am checkout (in Australia) and we did have one person complain once as they said they weren’t warned sufficiently but as it was just the one person I’d say its an issue with the guest rather than the checkout time. We’ve also had a couple of people request to leave their luggage there for a couple of hours. But other than that I don’t think it’s posed any issues.

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I doubt it. People don’t read a lot of information on Airbnb including check out times.

I have 10AM checkout too, and it works really well. I keep confusion down my keeping the info printed on the door to the guestroom. Eg: on the door are two labels, one with WiFi-information and one with the checkout-time.

Over 3 seasons, no one has ever complained about the check-out time.