Check In Instructions not being Emailed - Help!

I feel so confused and anxious -
Through the Airbnb app we created the Check in Instructions complete with photos, colorful arrows, how to keypad, etc. It seemed to work for one of our listings, but its not working for the other. A guest just called me trying to walk into one of our tenant’s bedrooms in completely the wrong unit!!

I had no idea that it wasn’t being sent out automatically, and I called Air and they had no idea either. Told me it was probably a problem with the app and not the platform? Any idea what to do or who to call?

I learned not to trust their software. I put the instructions in a saved message and send them manually. Some hosts go as far as to write down or print out contact phone numbers just so they can contact their guests in case the entire Airbnb platform is down. I haven’t been burned by that… yet.


Oy yes well I will be doing that myself from now on. How frustrating !

So do I if the guest is arriving at strange hours. For guests who are arriving at normal times, they are always met by me and given the house tour. If you’re not able to do the house tour yourself, I really recommend that you get a co-host to do it.

It’s a great selling opportunity but also a great way to suss out the guests.

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I put all of the check-in info in a message a day or two before their arrival but I also mention that they can click on the key symbol for a step-by-step check-in. I do greet many of my guests but the ones who I haven’t greeted don’t seem to use it much anyway. It’s definitely no good to count on it. OTOH, I get lots of compliments on my thorough check-in message!

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I think the problem might be that not all guests use the app. Some use a laptop so they won’t see the photos etc. That might be why it works sometimes and not others.


I meet all my guests in hopes that meeting me, the one that owns the place and lives ‘upstairs’, they might have more respect for the property.


I don’t meet all my guests, but I meet most of them as I live here. I think meeting the guests and living onsite or quite close like next door makes a huge difference. The other thing that solves all my problems is that it’s a small space that only holds 2 people. No parties, no children, no sneaking in 3 dogs, etc.


I’m certain that’s the case. I have no evidence to support this but I do feel that when guests have a personal and friendly relationship with the host, things are much more likely to go well.


As a former IT professional, I don’t trust folks like Air to keep their platform running 24/7 and glitch free. As soon as someone books, their name and phone number go right into the spreadsheet I use to calculate the room and sales tax I have to pay to the city.


Yes, ditto. And the other, other, thing that solves all my problems is a doorbell camera.


Two days before guests check in I send them written instructions via the Airbnb website which I include the url for the step-by-step instructions. I also send this link once the guests has booked and sent me all the info required. It tells the guest that the key codes will not be programmed until right before their arrival time. I too do not trust Airbnb and also download reservations to a file.

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sounds like a bug in the software. i wouldn’t trust them. I always send my own.

I assumed that Air blanked out linkage to sites other than Not the case?

Not after they’ve booked.


Be aware that they may again blank then out if the reservation gets canceled or whatever. Sometimes they unblank them after booking and/or reblank them after cancellation.

I usually use the word “censor” instead of blank, in these cases.

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This is an Airbnb link to my STR check in instructions.

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